Look At Pauline’s Eyebrows NOW!

After going through chemo nine years ago, (I’m a breast cancer survivor), and just the natural aging process, my eyebrows had all but disappeared. For my 60th birthday in February, I promised myself the gift of eyebrows, so I booked an appointment with Ruth Swissa, who I remembered hearing about on local TV.  

As the time approached for me to leave, I became a bit anxious. Like the next person, I don’t like pain. I should have asked someone to drive me, so I could have a vodka for Dutch courage!

I arrived early to fill out the paperwork, and I wanted to give the numbing cream plenty of time to kick in.

After sitting for a while, Ruth was ready to start the process. First, she asked what I wanted. We both agreed I shouldn’t go too dark. She then drew the shape of how my eyebrows would look, and put three dots on my forehead for the different shades. After looking at them in the natural light, I chose the middle shade.

Ruth planned to use the hand application, explaining that it’s best for delicate sensitive skin.

I took a deep breath as she started. It was a little uncomfortable a couple of times on the first round, but after that it didn’t hurt at all.  I was in love with this lady. As Ruth worked, she walked me through the procedure, step by step, creating my new eyebrows in small strokes to make them look natural. Aside from a little bleeding and bruising, it was a painless procedure.

Once she created my new eyebrows, Ruth used the threading technique to clean up a few stray hairs (which is so much better for you than waxing because it doesn’t rip your skin) and gave me creams to use for the next few days. She explained that by the fifth day, my eyebrows would be 40 percent lighter.  We can discuss how I feel at my free follow-up appointment,  about five weeks from now.

I asked Ruth lots of questions during the session and learned that she has clients from as far away as Australia. She also “fixes” eyebrows on clients who have been unhappy with the results of other eyebrow artists.

If you’ve ever thought about having this procedure done, I highly recommend Ruth Swissa.

See how Pauline looks now!

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  1. GeriFOF says:

    Loved you with thin eyebrows. Love you even more with your new eyebrows. 🙂


    • Pauline Durban says:

      Thank you. Can’t wait to see you in October xoxo

  2. alexw says:

    You look great, Pauline!

    • Pauline Durban says:

      Thank you.

  3. Corinne Garrett says:

    Wow. I suppose the trick to good results is getting someone who is a real genius at this procedure. Kudos on finding a pro, Pauline – you look great!

    • Pauline Durban says:

      Thank you Corinne. They are much lighter now and look so natural.


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