Losing Hair? Try This Winning Hair Growth Serum

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Karin’s hair had become progressively thinner, sparser and duller from her mid 40s to early 50s, and she could barely look at herself in the mirror when she got ready for work every morning. “My scalp would show no matter where I parted my hair, and a ponytail emphasized my receding hairline,” she said. Karin had spent a small fortune on special shampoos and other “magic potions” that promised permanent, lasting hair growth, but there was nothing magical about them. Her hair looked as skimpy as ever. And she didn’t want to use formulas that required prescriptions because their powerful chemicals and side effects, like facial hair, concerned her.

“When I asked my stylist if he had any recommendations, he told me another client had raved about the phenomenal results she was seeing with Vegamour’s all-natural hair growth serum with CBD oil,” Karin said. An ingredient in health, wellness and beauty products, CBD has been buzzing all over the news, so Karin decided to go for it. “Some of my friends were using skin serums and bath salts with CBD and swore their skin was softer and looked more vibrant than ever,” she added.   She also read that balms with CBD could relieve muscle aches. “I had nothing to lose by trying a CBD product for my thin and droopy hair, especially because Vegamour said I’d get my money back if it didn’t improve in a few months.”

After applying GRO+ Advanced Hair Serum to her scalp and roots every single day for almost four months, Karin now runs to the mirror every chance she gets. “There’s no question my hair is starting to look denser and fuller. It’s exciting to see my bald spots disappearing,” she said.  Her stylist noticed the difference even before she did. “He’s as thrilled as I am,” Karin gushed.

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A friend mentioned that CBD came from the cannabis plant, but Karin didn’t know how it was giving new life to her hair. The fact is, while CBD can be extracted from cannabis plants, the full-spectrum CBD oil in Karin’s wonderful GRO+ Advanced Hair Serum comes from the hemp plant, another member of the cannabis family.

Cannabis plants actually have only small concentrations of CBD and higher amounts of another molecule called THC. That’s what is used in medical marijuana to help stimulate appetites. Hemp plants contain lots more CBD.  This compound doesn’t affect your mental state whatsoever, confirms the World Health Organization. 

Applied directly to the scalp, CBD oil may  Help boost microcirculation-blood flow in the smallest blood vessels- and decrease inflammation, two major reasons women lose their hair  Provide essential nutrients for shiny and vibrant hair, including amino acids, fatty acids omega 3 and omega 6,  and antioxidants  Support production of sebum, the oils that protect and nourish the hair and scalp.

Unfortunately,  about one-third of American women experience hair loss at some stage in their lives, especially after giving birth. And, as many as two-thirds of postmenopausal women suffer hair thinning or bald spots, when declining hormone production can again play havoc with our bodies. What’s more, women can become more  sensitive to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a derivative of the male hormone testosterone (which women also have) and the enemy of hair follicles on your scalp. DHT shrinks hair follicles, makes it impossible for healthy hair to survive, and affects the hairline and hair thickness.

Karin counts herself in the group of older hormonal-challenged women. And, if you’re like her, you’ve probably tried a number of treatments to solve your hair problem, from over-the-counter shampoos to red light therapy. Alas, none worked. But, that was before the creation of GRO+ Advanced Hair Serum with CBD oil. 


Now that scores of lotions, potions and supplements with CBD are readily available in stores and online, it’s crucial to know which ones can really work. How the CBD is extracted from the hemp plant, as well as the strength and quantity used in a hair product, are two critical factors that will impact its efficacy. 

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The Vegamour team believes in the power of plants, and since 2006 has been traveling the globe to develop active essential oils from plants for game-changing  clean beauty products. Its VegaLASH and VegaBROW hair growth serums are hugely successful.  The lash serum outperforms a prescription product by 30 percent, as a matter of fact.

The highly concentrated CBD oil in its hair serum is extracted from organically raised hemp trees on its own family farm in Vermont through a painstaking and time-consuming process. Then Vegamour microencapsulates CBD by breaking down the molecules from 2000nm to 100nm so the oil is able to penetrate directly into the hair root. Microencapsulated CBD oil creates the perfect conditions for maximum hair growth, naturally.

The CBD and other plant actives in GRO+ Advanced Hair Serum attack hair loss issues that would need to be treated with two separate prescription drugs: Inflammation around our hair follicles caused by inadequate blood flow as well as the buildup of DHTthe hormone that shrinks the follicles. Its  serum doesn’t change hormone levels, but it does block the production of hair-killing DHT.  It also helps lengthen the hair growth phase and shorten the hibernation phase.

 Up to 50 percent reactivation of hair follicles per square inch, resulting in greater density.

 Up to 76 percent reduction of shedding, attributed to a derivative of a plant from Australia that thickens the hair root to almost twice its circumference and makes it harder for hair to fall out. 


Vegamour is sure you’ll see results with its hair serum in as soon as 90 days.  If you don’t, return it at any time, for any reason and get a full refund. How’s that for a commitment!

“My hairstylist is a master matchmaker.  Introducing me to GRO+ Advanced Hair Serum was definitely a hair-raising experience,” Karin laughs. Now it’s your turn to have your hair meet its dream match.

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