Away, Away Damn Blemish!

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Even if you’ve been lucky enough to have “good skin” your entire life, chances are you’re going to get blemishes here and there, as an adult.

A breakout can be provoked by anything from hormonal changes during perimenopause, to a spike in blood sugar from eating simple carbs and sugars. Stress also can trigger the release of cortisol, a hormone that tells your body to produce more pore-clogging oil, according to an article on

As a matter of fact, about 15 percent of women, 50+, battle breakouts, according to the Prevention website.

The Drying Lotion acne spot treatment from Mario Badescu is the perfect quick therapy to keep in your vanity for just such unwelcome occasions (and if you have a teenager in the house.) Mario, a Romanian-born chemist and a cosmetologist, appreciated both the chemical nature and complexities of the skin, as well as the confidence that healthy, clean, radiant skin can provide. He opened his salon in 1967 and began to develop his signature product line. Almost half a century later, the Mario Badescu line continues to be a favorite with women around the world who want good skin.

The Drying Lotion is formulated with salicylic acid, calamine and other quick-drying ingredients, to shrink whiteheads virtually overnight. It reportedly will not irritate or dry delicate or sensitive skin, and the company says it’s “great for back acne and breakouts on the chest.” What’s more, The Drying Lotion takes the itch out of mosquito bites.

A dab of the lotion is applied, directly to the blemish, before you go to bed and after cleansing, toning, and moisturizing your skin. You simply rinse it off in the morning and that’s all there is to it.

Christina liked the free sample of Drying Lotion so much, she’s since become a loyal customer. “This stuff works really well. I have fairly sensitive skin, and acne treatments usually inflame or redden it or make it dry and flaky,” she wrote in her review. “ This lotion is incredibly gentle, dries up pimples, and dramatically reduces their size by at least 50 percent. I would completely recommend it to anyone with occasional pimples, hormonal acne or anyone with sensitive skin,” Christina said.

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