You Must Own This New Skincare Tool ASAP!

This post is sponsored by Renew Lab. FabOverFifty is pleased to have its support and to bring you news of Sonulase, its exciting new skin care device.

Any woman who uses a sonic facial cleansing brush will rave about how great it makes her skin look and feel. She won’t wash her face any other way. UNTIL NOW!


Sonulase, the beauty industry’s ONLY facial cleansing brush incorporating innovative red-light therapy to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and age spots, is just now hitting the market. Cleared for use by the FDA, it promises to quickly become the standard by which all other facial cleansers are measured. As a matter of fact, Sonulase already is giving big brands like Clarisonic big reason to worry.  

The game-changing device comes from Renew Lab, an LA-based company known for developing devices for the professional skin care market and adapting them for home use.  Inventor Jonathan David and his team also developed Crystalift, the world’s first at-home crystal and vacuum microdermabrasion system

“The Sonulase deep-penetrating, red light technology stimulates production of collagen, the essential structural protein that keeps skin firm, youthful and radiant looking,” explains David. At the same time, the gentle–yet deep cleaning–exfoliating brush removes impurities and smoothes away surface imperfections. What’s more, this super ‘intelligent’ brush also cleans itself with a bacteria-fighting ultraviolet light each time it’s put back on the charger, This is the same light used to clean dental and surgical instruments. How smart is that!


While other devices may work well to simply cleanse the skin, they do nothing to diminish the fine lines and wrinkles that inevitably start appearing as a woman’s collagen production stops in her 20s!  By bringing clinically proven, red-light therapy to the $10.7 billion skin care device category, Sonulase promises to become the market leader in 2016 as women retire their old cleansers in favor of this exciting device.

“Sonulase is a technological evolution of the skin brushes we’ve been recommending for years,” said Dr. Douglas Mest, a renowned California-based physician specializing in aesthetic medicine. “The device’s clinically proven, anti-aging  technology helps skin look younger and more radiant by delivering targeted red light and exfoliation to reduce lines and wrinkles.”

Used prior to applying one of the superior topical beauty products available today, Sonulase will do for aging skin what no other home facial cleanser has been able to do. It will rejuvenate it in ways only injections like  Botox could accomplish before! Adding new colors to facial cleansers makes them look pretty, but adding proven red light technology creates a must- have beauty device for all women!

Renew Lab’s clinical studies support every one of it claims about Sonulase. Participants in a 6-to-8 week study were “instantly satisfied” with the device’s cleansing and exfoliating abilities, as well as its power to provide the “deeper benefit” of wrinkle reduction.

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