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derma e® Firming DMAE Moisturizer ($22.50 for 2oz) promises “to help visibly firm, lift and smooth skin as it moisturizes,” according to its manufacturer. The product’s signature ingredient, a compound named DMAE, is shown to improve skin tone and increase tensile strength of the skin, suggesting that the topical application of DMAE firms skin and restores elasticity. Potent antioxidants Alpha Lipoic and C-Ester are also added to help support healthy collagen and elastin and powerfully address the visible signs of aging. It’s recommended for use twice a day on the face or neck.

But does it work? “In an eight-week independent clinical test, Firming DMAE Moisturizer was proven to be just as effective as Perricone MD® Face Finishing Moisturizer at visibly improving skin firmness, elasticity and hydration,” according to derma e®.

derma e® Firming DMAE Moisturizer is clinically tested, dermatologist tested, 100% vegan, cruelty-free, glycol-free, gluten-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, mineral oil-free, lanolin-free and GMO-free.

Are you ready for this firming formula? 10 FOFs will win a full size jar!

To enter to win, comment below by answering the question: When did your facial skin begin to sag?

10 FOFs will win. (See official rules, here.) Contest closes October 13, 2014 at midnight E.S.T. Contest limited to residents of the continental U.S.

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  • tom bedford

    just noticed a little bit of sag… 🙁 at my eye lid…

  • Barbara Zagurak

    My skin definitely began to sag around age fifty. I come from a family of saggy vs. fine lined skin.

  • Susan Gasparrelli

    It started when I was in my mid 50’s, I’m 60 now.

  • Merrill Dellas

    Just very recently! I wish to prevent this as much as I can!

  • rm

    In my 50’s

  • Guest

    In my late 40s early 50s

  • About two years ago had to lose some weight to lower my diabetes! I’ve used several creams but they haven’t helped much!

  • jennifer

    The day I turned 35!

  • PJ

    My face started sagging around 45 years of age.

  • Claudia M

    after my Husband died suddenly …

  • Patti Kollar

    I think I noticed it at about age 52 or so, and is progressively getting worse. Please help me!

  • Kim

    Between 4 – 7 years ago.

  • Kim

    I really started to notice it in the last 4 – 10 years.

  • Tammy Greer

    My facial skin began to sag in my early 50’s.

  • Lori

    Sadly, around 48. I wish it would perk back up. Lol!

  • Linda

    I began to notice my skin sagging at about the age of 55. I have tried a lot of different products and am still looking.

  • Patrice Roussell

    As I come really close to 50 I notice many changes in my skin. Not for the better.I look forward to trying this and hoping it helps.

  • Brad Merrell

    Two years ago

  • connie black

    I am 43 and I noticed a couple years ago it started, however within the last few months it has gotten bad on my eyelids.

  • Susan McMillin

    In my 50’s!!

  • Theda Beckman

    I started noticeing my skin sagging at 68-69 I am 70 now , people say don’t, I don’t look 70!But ,I saw the lines around my mouth a little sooner!

  • jules m.

    do jowls count cause i am definitely getting those now. i’m 46

  • Way too soon!! I don’t remember the exact day or year hah!

  • Michelle D

    I notice it happening in my early 40s

  • MARIA simon

    mine started in my early 40′s

  • Candie L

    I am in my mid 30s and my age is starting to show. Thank you

  • heather

    I see it in my 40’s sad I would love to try this product.

  • Ashley Morrissey

    It hasn’t just yet but it’s always good to use things as a preventive measure!!

  • Shelton

    My skin starting sagging when I hit 45.

  • Della Barker

    I noticed sagging when I turned 50. It now looks like I’m frowning all the time 🙁

  • Annette

    My jawline started to sag in my 40s. It’s just along the jawline, but it bothers me a lot.

  • amy deeter

    i noticed it last year when i turned 32 years old

  • Kimberly

    in my late 30’s.

  • Lisa V.

    I would say it started a couple of years ago.

  • Nicole DeGray

    I first noticed the baggies under the eyes when I had my first daughter…. at 17…. I would give this to my mother if I won.

  • Cynthia

    My skin starting sagging just before I turned 60 which was last January

  • Erica B.

    Within the last year.

  • Eva J

    My skin started sagging in my mid fifties. Over 10 years later I joke with friends that I have to hide before Thanksgiving because I don’t want my neck to be mistaken for a turkey’s. Would love to try this product as I am too chicken for surgery.

  • Jan Huckabee

    It all began within the last 5 years….crepey, hooded eyelids, Undereye bags, marionette lines around mouth and crepey neck. Just turned 61 last month.

  • Kristina Rubio

    I noticed sagging about 5 years ago…mostly under my chin. Just recently I have developed (or noticed) jowel lines. With recent weight loss, the sagging is even more apparent and wide spread. I am 56.

  • Linda z

    I’m 60 now and just starting to notice some sagging

  • danielle Marie

    it really started around age 30. i am trying to prevent it from going further!

  • Katie

    Just starting to the neck is what I notice

  • 45?

  • I had great skin until age 48. Then I noticed around my mouth, chin and neck it was all lower and looser than before. Bla…

  • Kathy M.

    Just over 40, one cheek kind of sagging over lip. Earlobes heading South too! I wish I could bath in derma e Firming DMAE Moisturizer.

  • J F Hubbs

    Saggy since around 65 yrs, getting worse, would like to try this.

  • kelley c

    I’m 38 and not too saggy yet, but I’m trying to keep the sag away.

  • Very first small signs when I was around 46.

  • Debbie

    It seems after 50 the skin all just wants to head south. Eyebrows, under eyes, cheeks so this would be wonderful if it works to help tighten skin up even a little for all of us and at a decent, reasonable price.

  • Kim S.

    At age 50. It’s so depressing and ugly! Would love to try derma e!

  • Ann Christie

    My skin began to sag about the time I got new glasses… errr. maybe I just notice it more? None the less, it’s getting toward me looking the same age as my sister who is older, and takes ‘not as good care of herself as I do’. What the heck?
    I find that a lot of moisturizers wind up causing breakouts–and yes I’m 50. What does that say about my skin? It needs something that will work, won’t cause my skin to erupt and will make my sister wonder, ‘What’s the punky younger sister up to now?’

  • Joanne Woodworth

    My facial skin began to sag after I had my children in my late 30’s.

  • Senny

    I am just now starting to see it :-/

  • Kristi C. (@lov2read68)

    I begin to notice some sagging a couple of years ago right after I spinal surgery where the incision was on the front of my neck. So approx. 44 yrs. old when I began noticing some loss of firmness. I read the Perricone Prescription years ago but couldn’t afford the products. One of my favorite bloggers said that her doctor recommended Reviva Labs products with DMAE to her approximately a decade ago. The products have almost identical ingredients to the Perricone for about 25% of the price. Derma e looks to be another brand with similar ingredients and priced at a reasonable price point.

  • Michele Cupp

    My facial skin started to sag a few years ago when I hit 45-46ish. What a shock when I looked in the mirror one day and realized how much I was beginning to look like my Grandmother and Mother.

  • Joanne Mick

    derma e has great products. I need some help with thinning skin as I age.

  • Joanne Mick

    derma e has great procucts

  • Vonne

    I first noticed the feel of sagging in my cheeks around age 47 or so, but it wasn’t visible yet. It started to get noticeable by about 52. I have dry skin so have doused myself with moisturizers my whole life. They help with dryness, but none have addressed the looser skin, so I would love to try this and compare. It’s not a serious issue for me, but hopefully this could help it from getting worse.

  • Nancy

    Mine has just started and I would love to find a way to stop it or at least diminish it.

  • Leslie Reckus

    I started sagging really bad in my neck area when I was 40. I had some medical and other problems and it all really seemed to age me overnight. I just turned 60 and have tried lots of miracle creams over the years, none worked and the other ones I didn’t try because they are so expensive.

  • Bea Swere

    Late 30’s. Started to notice some

  • Miami Lively

    Will be 59 in Jan. First began getting “jowls” & “Sharpei Puppy” neck about 55. I’m at the end of my first 90 day trial of Cindy Crawford’s Meaningful Beauty products. Would love to give this a try.

  • Tina

    Around age 50

  • As soon as gravity hit! lol. No, in all seriousness 29.

  • Laurie

    My skin started sagging about 42, years of sun damage.

  • Lisa

    I’d so love to win this. I am right in the midst of my 50’s and wanting to look like I am at least 39 again. Pick me! 😉

  • Maureen Somerville

    I began noticing when I turned 60. 🙁

  • My face is not really sagging, my neck is. I am 50 and sometime in the last couple of years I just woke up and there is was…

  • Faith Brumley

    I have tried many high cost, low cost and I would say that there really isn’t anything in a jar or bottle that can turn back time. I love your page.

  • CJ Augustus

    In my early to mid 40’s

  • Tracy C

    My skin began to sag in my mid 40s. I have the two little jowls like my dad and grandmother.

  • Esther Whatley

    I’m not sure when it started but I’m now 68 and I just noticed it a couple of years ago. Who is that in the mirror?

  • Debbi Wellenstein

    My skin probably started to sag in my 50’s-I will be 65 in a month, and I just don’t concern myself too much with wrinkles and such.

  • Junnifer Chisholm

    I began to notice a decrease in firmness then a gradual sagging when I was 34. I believed at the time it was due to having to take several long courses of steroids over the last 12 years. At first because of fluid retention they filled out my face and decreased all visible lines, wrinkles and sagging but when off of them the water retention/swelling would eventually go down and the firmness was gone. After many episodes and 12 years of this the damage has been one. The loss of elasticity from my cheeks to my neck seems un-reversible without drastic measures like surgery with I am afraid of and could never afford. I have tried every facial firming product I could afford from Olay, Clinique, Lancome and even broke down and bought Dr Perricones face finishing moisturizer and neuropeptide cream which broke the bank and I sadly didn’t see any improvement. I am afraid to wear foundations or powders anymore because they only settle into the sagging skin and creases accentuating them. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  • At 48

  • Lataevea Burke

    My skin has not begun to sag, this would be a gift to my mother.

  • Janet Woodling

    I am not sure when I began to have facial sagging. It was just like one day I looked in the mirror and saw a reflection of my Aunt Helen instead of me. Oh well, I think I come from good genes and am aging fairly well.

  • Katherine Riley

    I am fast approaching 50 and my face is just starting to sag.

  • Kathy Hanley

    I just hit 50 and my face is starting to sag. I try to eat healthy and exercise to stay in shape.

  • Amber

    My skin began to sag around 56 years old.

  • Lisa

    Within the last 3 years I have noticed a change in my skin. I have tried a lot of products…not this one yet though..maybe there is still hope.

  • johanna maxwell

    Its beginning

  • Suzy Zawadzke

    My skin started to sag after having to get dentures at the age of 28.

  • Angi Welsh

    I’m 45 and am just starting to notice the sagging now. Hoping to nip it in the bud.

  • sharon

    I noticed a difference once I turned 55. would love to find a product that helps with skin’s elasticity. Would love to win this product.

  • Sylvia Williams

    I am 52 and up until last year my skin was firm. It was like over night the neck started and now I see the puppet smile 🙁 I hope this product is as great as I think it will be, I know the ingredients are the best to help fight the awful sagging that comes with age. I love the fact it is cruelty free otherwise I would not be here. The company cares for our environment and that is important to me. I know the prices are very reasonable and I love the fact that it is natural, not made with chemicals to achieve healthy skin.

  • My facial skin has just really showed beginning signs of aging in the last couple years. This year I would say it has started. I’ll be 30 in November and I’m starting to notice differences in my eyes and along the jawline.

  • Tamara B.

    I noticed my facial skin starting the sag right after I turned 40 years old

  • Carolyn Hernandez

    A few months after my fourth abdominal surgery at age 50.

  • jane v

    In my middle 50’s. I will be 60 this year.

  • Barbara Mendenhall

    I’m almost 65 – have always stayed out of the sun and have Derma E products for several years and they really help but the crepey skin sagging really took off in the last year.

  • Deborah Powell

    I started noticing sagging and more wrinkles about 3 years ago when I was 57

  • ginny

    It seemed that my skin began to sag overnight —- it was when I turned 49

  • Lorraine F

    Unfortunately, my facial skin has just started sagging. I am 38. I forsee a real issue with “turkey neck syndrome” in my near future. It scares me….help!

  • Stephanie

    I noticed sagging at 52, about a year or two after having thyroid surgery. Especially, in the forehead and upper eye area. I could definitely use this product.

  • Kelly Commerford

    Just in the past year or so. It’s been very hard for me to cope with mentally, ugh. :{

  • Sher

    my skin sags because I am 58 years old (age), lack of optimum nutrition (multiple food sensitivities) and pollutants and sun.

    • Sher

      It started sagging in my 30s

  • Rita Hubbs

    I’ve sagged for so long I can’t remember when it started! Ha
    ha! Seriously, would love to try this. Thanks for chance to win.

  • Jeanne Metiver

    I noticed sagging at about 56, two years ago. I started using dermae products with great results. I highly recommend the Aging Defense line of products. Just look at their list of ingredients, and compare with other brands. You’ll be surprised.

  • Traci Baez

    We moved to Arizona when I turned 50. The hot Arizona weather sure has played a number on my skin. Always trying new products on my skin.

  • Donna Loupe

    I notice a slight sagging around 48

  • Myrna

    My skin started to sag when I was in mid 40s. I really need something affordable and effective. Pls help.

  • Megan Fisher

    After I became a mother is when I started to notice my turkey neck start to appear. Everything is kind of sagging now!! 😉


  • lynda walls

    I am fifty, and am just now seeing signs of sagging. I already use Derma e products and swear by them! 🙂

  • Patty Zoller

    I started seeing a change in my skin at about 45. I started using your products about a year ago and I love them!

  • Linda Chidster

    I’m 56 yrs. old….I started to notice sagging under my chin/neck about 4 yrs ago. Have tried different products – no help.
    I appreciate the opportunity to Win Your Product! Would LOVE to try it Out!!! T H A N K S !!!

  • Carmela Capano

    I definitely noticed a huge difference in my skin after I turned 50. I am now in my middle 50’s and would love to find a product that helps to firm my facial skin!! Thanks for this amazing giveaway!!!

  • Brenda

    Real sag has just started over the last year. But I’ve had bags under my eyes for a long time.

  • Janet

    I would say two years ago when I turned 60. Don’t like it and have tried every cream on the market. H E L P !

  • I am 53 and I have had great results from the NYR Frankincense Intense cream. The problem I am having is my legs look like I am 95. I have just started to dry brush. Hope that helps.

  • Joc

    Just cause I’m a grandma – I don’t want to look like one so I would love to try this product to help firm up my skin.

  • Carmen Wood

    You think you can bathe in this?

  • Tracy Farr

    My skin first began to sag at about age 46.

  • Terri

    I’m 61 and actually my skin is relatively good for my age. ALTHOUGH about 3 years ago I started sagging at the sides of my mouth (THE WORST!) and of course a little around the “jowls” …. Again, I’m luckier than most. But I’d like to keep things in shape for as long as possible.

    I have good genes to begin with but that only goes so far. Now what?

  • MARY

    About 10 years ago…

  • Melissa winter

    Wow! Looks awesome! My neck started sagging at age 48 and I have deep smile wrinkles! Ugh!!!

  • Christa Lopez

    it started to sag in my late 30’s.

  • Cathie McElwee

    I really started to notice the sagging when I turned 65. It is not that bad, but certainly ages me.

  • Joy Adams

    My face started to sag about three years ago. The stress in my life is at levels I have never known before.I’m in my mid fifties lost my job due to health issues, had a major surgery and need another one soon. I use to be able to buy quality face products I now buy drug store brands and they do nothing. I would love to find something that works. If this works I would buy it. I hope you choose me please.
    Joy Adams

  • this beats botox! lol

  • Barbara Kesterson

    I first noticed the sagging in my neck and jowl area around the age of 50. The age combined with my weight made it look terrible. In 3 years it has gotten worse and effected the cheek area also. This past year I have lost weight and toned up so it’s much less noticeable to most but I still see it.

  • margaret

    Started noticing slight change in skin over the past 2 years. Would love to try a new product.

  • I think it was in my early 50s – can’t remember exactly. All I know is that now I bear a striking resemblance to my basset hounds and while the look works for them it doesn’t for me!

  • When I turned 48 and each day my skin looks worse! So depressing:(

  • Camille Long

    My jaw area is beginning to sag right around now….as I am in menopause. Other than that, I had really great skin but so did my mom! I am not happy about this!

  • I haven’t noticed much facial skin sagging, but neck skin began sagging in my mid 40’s


    I never noticed my “jowls” until after my 60th birthday, and then I obsessed about them.

  • Gail

    Firming! I’m all for it. Turning 58! Need hydration too.

  • Brenda G

    Mine began in my early 50’s…time is marching right across my face.

  • glenda obanion

    This is something I really need.

  • Renee Aebli

    Ha! Well…I am convinced the process of my skin starting the “sagging journey” officially began when I was just a few days old! Now at this point in my journey of a life I am so grateful for….the full affect are looming. I would be so grateful to be one of your ten to try this interesting product.

  • shirley weissman

    Great idea from you. Great need for me.

  • Soledad

    I am 56 years old. I started to notice the sagging a few years ago. Makes me feel old.I need this, please!!

  • Noticed sagging under jaw and chin when I was around sixty three. Lost weight which made the condition more noticeable.

  • Ruthie B

    In my mid 50’s…had an eyelift & lipo under the chin/jowels for it.

  • chris purcell

    It seems as though 45 was a bad year. It is a gradual process so I find it changes constantly. Stress seems to add to the effect.

  • Tracey

    Around 52 I started to notice the skin around my mouth was different.

  • Up until a few years ago nobody knew exactly how old I was. My face started the downhill sag/droop when I turned 50. Now people will tell me I look like I am in my forties instead of thirties which is a big difference.I look in the mirror and see a much older face than I did three years ago.

  • I noticed the difference in my skin most pronounced
    After menopause. I just turned 55 and being a makeup artist helps
    A lot as I know lots of “tricks”, but I’m so glad
    Chemists and scientists are putting A lot of research into aging skin.

  • Regena

    I started noticing facial sagging somewhat once I approached the age of 50. I noticed dramatic changes in the texture of my skin after age 40.

  • Ann Fuller

    Trying a new one now, but alas it isn’t doing much.

  • Cindy

    I’m started seeing sagging skin around 55.

  • I turned 55 and my skin has become dryer than normal and i would really like it to look nice and soft again, please send help.

  • edie greene

    My skin starting sagging around 50 and I’m almost 60, would love try something to firm up

  • Jeanne Patrick Aronsen

    would love to try this and see if it can help me. thanks

  • Roxanne

    Thanks for a chance to win

  • Pamela

    I’m reading the other comments and am so sad! I turned 49 last week and my skin is very saggy. My older sister is freq thought to be younger. My face has hollowed out so much there is just no elactisity in my skin. I relate to the women who said around 40! HELP!

  • T. Arndt

    When I turned fifty I noticed I started getting my Mother’s “jawls”…I am 55 and I have used Derma E product before but not the DMEA. Love their product because it does not irritate my sensitive skin. Would love to try the DMEA product!

  • kay gannon

    I really think it was about 60–I may remember the younger me but I don’t see her in the mirror!

  • Ann Stewart

    I have noticed a gradual start in my late 40’s. I’m 53 and really noticed the chin/neck. Some days I feel like my cheeks are slowly moving down . . .

  • patricia

    Definitely when I turned 60 I began to see the jowls starting to sag and fine wrinkles making themselves visible. Losing weight in my face did not help the matter either.

  • susan

    I started noticing the sagging after losing some weight in my face. In deed need of help..58 years young

  • I first began to notice a lack of luster and sagging around the mouth when I was 55 years old. I have a facial routine, but it failed on this level.

  • Fran Herzig

    When I turned 48, I looked into the mirror and saw my mother. I don’t really know when it started, but it really upset me. I immediately got a face lift and have been reasonably happy with the results. Now, though, at 63, I am once again a sad clown. I look perpetually unhappy and tired. I’d much rather find a good topical product to use than to undergo surgery again.

  • Sherry Brockway

    I noticed sagging around the age of 55 especially the neck and jowl line. Wouldn’t it be great if this product actually worked?!!!

  • Lisa

    I started to notice a BIG change when I started menopause 4 years ago. Each year, I am now 55, it seems to be changing rapidly. Drooping face- cheeks, eyes – scary to wake up in the morning! I’d love to give this product a try.

  • Joanna Lymburner

    It started to sag around my eyes and mouth when I reached about 45. have tried many products to no avail.So, hope this would work?

  • sandrag

    I noticed it 3-4 years ago – getting jowly.

  • Kristi C

    It started to sag about one year ago and is really noticeable around my neck now.

  • Kathi

    My skin I would have to say started sagging about a year ago, I am 54 now so around 53 I noticed my skin sagging around my chin are and I am So sad about it 🙁

  • Diane

    I had been noticing my cheeks and eyelids were drooping about 5 years ago, when I turned 60. Each year it seems to get worse. My facial wrinkles are on either side of my mouth, the left side more pronounced. I find that weird. About a year ago, I realized my neck was starting to show not only wrinkles but also excess skin (chicken skin?). It’s more like a negative waddle, with two lines of skin bracketing the valley of my throat. I can pinch the two sides and they kinda stick together for a second or two. I know, very, very weird. I’m turning 65 next month and would love to keep a youthful look. I try to avoid close-up pictures and wearing turtle neck tops. Can this neck and face be saved???

  • Rosemary H.

    My face began to sag in my late 40’s. I am not happy with the jowls, puffy under eyes and wrinkles.Not sure what the remedy is to make my face look younger but maybe this ‘derma eDMAE’ will do it…willing to try it!!

  • KIM D

    In my 40’s I noticed a bit of sagging and hoped it was my imagination!

  • Linda L

    By the time I was 50, I noticed the sag. It’s been a downward spiral of aging ever since.

  • Karewn

    Sagging is a process over several years and it is noticeable beginning in early 50s.

  • DLori27

    I first noticed facial skin sagging over the last year but I believe it’s been slowly evolving over the last few years but I just hadn’t paid attention to it. I’ve spent a fortune on all the super expensive skincare products that have done nothing but wipe me out financially. I’d love to try a product that’s reasonably priced as this cream is, that actually works.

    Thank you for doing this giveaway and giving your fans the chance to try another fabulous beauty product.

    Good luck to all

    Shared on my Pinterest Page, dlori27, twitter, @DianeLori and facebook, kleimanlaw

    kleimanlaw at aol dot com

  • I could use some help with sagging skin especially around my neck.

  • Kim

    I think when I got into my fifties I really started to see the signs begin with some wrinkles and neck issues.

  • Marilyn

    My skin started to sag right around when I hit age 40. I would love to firm it up.

  • Fran Young

    Right about the time I turned 50.

  • Toni Hughes

    At 52. After menopause my appearance aged by 10 years

  • Linda

    My facial skin went south pretty early, like at 45 years old! Please I need this cream! lol

  • Cheryl Evans

    I just turned 61 in July and the past few years I’ve started getting jowls and a sagging neck! I hate it!

  • carla hoffman

    I believed mine started sagging about 6 years ago when I turned 50, I really hope I can win for I need help so I can look younger again!

  • Lia Becas Jacobsen

    My skin started sagging on my mid 50s. That’s when the dreaded jowls started to appear. HELP! Thanks for the chance to change that! 🙂

  • Barb

    For me I began to really see less firmness when I was in my mid fifties, although I coulf feel the it changing a couple years or so earlier.

  • Becky Beer

    I lost 50lbs in my 50’s, and that’s where the major sag began. In my neck, checks, and chest. Dose chest count?? Maybe the d’eclate area is where I’m referring.

  • Donna C

    One day I just looked in the mirror and said, “OMG I have turkey neck AND jowls!”

  • Christine Norman

    In my mid 40s.

  • Debbie Phillips

    I first started noticing some sagging in my face in my early 50’s. ‘m 62 now. I didn’t really see it in the mirror first, but in photos I noticed that I was looking a bit like my Aunt- starting to get jowls. That was a shock. Then a few years ago I noticed that the ‘turkey neck’ was starting to appear. I would love to try a product that would slow down the drooping!

  • Patricia

    My skin started sagging just recently, I’m 55. I definitely am not winning this battle :/

  • Angie Ehlers

    Help my skin please..

  • Barbara I Parsons

    I started noticing the droop in my skin two years ago. I am 68 and at the tie it was something that I thought and knew would come with age, but it just keeps on coming with age. I have been trying to get plenty of sled[p and working harder at exercises in the face but to no avail. I would love to be a winner of this fabulous product –

  • Helene Tekulsky

    Face began to sag around 55 years old.

  • Nancy Monts

    Just this past year,and I don’t like it one bit! Would love to try this.

  • Italia Patterson

    I noticed about 2 years ago I noticed sagging around my jaw line. 🙁

  • Doris

    I think the skin on my neck is giving up now….oh well lol

    Wouldn’t hurt to try anything to help out though!

  • Mariam

    Actually, I noticed it more 3 years ago. I would love to win this product!

  • CeeJay

    Saggy jowls started about 58. Neck tissue started to collapse at 60. I’d love to give this product a try. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Delia Sadler

    LATE 50’S. I especially notice under eyes, lines outside of brow * some only cheek & neck.

  • Annette D

    I would say just recently in my fifties.

  • ritaM

    Somewhere between 55 and 60 I think — So sad when this happened and I first noticed…what a rude awakening it was.

  • Rebecca Pint

    After I turned 40 I developed jowls, and now that I am 55 it is more noticeable.

  • Jewel

    Several years ago I watched an old episode of the Golden Girl. Dorothy told Blanche to look downward into a mirror to see if her skin as firm as it used to be. I decided to try this for myself. I was as shocked as Blanche was because my skin looked as if it had fallen from my face!

  • Ginger

    I started noticing the decline in my skin’s elasticity about the time I turned 50.I’ve always had dry skin, with a dry/oily mix on my face, but my neck and lower face really started looking older about 50.

  • When I turned mid 40s I realized that time is not going to stand still for me.

  • Susan Thomas

    the last 2 or 3 yrs I’ve seem a decline I’m 54 and don’t want things to get any worse

  • Pamm Peterson

    Just after I turned 37. It’s a shame what we go through to keep our skin healthy. Men shave that’s it. a $1.59 can of shaving cream and they call it a day. It’s so not far.

  • tfabglam5

    My face really started losing firmness when I was in my mid 30’s. Because my skin was so oily (is now normal, but with large pores) I think it made the sagging more pronounced. It’s common I think for oily skin to lose tightness. Now, I am 53 and am doing whatever I can to firm up my skin. Using high-tech firming skincare products and the Tria laser.

  • Eugenie

    A couple of years ago I noticed my skin starting to sag.

  • Nan Walters

    I started noticing a significant change in my skin about 4 months after radiation for a brain tumor. I’m soon to be 50 and have bought so many products that promise to firm and brighten, and none are any better than what I can buy at Target.
    I would love to find something that delivers!

  • Carol Lawman

    You bet I could use this! Being 61 is not fun and my facial skin could use some help!

  • Audrey A Whitaker

    My skin began to sag about five years ago …..
    Three seconds EXACTLY after turning 50! 🙂

  • Michelle

    I would love to find something that actually works-seems I’ve tried so many with big promises, little results. I’m 49, and it seems to have worsened in the last year.

  • Kai W.

    There is a bit of sagging that I noticed about two years ago. I’m not sure if the nature is from the sun or weight gain or just unlucky with genes.

  • Vikki P

    I noticed the sagging about 4 years ago when I was 52. My Mom has quite a bit of sagging and I always have taken good care of my skin.

  • Linda White

    About 4 yrs ago at 50

  • Marygrace Bianco

    My facial skin started sagging about 15 years ago. . .my mid-40’s. Especially under my chin! Please help me to firm up my face this fall as I am looking for a new career and interviews are forthcoming! HURRY!! : )

  • Sherry Fraser

    I think it started to sag when I hit 50.

  • Deborah Blake

    In my 50’s

  • Sharon Jackson

    It really began to sag noticeably at about age 47.

  • Christine

    in my mid 50’s

  • Carol C

    I think it started in my late 50’s. I am in my mid 60’s now and it is noticeable. Would love to try this.

  • Ruth Wherley

    I think the sagging began about 2 years ago at age 55.

  • Linda lindsey

    Probably in my early 50’s, I need help!

  • Angela

    I’ve noticed it in the last 2 years!

  • As a 4 3/4 -year breast cancer survivor, I have been on medication to keep me as cancer-free as possible. Unfortunately, this treatment has been problematic with about 10 interfering side effects. One of them is loss of elasticity in my skin and another is wrinkling skin.
    The derma e Firming DMAE Moisturizer sounds like the ideal product to revive my skin’s pre-cancer appearance. I will be so thrilled to win this product and will use it daily!

  • liliMarlene

    when hasn’t it sagged?? High school maybe.

  • Who wants to sag?!! Not me, I smile a lot and try every new cream I can! I love the fact that as we age we really don’t need facelifts. We just need to take care of ourselves!

  • Margaret Skinner

    I want to be Fab after Fifty again! Would love to give it a try

  • ilenep

    I have noticed some sagging around my neck, would love to try a new product to see if I could get better results than what I am currently using. Always good to try new products, always new results!

  • Susan Christy

    It’s starting now at 56.

  • Gayle Ward

    Probably when I was 60. I’m 74 now.

  • Valorie Davis

    Hey it’s worth a try.

  • Laura

    I first noticed sagging around the jawline and lines on my neck in my late fifties. I would love to try this product and see if I notice a visible difference over time. Most creams simply do not work as they say they do.

  • Sue Pompetti

    Mid to late 40’s… 🙁

  • smfsprout

    When I hit 50, I noticed that it looked like my face was melting. I would love to try this moisturizer and see if I can firm up some of my wrinkles.

  • Ellen

    Just started this year. I’m 54. I notice it especially around my eyes.


    I am pushing mid 60’s and no sagging skin that I can see, but always like to be prepared for the day my skin is not as firm, which could be in a few months- like my next birthday-

  • Caroline

    It is slowly starting now at 54 so I’d like to prevent it from getting worse.

  • Ann

    For me, the onset of menopause was when I first noticed a change in my skin’s elasticity. Now at age 60, I am ready to tackle aging with an aggressive anti-aging skin care regime.

  • Loretta England

    At age 50

  • Beth Lowe

    I am 55 getting ready to turn 56 next week. I have noticed my jaw line starting to sag in the last year little by little.

  • Leslie Riddle

    It seemed like the moment I turned 50, I lost my jawline!!
    My eyelids and jawline are my most upsetting sagginess problem on my face.
    It would be fabulous to have a product that could help with this problem!

  • Oh my goodness glory, this Ozark Farm Chick saw a bit of the sag ’round 59 and I’ve been fightin’ it tooth and nail from that day forth. ‘Just the way I fly!!!

    I’d love to sample DermaE for sure. Heck, if it works I might just take a bath in it. Heeehehehe!

    From the youthful hills and hollers of the magnificent Missouri Ponderosa, ya’ll enjoy this blessed and beautiful day.

    Good luck ya’ll!!! :o)

  • Anne

    It seemed like one minute my skin was firm and WHAM all of a sudden at about age 60, gravity attacked me! Or maybe I’d been in denial until then. I’ve heard about DMAE and would love it try this cream.

  • Megan Sterner

    It began to sag when I turned 50. Help!

  • Alene Wendrow

    It happened seriously early, in my 50’s. My mother’s family has very loose skin, and that along,with sun damage, started the jowls thing.

  • carolyn weaver

    I noticed the jowls at about 50, then it was downhill (literally!) since then!

  • alida higgins

    i am a sun worshiper but i take caee of my skin lots of sun screen lots of serum would love to try something new

  • I could use this..I realize mirrors do not lie..I am just glad they don’t laugh.

  • Stephanie V.

    probably about 5 years ago. Little by little but just starting to get noticeable. Really bumming me out!
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  • Ida Khodorkovskaya

    I start to see drastic changes in my face when I hit 50. It sags, get dull and not pretty at all!

  • elizabeth

    About 10 years ago.

  • Just after my 60th birthday, I noticed some sagging, but I didn’t know how bad it was until some one gave me a photo of me holding my new granddaughter!

  • Fran Sherrell

    I REALLY need to try something new! I had a light stroke in March. Up to that point I used/tried many of the suggested “magic” creams and serums. But–after I had to give us hormone replacement therapy “cold turkey”(because of the stroke), my good skin texture is going fast and sagging is setting in too. HELP!

  • deanna

    Cheeks on face started to go south after 60.

  • Kim Villasenor

    Just started in the last 2 years. Accelerated a bit faster this year because of stress and weight loss. Exercise is helping with the arms and legs but would really like to see if this would work on my face and neck.

  • My face started “melting” in my mid 50’s. The skin around my eyes, jowls and neck have gone “south” and not showing any sign or wanting a return trip “north”. I would love the chance to try this cream and see what it can do to my loosey goosey face. My son is getting married in August and I would relish looking my absolute best!

  • Nancy Jachcik

    Believe I was in my early 50’s when I began noticing sagging to my skin which has gradually gotten worse Now in my late 60’s I notice the lack of elasticity too Would love to try this cream to see if it would make any difference

  • dorothy borgese

    I just turned 50 and I can see gravity is not my friend.

  • Barbara M.

    This has to be a great product because of the active ingredients, the brand, and what it doesn’t have in it, so I would love to try it! I have noticed sagging in the past 3 years and it’s freaking me out! I’m 51.

  • Ellen Spagnoli

    Over the past 2 years I have really noticed my sagging – at about 59. I recently have become very self-conscious about this, especially in the work setting. My jewels and neck, and the area around my mouth – help!

  • arlene satz

    I had been very fortunate to be born with good genes. In my mid fifties I started getting jowls. That’ all that’s hanging…..

  • Cheryl

    Mine started early 50’s, I”m 58 now. I’ve tried a few inexpensive creams but never saw any benefits. I’m going to take a picture of me for skype and erase the sagging lines before posting it. lol Hope it works.

  • Karen

    I loved Dolly Parton’s line in Steel Magnolias…..”Time marches on and eventually you notice it’s marching across your face!”. So true. Sagging started in my 40’s 🙁

  • My facial skin began to sag at age 57. I began to notice “turkey neck” developing and a general looseness along my jawline. I am also beginning to see folds developing along the sides of my mouth. Any moisturizing cream or serum that can halt this process or even possibly reverse it would be a marvelous thing!

  • debby


  • patricia


  • Regina S

    I really noticed my sagging at 45

  • Rose

    I am in my fifties, but don’t feel too fabulous most of the time. Changes in my skin, hair and body magnify the loss of youth. I would love to experience any little lift (figuratively and literally) that a new product would offer.

  • Valerie C.

    I saw a photo of me when I was about 42-43 and noticed it on my neck. I have a family history of sagging. I think I may do a lower face lift someday.

  • Sandy Bonesteel

    I noticed my facial skin begin to sag about 8 years ago, when I was 53 years old. Sagging around my mouth area.

  • Connie Pierson

    I began to notice sagging of my skin around 45 years of age! That’s some sagging seeing as now I’m 53! Would love to win!!

  • At 50 it began. At 55 I could definitely see the signs of ageing. Now 3 years later my mouth and neck are sagging.

  • Debbie McDonald

    Well, not sure where I was supposed to comment! I first notice having “jowls” (much to my horror) when I was 48 when I saw a photo taken of me in profile…ugh!!

  • sandra moreau

    About 8 years ago at age 44

  • Jody Wallem

    My skin started to sag when I realized I was the part of Clay Aiken’s fan base termed “middle-aged”……

  • when I hit 50 I saw signs of ageing. at 55 my skin started sagging at 58 I definitely see that my skin has lost its elasticity. Could use some lift and tightening.

  • KGD

    I thought my grandmother’s face fell and was so wrinkled because she was a smoker, but my mom, a non-smoker, experienced the same. Alas, I’m right behind and at 54 I have those same fallen lines:-(

  • Debbie W

    Last year! And,now everyday! Help!

  • Luz

    OMG … I began sagging in my late 30’s but became very noticeably in my early to mid 40’s . I have tried MANY products that promise to work but don’t . I would love to try this product hoping it will help the saggyness of age .

  • I noticed sag skin last year when I turn 50. Hope I am one if the lucky ones

  • Diane H Hinkle

    I don’t know for sure but my eyes are a mess for the last week. My sweet cat, Middie, developed colon cancer and I had to have her put down. I just received her ashes this evening and my eyes are swollen all over again. Would this stuff help?

  • Mia Pacht

    Yes…..I would love to try these new products……….:)))))

  • Julie Diaz

    I thought that getting a mini facelift and having my upper eyelids done at 45 I’d be happy. But around 56 I noticed my crows feet are very visible and I don’t know what to do about the Marionette lines. Fat transfer and Fillers did not work. So at this time I am willing to try anything!

  • Susan

    I noticed in my mid 50’s. Help! I would love to try this product.

  • Elizabeth

    Best of luck to everyone. I am very open to try new products. With that being said I am in my mid fifties (yikes I just said it) and I would love to try this please.

  • Anna

    As a sun person I saw notice in my 40s

  • Linda Grantham

    My son started to notice and make fun (saying I have a gobble) when I turned 53.

  • Val

    Who knows when my skin decided to go south? I’m willing to try just about anything to improve it.

  • gayla reiter

    About age 50 when skin became more dry. I have swum all my life, started to notice a decided difference in my skin about age 50.

  • Jill

    My fifties.. Never thought it would happen L.O.L

  • Vicki Hancock

    Mine has started sagging in the last year or so. So I would say around 50. I hate it and need help! Seems like gravity takes a hold of every part of a woman’s body!!!

  • Sharon Goulet

    skin heading south would like a trip up north again……

  • Fran

    I don’t remember but it feels like a century ago. I’ve tried many creams that promised to firm but I’ve seen little, if no results. I’d love to try this and be able to give a big “thumbs up”……

  • gmcl

    I began to notice it more around age 55 with much more sagging around age 60.

  • Lisa Foster

    Very recently, just in my early 50’s. I’m more prone to fine lines than sagging.

  • Diana Verner

    I started seeing sagging in my 50’s, and now when I look in the mirror, I can see an older lady looking back at me. Have tried many products but I havn’t saw the results that I have been looking for as of yet. Excited to hear about this product.

  • Sherri Thomas

    So long ago…I don’t really remember.

  • Firm Up? I hope this works because I was thinking that nothing but a cement mask would work!!

  • Nancy

    I noticed sagging in the neck area in my 50’s.

  • As soon as I turned 50. It felt like everything just collapsed overnight.

  • mimi taylor

    In my 50s when people no longer thought I was younger

  • I noticed it this year from stress. Early 50

  • Shawn

    I really don’t know when it actually started, but all of a sudden I noticed less eyelid, having to use more eye makeup and just all around feeling less good about the person that was looking back at me in the mirror.

  • Sunn ymay

    In my early 6th decade, my face soaks up serum and moisturizer daily. After my 40’s, my skin changed from oily to dry after going through the change. I have a repertoire of skin care products that I rotate through and with the cold weather coming on, prepare for chapped, dry skin and exfoliate weekly.

  • I noticed the beginning of the jowls about 4 years ago. It has gotten worse, and now I see my eyelids drooping also. I’m going to be 54 in a few months. I feel young inside, but when I look in a mirror, I think, this can’t be!!

  • Kandace Cameron

    A person could really get upset over this aging stuff. A little help would be appreciated. I can never seem to pick anything to help. I just can’t. There are too many to choose from. Maybe this was meant to be. Maybe FOF has found it for me. Maybe this is the help I need. I will so report back to you. I promise. After all, if it works for me, it can work for others.

  • Lisa tefft

    Every day after yesterday!

  • Claudia M

    I really began to notice in my mid 40’s . I need help!

  • Diane

    When I was around 50 I am now 53

  • Yvette Hopkins


  • Noel

    Late 40s

  • Maria Elger

    Last year

  • Would love to try this for free.

  • carol

    about 30

  • Marie

    I can not state just when I noticed my skin start to sag….hard to determine through my deep sun tan (the obvious offending cause for some or most of the jet sag). I will be more than delighted to use derma/e as tester. My skin and I both say thank you, merci, gracias in advance.

  • when I turned 50 and started to go through menopause.

  • Carolyn Reed

    Please help me, I have tried so many different products with no results, I would like to try this cream and see the results. I am 64 and need all the help I can get.

  • Eddy


  • Kim Cage

    I was lucky, not until my mid fifties. But it is definitely starting to sag now.

  • Eileen Ramola

    I would love to try your products!

  • phyllis kopec

    in my late 40’s

  • Lois

    Probably in my 40’s.

  • gailyn shepherd

    The fifties and way too much stress!

  • 50lish

    oh what is happening to my neck??
    I want to be 20..30..40..heck 50 again 🙂

  • Lois

    Probably in my 40’s

  • Lynne Crisp

    I started to notice my skin sagging around 50-55 yrs old. I have upper lip wrinkles (which I hate) & loose skin near my jaw area which I can’t get firmed up. My neck skin is loose & wrinkled. I need help bad

  • Kathy

    I would love some skin firming. Been working out at the gym and would love my face to look as toned as my body. Saggy skin started at 50…sigh

  • Rebecca S

    The sagging skin thing just crept up (or down as it were), but I’ve probably had it for about 5 years now!!

  • Donna A

    I noticed a little after I turned 55, now I’m 59 and it seems to be getting worse all the time.

  • Alicia Brandt

    I have very strategic lighting and never gave a mirror from above. In my eyes, I am ageless 🙂

  • Donna A

    I didn’t notice sagging until after I turned 55. I’m 59 now and it’s only getting worse.

  • Margaret

    Most of the changes I have noticed over the past ten years did not bother me until two years ago. But now there are parentheses on the sides of my mouth and I hate them. I would love to see if this derma e product will help firming and making them less noticeable.

  • Anne Pearce

    I noticed sagging at age 52.

  • Colleen Churchill

    Starting to notice the effect in my 40’s. It’s line I woke up one morning and wondering how/when/where this all started! Overnight while I was sleeping?
    Would love something to help/fix/correct now before it gets any worse

  • Karen Boblett

    I guess I noticed a change in my 60s… but nothing serious yet.

  • irina

    At 38 my skin begin to sag

  • Barbara Mayes

    I am 55 years old now and only recently notice some sagging skin. Hope I am one of the 10 lucky ladies chosen!

    • Donna A

      I love the picture of your ‘baby’. I’ve got 2 Bostons myself and love them! They are the best.

  • Dara Nix

    It became VERY noticeable right around the time I turned 50, but in retrospect it probably started in my early to mid 40’s…

  • Alona Y

    Maybe around 40, this looks like a great product!

  • Sidney Clifton

    Gravity and I became “frenemies” in my late forties after the (surprise!) birth of my last daughter at age 47. Halle Berry, I ain’t; and I’ve been on a search for a non-invasive solution ever since.

  • Nancy Costello

    I really noticed the sagging a few years ago, especially in my neck. Help!!!

  • Help me, my face fell at 52 and it can’t get up!!

  • Deborah

    Would love to try a new product for aiding in firmness and elasticity! Especially around my jaw line and neck area.

  • Karen

    I would say mine started in my mid 40’s……

  • Maria Carmela Renna

    Alas, I am 57 . . . and about three years ago, I woke up, looked in the mirror, and screamed, “OH MY GOD! I AM NORMA DESMOND!!!!!!” Yes, that is when I noticed that little saggies were commencing to appear . . .

  • I think I really began to notice the sagging about 4 years ago when I turned 60. My mom had really nice skin until she was in her 70’s. I do see my neck becoming crepey and the sides of my mouth sagging. Yikes!