Spray Away Your Gray Roots With Gray Away

If you want to make sure that Santa is the only one with gray roots this season, but your next appointment with the colorist is after the holidays, we have an exciting beauty product for you!

Everpro® Gray Away is giving away free samples of its revolutionary temporary root concealer to the first 200 FabOverFifty fans who sign up below. Samples are available in either Light Brown or Black/Dark Brown.

How Gray Away works

Applied directly to your gray roots, this innovative spray works INSTANTLY to beautifully blend with your natural hair color and cover those gray roots. It’s fast drying, sweat resistant and washes out with your next shampoo. Gray Away comes in three shades: Black/Dark Brown, Light Brown, and Lightest Brown/Medium Blonde.

“Loved the product! Easy application. I normally color my hair at a salon every three weeks, but I was able to extend my appointment out to five weeks! Huge money saver and time saver. I would buy this product for sure,” said FOF Jill.


Enter to receive a free sample of Everpro® Gray Away by filling out the form below. After you’ve entered, tell us in the comments section why you want to try it. Only the first 200 entrants will receive a sample.

By entering this sampling giveaway, you agree to receive emails from Gray Away and FabOverFifty.

Thank you for your interest in Gray Away — we already received well over 200 entries. Please stay tuned for future sampling opportunities!

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  • god’s gift to the world

    Sorry, too gimmicky. Just give away a free sample and stop with all the silly games.

  • LisaK

    I find myself having to go to the Salon every 25 days to get my roots colored. Most of my gray is right in the front so it shows more.

  • djjreading

    I really want to win. It would save me oozles of money between my color treatments.

  • MiaLM

    Don’t bother, ladies. Read the fine print above. They already received more than 200 entries and the free samples are kaput.

  • Gayla Smith

    I would love a sample of the gray away spray to try!!

  • mlh125

    I am finding my gray hairs are getting harder to color. I would love to see how this product works.

  • Patsy

    Salons every 4-6 weeks is really getting too expensive.

  • Kim Smith

    I would love to try this to cover the grays with out having to dye all my hair. This seems to be a good way to touch up those little areas..

  • S Kay DeGroot

    Would love to try this! After coloring my hair my greys still show. This product sounds amazing!

  • Judy Meidel

    I have several strays that don’t want to color, maybe this is the way…

  • Paula Diekhoff

    this looks so easy; it’s affordable; it will extend my hair coloring

  • TJfacialist

    I always have gray spots right on the top of my head and it would be wonderful to be able to cover them discreetly in between colorings. Would love to try this product!

  • Madeline Lonergan

    Love to get a sample of Gray Away hoping it will work as they say. I find that hair coloring, no matter which one I try does not seem to last a ,month.

  • Leila

    I have extreme shedding and started taking biotin which makes my hair grow faster…which means more trips to the hairdresser..I really need something to hide the gray so I don’t have to go too often.

  • Virginia

    I would love to win a sample of Gray Away, because I can’t seem to find anything that will cover my grays at the temples. I use haircolor & it doesn’t last more than a week with the grays!

  • Janice Lynds

    with my meds, I seem to be getting more and more grey hair. The grey makes me look so much older than I am.

  • SuzieQ

    I think I will enjoy this product. It will help protect my hair from over coloring

  • Tonya Muller

    I am on a lot of medications, which dry out hair, so this would be great extend the times between salon visits.

  • Allison Gillette

    This Gray Away Spray is needed very much. I need a break from Hair dyes which tend to damage my hair.

  • Kai W.

    There are times when I’m too busy to color my gray away. The spray will simplify my time during these busy times when I don’t have time for myself.

  • VMB

    After holiday shopping, my budget is shot and I cannot get my hair colored till next month until my finances recover…

  • Joyce Leathers

    I need coverage where my gray roots always come back after a few shampoos. I would love to try to try the spray. Thanks for the opportunity for someone to try it. Happy Holidays to everyone!!!

  • Mary Ellen McNichols Davison

    Great idea….I wish it would come in Auburn, too!

  • donnak4

    Looks like it would help

  • Annette Brown

    Oops I meant to select dark brown

  • lynndobriko

    I need something to cover my roots in my part and near the top of my bangs between hair colors. Gray Away sounds perfect for this chore.

  • Jane Abernathy Hahn

    I have to touch up between regular colorings & it would be nice to see how this compares with Clairol’s Root Touchup, my usual choice.

  • Deb Mendel

    I’d like to try this Gray Away because it would be a nice alternative and a lot less caustic and costly than full chemical coloring as soon as those gray intruders showed their ugly roots.

  • Dilgal

    I hate how quickly my roots show with my dark hair. I need a quick, easy way to touch up my part and temples.

  • Connie Hamblen Williamson

    I never have enough money to go back to the stylist when it’s time, so this would tide me over.

  • Happy2014

    I would like to extend my color between coloring my hair.

  • Diana Verner

    Can’t wait to try this product. Perfect solution in between times of coloring my hair. 🙂

  • Edna Maclean

    I would like to try this because I’m allergic to hair color so I must leave it grey my hair dresser puts in one strip in front but can not touch my scalp so maybe I could put this at the roots so it doesn’t look like my hair has grown out a half inch right away.

  • Marie Doyle

    A better port in the storm…….my hair stylist will hate me for this….but…….my hair – my choice RIGHT!

  • kgritts

    I’m hoping this will make my trips to the hair salon for color just a little less frequent!

  • debbags49gmailcom

    I dye my hair twice a month because of my grey hair…My hair is getting very dry and I’m losing it. .I need this product! !

  • ilenep

    I would love to try this new coverup.

  • Patricia

    My wife says I need help 🙂

  • sandy haber

    Sounds like it wouldn’t be as drying as the root coverup i currently use.

  • Becca Z

    I am not happy with the marker style gray coverup I am currently using

  • Gigi

    Unfortunately roots show after 2 weeks so I need something that actually will work!

  • Angela Mason

    actually I want to introduce it to my mother. Wishing everyone a Safe & Joyous Holiday Season!

  • Kitsa

    colourng every 2 weeks is a chore for me

  • Karen Mayernick

    I would like to try it because I am starting to get grey hair!

  • Barbara Orant

    Sometimes I just don’t the time to have my roots done. This would be such a time saver. Thanks.

  • Mary Gobbo

    Would absolutely love to try this – I have gray at the edges only, and this sounds AMAZING!

  • Jennifer Miller

    Because my grey roots pop up before I get to the salon

  • Patti Wilder

    Love to try ..would be so helpful when you need just a touch up

  • theponyhalf~

    I’d like to try it because I don’t have enough grey to warrant completely dying my hair. I think it would be a great product for me.

  • Charlene Kuser

    I want to try this product because I have a lot of stubborn gray roots mostly on the top and sides.It needs to go away.

  • Marsha Kamish Veazey

    Because it’s so expensive to go to the salon to hide the gray.

  • swest72766

    Because I look like a skunk at the present time

  • mariem howard

    I would love a way to cover my gray hair in between coloring. It looks very easy and convenient. Thank you.

  • bernardina sims

    I hate my gray hairs

  • dorothy borgese

    I would like to try for my son’s graduation Don’t need to look like a granny.