{Style Expert} Avant-garb!

Wendy Foster suggests her favorite, just-in Parisian products:

Wendy Foster owns four trend-setting boutiques in Santa Barbara, where her keen eye for laid-back/sexy styling has made her a fashion icon. She also happens to be funny, smart and generally the type of person you want as a friend. Here she lets us in on what’s très chic from France this season:

Le Phare De La Baleine Classic Striped Sailor Shirts, $114, “The stripes on this shirt are classic French. It’s just a good fit and comes in purples, reds and gray.”

Diptyque Crème Riche Body Butter, $98, “It’s a really rich body butter, that’s opulent, indulgent and delightful.”

Gallégo-Desportes Blouses and Dresses, $350+, “When George Sand, the lover of the famous pianist, Chopin, died, they saved all of her clothes. The new Gallégo-Desportes line mimics her pieces.”

Christian Lacroix Papier Notebook in Fuchsia, $18, “Last year Lanvin designed stamps, this year Christian Lacroix has come out with a line of chic paper goods. Writing is à la mode again.”

Diptyque John Galliano Candle, $68, “It smells like the incense in Catholic churches. I don’t normally like perfumes and scents but this is quite nice.”

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  1. Marjip says:

    Wendy Foster=FOF +! I’m hooked on going through these extraordinary clothes & products that bring on wishful thinking but I thoroughly enjoy that, too. These shops must be so great to be in. No money=no travel but I do love seeing these creations. Appreciate the designs.


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