It’s Finally Good To Be Venomous

Scientific research on autoimmune diseases uncovers breakthrough beauty discovery

“While using the venom from cobras to research treatments for autoimmune diseases, we stumbled upon something so significant we couldn’t just brush it aside,” said Dr. Paul Reid, a Florida-based neuroscientist and pioneer in the clinical study of snake venom. “We discovered that king cobra venom could not only visibly soothe skin, the unique cell-penetrating peptides in this venom could help enhance entire skincare regimens.”

Although synthetic venoms that contain only one or two lab-created peptides have become increasingly popular in the beauty industry, Dr. Reid’s proprietary formula, Venin Royale Concentrated Neuropeptide Renewal Serum, is the first to use all natural king cobra venom, which is packed with over 27 natural peptides and neuropeptides and is backed by decades of biotechnology research. According to Dr. Reid, it is this “cocktail of natural peptides” found in king cobra venom, which is impossible to recreate in a lab, that separates this natural skincare technology from currently available synthetic venoms and lab-created peptides.

croppedVenin Royale’s patent-pending technology, called NRT-27®, goes through a very unique and proprietary purification process completed by Dr. Reid in his FDA registered and inspected laboratory. Additionally, Venin Royale’s relationships with zoos across the United States give them unparalleled access to a higher quality and sustainable domestic venom supply.  No snakes are harmed during the venom collection process and sales from venom go directly back to helping zoos care for their animals. In addition, while the harvesting of many botanical ingredients popular in cosmetics can wreak havoc on forests and oceans, collecting king cobra venom has no negative impact on the environment.

All of Venin Royale products are considered hypoallergenic, paraben, sulfate, and gluten-free, and are tested by dermatologists and determined to be non-irritating, so they can be used by those with sensitive skin.

After success in launching its serum, Venin Royale has introduced Advanced Dark Spot Corrector, which combines its powerful anti-aging NRT-27® technology with premium skin brightening ingredients and vitamins C and E.  The corrector works best when applied directly after the serum, across your face, neck, and hands to even your skin tone and brighten dark spots!

As an exclusive to FabOverFifty readers, learn more here from Dr. Reid, about why your current skincare regimen isn’t working.


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