{Test This} Fullips

FOF Linda Gomez wants you to love your lips again! That’s why she created fullips ($49.97 for all 3 sizes), a small “self-suction device designed to enlarge and enhance your lips in an inexpensive and non-invasive way.” Made of plastic, fullips comes in three shapes (small oval, medium oval, and large round), so at least one size will give you the perfect plump! The results “typically last 2 to 4 hours, so think of fullips like lipstick—to keep the best look, you need to re-touch,” according to the manufacturer. Ready for a kiss? 15 FOFs will test this.

To enter to win, comment below by answering the question: When did your lips start thinning?

15 FOFs will win. (See official rules, here.) Contest closes October 16, 2013 at midnight E.S.T. Contest limited to residents of the continental U.S.

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  • When i was born. I would love to try your product.

  • Paige McHugh

    I never had the lips I wanted, but I noticed at about 45 they really started to thin, please let me see if this product can help.

  • I love to see non surgical alternatives for fuller lips as well as other anti-aging beauty products that do not involve plastic surgery. This looks like a simple solution that would make a lot of women very happy.

  • Maria Goulart

    Would love to try this… haven’t noticed the lips thinning yet…

  • heather c

    The top one started a year ago. The bottom one is still pretty full since it has been bumped a few times…

  • Marcy Strahan

    My lips started thinning around 10 years ago when I turned 40, had surgery & became menopausal!

  • amy deeter

    around 5 years ago

  • Michael G

    My wife’s has had thin lips for years and would love to try this solution.

  • Dorothy

    when the lines around my mouth starting getting deeper

  • Manda Marie

    Just a couple of years ago I noticed my top lip wasn’t as full

  • Carrie Conley

    They have not yet started thinning….

  • deb

    forgot to add I just have always had a small mouth

  • deb

    angelina has made most of us look bad

  • Brittney House

    They are not there yet.

  • joni

    I think just recently at age 54.

  • Imelda

    Very interesting! Is there a video on this? I’ll do a testimonial video.

  • Lori McCune

    Lips started thinning and waist started thickening at 30!

  • Sand

    Within the last three years.

  • Roxann

    I have always had lips that are on the thin side. I would love to try this and see if it works for me.

  • kathy pease

    id say mine started around age 40

  • Kathryn C

    at no particular age, I’ve just always had thin lips 🙁

  • Katherine

    My lips became thinner around age 40. I was so excited to see this product that I tried to simulate it at home and basically gave myself a big hickey above my lips, so I would love, love the opportunity to test right equipment and do the job correctly! Thanks so much!

  • fran

    Sounds neat- my lips have gotten SO THIN they look like a dash line!

  • Mine started getting thin around 40. I need something! My lips were thin to begin with and now it looks like I have none at all!

  • Lauren Flynn

    My lips have always been thin, but in the past few years (since I was 49), I’ve noticed that my lips have thinned with age not genetics.

  • Renee

    My upper lip is very small while my bottom lip is more full would love to see them more even. Full lips for once would be a dream.

  • Angela W

    They started thinning a few years ago. They have never been Jolie-ish tho:) I would love to try this, thanks for the chance

  • strawberry3d

    when i got in my 40’s

  • Cheryl Fifer Grove

    Mine started thinning about 45. I would like to make them fuller again but am not comfortable with the thought of fillers

  • Melissa Winter Winter

    Help! I lost my kisser! If I can test this, my husband thanks you and I thank you!!

  • Diane baum

    Help-my lips need to be pumped up

  • Victoria

    Would be very interested to see if this non-invasive
    Cosmetic enhancement worked! Every woman I know
    Has wondered where her lips went after menopause
    started, myself included.

  • heather

    it hasnt happened yet but everything else is falling apart so its nice to know thats next

  • james young

    looks like a greatproduct

  • Catherine Cordeiro

    I would love to try this product. At age 69 my lips are thin. I’ve tried line fillers and lip liner to keep my lipstick from feathering but still am not pleased with the results.

  • Teri

    They were always thin

  • Tracy L Davis

    My lips have always been thin.

  • Cynthia C

    I noticed around age 60

  • elizabeth

    They have always been thin. This product sounds like it’s just right for my perpetually thin lips.

  • yummyfaerie

    They have never been full and luscious, just average I guess…They haven’t started getting visibly thin yet, but I have noticed more lip wrinkles & less puffiness & plumpness over the past year.

  • Caitlin McClure

    I’ve always had thin lips

  • Starr Greenwell

    Actually, my lips have always been thing; however, as I’ve aged it’s much worse. Would love to try this product.

  • Diane S

    My lips have thinned out so much over the years. I used to have a beautiful mouth, I thought it was one of my best features. Now – nothing. I would love to try this product to see if it works.

  • Never had full lips anyway, so hard to say. I think around 50.

  • Phoenix

    Fairly recently. This is certainly a different approach!

  • Kathleen Nation

    Genetically, I am prone to thin lips. I have tried other brands and other than a tingling in my lips, nothing has worked. Age hasn’t helped matters any! 57 approaches in December, would love to kiss my honey with fuller lips and make him tingle!

  • I have always had a small mouth and tiny lips but I would love to try fullips. I’ve tried EVERY lip plumper, lipstick, gloss out there and nothing seems to help. Feeling lucky to win something soon!!!

  • Gaye M

    Lips started thinning around 50 – would love to try this unique product.

  • Jan

    I really did not start noticing thinning lips til about age 55. Now at 62 they seem to “fade” daily. I am curious about the effects of this and also wondering if it could adversely affect the lips with regard to “fever blisters”. Sometimes a physical irritation can cause them to appear. Very interesting and would love to try it out!

  • tfabglam5

    My lips have always been on the thin side, but I have really noticed a big difference in the last 7 years. I am in my early 50’s and would love my lips to look more luscious and full. Injectables work great, but you need to keep up the maintenance and it is ever so costly. Would love to try this non-invasive stimulating product to fatten up my lips!

  • Gaylin Laughlin

    I’ve lost over 100 pounds and the entire shape of my face has changed – including my lips. They seem thinner and just a bit uneven. A product like this seems like just what they need. Nothing too drastic, just a touch-up! At 55, I am living my best life, so I deserve it.

  • Soledad

    My lips have always been thin; thinner now as I’ve aged.

  • Laura Borud

    About 49.

  • Melinda

    I wasn’t paying attention. One day (probably in my 50’s) I realized how thin my lips were.

  • Jayne

    Hooray! A new way!
    Count me in Today!

  • Marsha Crain

    I noticed my lips were thinning about 60 along with other things. Didna’t feel the best about my looks so I spoke to my friend about my age and she said she was using a lip plumper. So I am definately ready to try this product. “PLEASE”

  • Christine

    in my 50s

  • Susan

    Would love the chance to try this and see the difference it mKes.

  • Lila

    Beautiful lips are always in fashion. Would love to try this product to see if it works.

    • Lila

      Wish my lips look as good as when I was in my 20’s and 30’s.

  • I first noticed my lips thinning when I turned 50. I would love to try this product!

  • Would love fuller plump looking lips – to go with my fuller aging figure … lol …. please help balance me out !

  • Venessa Martin

    About 5 years ago when I turned 50. Need to plump them up!

  • Andrea Wolff

    My lips were never very full and luckily they haven ‘t thinned too much. Would love to use a product that would give me something I’ve never had, plump lips!

  • Janet Keyser

    I guess my lips started thinning in my 50’s. Now I am 60 and I would love to see them plumper and fuller! That lipstick is worth the try!

  • Maureen Hall

    I don’t recall exactly when my lips started to get thinner, I just know that I am now 62 and everything is in a different place, or thinned out, including my lips. I think my lips look like a comma right about now and I would love to be able to get the opportunity to try this product. Thank you so much for the possibility.
    Kindly, Maureen Hall

  • Sharron L.

    Maybe in my 50s, cannot remember really…..just know I would love to try & see if this works! I will be anxious to see for sure! Every single one of us out there want fuller lips and I am disappointed that our lips get thinner with age! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  • Rita m

    I have always had thin lips, so I’d love to test the product to see if it would help at all. Any improvement at all would be welcomed.

  • marlene

    Love to test new products with out having to buy them! My top lip is disappearing…

  • Cheryl

    I have never had full lips, but was able to make it work while young, now in my 50’s it is increasingly difficult. I always like to have great brows and pretty lips. They don’t have to be humongous, but just enough to balance my face and feel like they are not disappearing as the day goes on.

  • Kathy O’Halloran

    I think I noticed mine thinning around 40, but I’ve never had what I would consider lush lips. So I guess I’ve gone from thin to thinner! Would love to give this a try!

  • TricIa

    They’ve always been on the thin side. Would love to plump them up naturally.

  • LeAnne Beil

    late 40’s

  • Kim Law

    Probably in my forties when they also started losing their color

  • pattbell

    Would love to try this! Have a time with terrible thinning lips……

  • Susan Garzon

    Would love to try this product….just a few years ago!

  • Holly Kennedy

    I have always had thin lips, but afraid of doing anything drastic. This would be perfect!

  • Sue Stebbing

    My lips have always been thin, but after starting using Armidex for breast cancer (which removes all estrogen from your body–oh joy) my skin has really taken a hit, especially my chicken lips.

    • Sue, Lack of estrogen through normal aging is hard enough but fighting cancer and dealing with the side effects is truly a lot to deal with. If you are still interested in trying these please give us a way to contact you..you can email us at info@fullips.com
      All the best to you, Hugs, Linda Gomez

  • cheryl marsala

    Sigh! My lips use to get so many compliments, now at 60 they are just flat…..waaaaa! I love to wear glosses and lipstick but it doesn’t flatter me to do so now. Please give me the opportunity and I will be a walking talking advertisement!


  • Pamela

    They thin often with my fifteen year old daughter, but biologically, around 50, at 62, I’m rady to try out fuller lips!

  • anna

    As I’m aging my lips are getting thinner. Would love to try this product

  • miklinwar4ever

    Sounds good, I would try. I have tried many products, none worked. Started 10 years ago.

  • lisa m

    I would love to try this. My lips started to thin out around late 30s for me…I’m 43 now. I want luscious lips!!!!

  • robyn

    My lips began thinning around age forty. I have tried topical plumpers, but they were either too irritating or too sparkly.

  • dana

    i’m 53 – i’d say my lips thinned about 4 years ago. And yes, the vertical line thing is really bugging me… thanks for the opportunity

  • Kim V.

    I’ve always had plump lips but in the last year my top lip has all but disappeared! In July I celebrated my 50TH birthday! This sounds like the perfect thing to try.

  • Sherrie Brown

    I have started the dreaded menopause hell and my poor lips have turned into thin, crepe paper wrinkle sticks! Helppppp them, please!!!!!,!!!!,!,!

  • My lips aren’t thin, but I am so intrigued by your new innovative technology. I would love to try this new product! It would be great to introduce on my blog

  • sharon crutchfield

    Started thinning during menopause. They are ready for this latest product.

  • When I started kissing less. No lie, I feel that stimulates your lips and makes them plumper. Have to start getting more kissing in with my hubby!

  • Marilyn

    Probably when I hit 30 I am now 58. 🙁

  • Sandy

    I have always been a lipstick wearer but just recently took a good look at myself and said where did my lips go? I guess it was a gradual process. Now when I try to wear darker lipsticks they look bad. I’ve tried plumpers but did not make a difference enough to notice. Help!!!

  • Mrs Shannon K Orton

    I think they were not huge to begin with, but started thinning in my twenties.

  • travelgirl

    I think they really appeared to be thinning (to me anyway) at about age 51. (I am now 56) I have never had really full lips, but at least before they were more noticeable. I am desperately trying to find “just the right lipstick shade” for me, andalso one that does plump them up a little.
    I do feel that the thinning makes me look older now, so I am very willing and anxious to test this product. I have never had the opportunity to do a test product through Fab Over Fifty yet – but this is a great one to try for me!

  • Kathi

    Wow! Would I be thrilled to try Fullips, My lips need some plumping! I would say that my lips started thinning about 2-3 years ago, that’s when I noticed them appearing to look thinner. Which would be 50 years of age.

  • Robyn

    Pick me, pick me!! 58 y/o. Age has stolen most of my upper lip. When I smile it disappears. I had a filler awhile back and it did next to nothing. Would love to try this.

  • teshgirl1

    This would be an incredible product if it works!! I would love to try it for SURE!!!!!

  • Rose Holloway

    My lips have never been very full but I did notice a decline in fullness in my 40’s

  • carrie obrien

    Have been my whole life!!!

  • msortet

    I’d have to say I started noticing thinner lips in my 50’s!

  • Being of Scandinavian descent, I have always had thin lips…and, I have a naturally small mouth, as well. Now that I am in my 60’s my mouth/lips have almost disappeared. I don’t want to do injections because I have never seen anyone who has done that who looks natural. Help!

  • Madeline

    Not really sure!

  • This is neat would love to give it a try

  • lisa b

    Around 40

  • 50lish

    too bad the thinning effect doesn’t go to our bodies vs our lips 😉
    sounds interesting to check out!

  • kay gannon

    As with everything else related to aging-thin lips just seem to appear overnight! Would love to have fuller lips but would never do the filler–too many movie stars now look like clowns with the over filled lips!

  • Sandy C

    lips started going downhill 50ish—boy, never realized how self conscious it could be to have deflated lips!

  • Suzanne Yousfi

    I always had what were considered lush, kissable lips… once I hit my 50s though still kissable… my lips were no longer as lush as they were… I want those lips back…

    I would love to try this to see if it bribgs me my lush lips again…

  • Vicki Hancock

    About a year ago. I hate that everything starts changing for women!? Would love to try and get some lips back

  • Virginia

    Around 50! Would love to try this! My 60th birthday is coming up this month!
    I’m afraid of needles. This sounds like a perfect way to plump your lips.

  • Kathryn Kondrad

    My lips have always been on the small side but true thinning started around 50. I had fat injection once — looked very natural as the doctor used my own fat but it only lasted 3 months and was expensive so will never do again. Lip plumpers barely make a difference. Tried Restalayne (or maybe it was Juvederm) once. Painful and again, expensive. At this point in my life, my 401(k) is more important than cosmetic procedures!

    Would love to try this!

  • Cindy

    I’ve always had chicken lips.

  • karin

    I would say about age 45. They’ve continued to thin ever since.

  • A. Reese

    My lips have always been thin, but in my early fifties they became super thin. I guess thinning lips can be added to the menopause effects list.

  • Fran Herzig

    I exercise my facial muscles daily, but have been noticing that my lips are thinning lately. I am 62, so I guess it’s about time, but I don’t like it at all!! Please pick me. I’ve used all sorts of products promising results, but so far have been very disappointed.

  • Pam

    I would LOVE to try this….ANYTHING that could help would be wonderful….thinning lips age a person so much!

  • I beleive mine started thinning after 55

  • Nancy Jachcik

    Would love to try to regain some fullness to lips even if only temporary!

  • Pamela Oates

    @ 50

  • Sharyn Yenzer

    I always had thin lips, but when I hit my mid 50’s my lips disappeared! I need my lips back! How am I to kiss????

  • Katherine

    I have always had somewhat thinner lips, but at around age 40 I because really aware of it. I have tried fillers – which in my case did not look too natural and actually left a discoloration above my top lip! And I have tried countless plumpers. I had even looked into some of the suction devices but never found one I felt secure enough about to spend the money. I trust everything on this site and would absolutely love the opportunity to test this product!! Thank you!

  • Why is this one of the things that happens when we age? Like we don’t have enough issues with gravity. I host a cooking show and I always have to draw my lips fuller. It would be great to see how this works. Send it over and I’ll document it.

  • Jane Hardin

    Mine started thinning out in my 50s…I love lipstick and would love to try this!!!

  • Ginger

    I’ve never had really full lips, but over the past 5-10 years I have really noticed them thinner.

  • When I was born……

  • Have tried almost everything else. Would love to try this. In my mid 40’s

  • Ida Langsam

    Lips can always use a bit of sexy and plump lips that look like soft pillows are super sexy kissable. So no matter when my lips started thinning, they could sure use Fullips’ help to get back to that youthful look. ♥

  • Carollynn Thesing

    With my very thin lips a plump look would be wonderful. Please let me test

  • Susan West

    About 5 to 7 years ago and I am not happy about it!

  • Awesome, would love to see if you’d get *pouty* lips w/o injections! About 5 yrs ago….:(

  • tlo

    My wonderful, full lips starting thinning about a year ago. Would love to try something non-invasive….

  • You are confusing the marketplace by using my trademarked name as a come on for this product.

  • Angela K

    after 30!

  • diana zawacki

    My lips feel and look like they’e blended into my face after menopause. I’ve “lost that loving feeling” and the attractiveness that goes with it. I’ll anything to feel girly again. Nature is unfair!

  • Elizabeth Rockler

    I began to notice my thinning lips as soon as I hit 50! I would really love to try this!

  • In my mid 40’s! I want happy lips again! Looks like an easy to use idea!

  • afraid of needles but need some oomph in my pout! would love to try this!

  • Diane Hinkle

    …………a long time ago. I would love to have luscious anythings. Lips would be a good place to start! Don’t know how it works but I am willing to learn and let you know. Thanks~

  • DS

    I would love to try this – I’ve using different lip plumping lipsticks, but nothing like this which sounds so unique and logically clever!

  • alexw

    Would love to try this — around 15 years ago!