Do You Trust The Ingredients In YOUR Cosmetics?

After beating breast cancer, Meryl Marshall’s skin was “ultra-sensitive” and reacting to all kinds of makeup and skincare products, so she began the journey of extensively researching the safety of the food she ate, the cleaning products she used for my home, and the products she used on her body.”

merylI was shocked to learn that many of the products I used were potentially harmful to myself and my family. Even some natural products will trigger a negative reaction, since my skin now is ultra sensitive,” Meryl said.

Following years of research, Meryl partnered with beauty chemists and launched Hynt Beauty, which offers luxurious color and skincare lines that are “free of all ingredients known to be, or are questioned to be, harmful and irritable for the skin and body,” she claims.

FOF talked to Meryl to learn about her research and what gives Hynt Beauty an edge in the market.


How do we know if a product is truly “natural”?

Several brands on the market promote themselves as being ‘natural,’ but they’re actually not. Even though their lists of ingredients include silicone, petroleum, dyes, and synthetic fragrance, they can still claim their products are organic if they throw in a few organics.  

Brands that don’t use preservatives also are irresponsible, because preservatives are extremely important, especially in eye makeup. Who needs moldy, bacteria laden product, especially when most of us keep our products in a warm moist bathroom—the perfect growth environment. Safe alternatives to parabens and phenoxyethanol are available. We use tocopherol (Vitamin E) and radish root as preservatives in our products. Our mascaras are made with a blend of botanical extracts,  including oregano, thyme and cinnamon.

What ingredients do you use?

Hynt Beauty taps into the potent natural antimicrobial and antibacterial powers of herbs, plants and flowers. Our products are blended with botanical ingredients, plant extracts and phytonutrients which hydrate the skin naturally and provide a radiant look. The ingredients include sunflower seed wax, avocado oil, vanilla extract and lime oil. Our makeup is free of parabens, nanoparticles, petrochemicals, artificial preservatives and gluten. PETA has certified it vegan.indregients

Our  anti-aging skin care products heal and protect skin from environmental aggressors such as UV rays, pollution, stress and dehydration. They’re powerful enough to restore skin’s youthful vitality yet gentle enough to use on even the most sensitive skin. Our two skin care formulations work well as skin-smoothing primers for makeup application.

Where are Hynt Beauty products sold?

The line is sold in select spas and salons in the US, Canada, Hong Kong, Amsterdam and Norway, as well as at

Where are your products made?

All of our products are made in the United States, except for our organic pencils, which are made in Italy.

What are your bestsellers?

Lumiere Radiance Booster, Velluto Velvet Foundation, Duet Perfecting Concealer, Nocturne Mascara, Aria Pure Lipstick and Skin Prep Serum.

What products do you avoid and which do you use, besides Hynt?

I stay away from antiperspirants with aluminum, for example, and use a natural deodorant like Soapwalla’s deodorant cream. I use hair care products by Josh Rosebrook, since the silicones in traditional shampoos and conditioners cause a horrible rash on my neck and ears, no matter how well I wash and rinse away. I tossed out all of my fragrances, and now my all natural holy grail scent is ‘Together’ by Pour le Monde.

Learn more about Hynt Beauty here.

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