Using The Power Of Nature On Your Skin

        Dr. Kavita Beri

When I visit Dr. Kavita Beri’s medispa near the New Jersey shore, I feel more peaceful just being around her. Intelligent and beautiful, she moves and speaks gently and with grace. After she treats my skin to an Alma laser procedure, I feel as if I’ve been away for a long weekend. A  board-certified physician and scientist in the fields of regenerative medicine and dermal research, Dr. Beri also is a registered yoga teacher and founder of BE MIND BODY SKIN, an “integrative aesthetics and wellness spa.” She is guided by the belief that how we feel on the inside reflects how we look on the outside, and in the power of nature to emotionally and physically heal us.

“Being out in nature can enhance the energy that we have in our bodies,” Dr. Beri asserts. “This energy inside of us also is a part of everything that we see outside of us. When we do things that connect us with our surroundings, it makes us more comfortable with who we are. So the trees, the plants, the flowers, the clouds, the sky and every other beautiful thing we see make us feel good about ourselves,” she says.

We feel good when we go to the beach and see the ocean, Dr. Beri explains. “Something changes within us. We start feeling relaxed. We’re in a better mood. We begin thinking about the better things in life. We feel a connection with everything that’s beautiful!”

When we seek the beauty of nature, we’re really seeking a balance in ourselves to help us appreciate who we are, Dr. Beri believes. “Everything that’s natural has the inherent ability to alter the chemicals in our brains and make us feel better.” The same thing happens when we eat a healthy meal, like a salad full of greens, Dr. Beri adds. When we do something positive for our bodies, like going off carbs, we start feeling good about ourselves, and our bodies start responding better. “That is all happening through our gut,” she says.  

The Philosophy of ‘Vibrational Cosmetics’

Our skin responds to everything that’s in our brain and in our gut, Dr. Beri emphasizes. It’s a mirror of what we are from the inside. “Nature has so much power on our gut and on our mind; why can’t we use the power of nature on our skin?” Dr. Beri reasoned, as she set out to develop a line of beauty products made “purely and directly from nature, without added chemicals to make it smell better, last longer or be a certain color.” Think about the difference between eating farm fresh vegetables and overly processed frozen food, she suggests.

Dr. Beri named her collection KYVTA, which she classifies as “vibrational cosmetics,” because they’re created according to centuries-old practices that use the sound vibration of sacred ritualistic chants to “harmonize the energy in matter with its surroundings.” Plants have matter, and the herbs in Dr. Beri’s KYVTA formulas have been harvested from land that is blessed by nature, at a precise time during their circadian cycle.

“They don’t just go out and pluck the plants and put them together in a concoction,” Dr. Beri explains. “The ritualistic process is used throughout the creation of each beauty product, so it can harness the fullness of nature’s life force to caress and heal your skin. Ancient medicine didn’t have MRIs and CT scans. They used plants to heal the brain, skin and gut.”

KYVTA Scalp & Hair Tonic includes a blend of seasonally-picked, potent herbs from a small village in southern India. The farmers chant, pray and recite mantras when they’re extracting the herbs, after which the herbs are ground and combined with a coconut oil base. When the plants are chanted upon with powerful mantras, they’re receiving a blessing, a positive vibration, a prayer of gratitude, which increases their potency.

“After the people in the village get up in the morning, they pray, they go out into to the fields, they chant to the plants, they pluck the plants, then they put the oil together with mantras. It’s not like someone working a 9 to 5 job putting chemicals in a little bottle,” Dr. Beri says. Her tonic helps prevent hair loss, thinning and greying, she claims.

The KYVTA Tonics feature natural essential oil aromas from flowers that calm down the skin and the mind. The Aloe Sandalwood tonic, for example, nourishes the skin and heals conditions such as acne and rosacea, Dr. Beri says.

The Juniper Rosehip Tumeric Facial Cleansing Oil is one of the best sellers at Dr. Beri’s spa. A healing blend of rosehip and juniper berry essential oil with turmeric also acts as a moisturizer to even skin tone and prevent acne.

All of the products in the KYVTA line are 100 percent plant based and cruelty free.

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