Spray Away Your Gray Roots With Gray Away

If you want to make sure that Santa is the only one with gray roots this season, but your next appointment with the colorist is after the holidays, we have an exciting beauty product for you!

Everpro® Gray Away is giving away free samples of its revolutionary temporary root concealer to the first 200 FabOverFifty fans who sign up below. Samples are available in either Light Brown or Black/Dark Brown.


Adore Yourself By Treating Your Skin To The Most Luxe Product On The Market

Based on everything I’ve read coming from the beauty industry. I predict that in the next 30 years beauty scientists will invent a way to keep our skin looking healthier, younger and vibrant for a very, very long time, without plastic surgery.

After all, our skin is an organ, so if a doctor can tell a FOF woman that she “has the heart or lungs of a 35 year old,” why can’t she have the skin, too?  We won’t die from an abundance of wrinkles, crow’s feet or puffy jowls, but it sure wouldn’t hurt if we could eliminate them–or prevent them from showing up in the first place– simply by rubbing a cream on our faces every day!


Win A Skin Cream With Botox-Like Effects

A few months ago, we offered ten lucky winners the chance to win Erasa XEP 30 ($160 for 1.7 fl oz), a revolutionary new skin cream with a neurotoxin similar to that of Botox.

Today, we’re offering ten more FOFs the same chance, since we love this cream so much.


{Poll & Giveaway} Tell Us About Your Hair!

Gray Away ($9.99 for 1.5 oz) is an easy-to-use hair care product that will cover your gray roots in seconds. The spray is available for light brown or dark brown/black hair.

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A New Topical Concentrate As Effective As Botox?

After spending 18 years leading the innovation and research teams at Estée Lauder, Jules Zecchino was determined to use his extensive knowledge of the most potent ingredients to create a superior anti-aging product. Yesterday, Jules and his team launched Erasa XEP 30 ($160 for 1.7 fl oz).

Erasa XEP 30 is the single most technically advanced, anti-aging concentrate in the high-end professional product performance arena. It has been created to deliver a total activity of anti-aging benefits, normally requiring three or more products,” Jules claims.


Beauty Match Made in Heaven

You’ve undoubtedly heard the term “match made in heaven,” referring to two people who are perfect together. I can’t tell you about too many of those, but I can tell you about a “beauty match made in heaven”: Pure Marula Facial Oil and the JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser.  I’ve written extensively about what makes each product so effective on its own.  But when they’re used together,  which I’ve been doing for the past few months, each makes the other work even better on my skin.

Spring Skincare Giveaway from SimySkin

New season, new you. Our friends at SimySkin are
giving away a fabulous skincare system,
chosen especially for FOFs!

With over 15 years of research, in France and in the U.S., SimySkin targets the top factors that age skin—time, environment and stress—to rejuvenate complexions and deliver a powerful anti-aging punch for skin of all ages. SimySkin products are grouped into different “phases,” based off your age, so you achieve optimal results.


Win A Skincare System Designed Exclusively for YOUR Skin Type

Win & test a trio of anti-aging skin products, chosen specifically for your skin type!

After working for decades with medical-grade skincare companies and physicians, Nancy Ryan decided she wanted to use her in-depth knowledge and experience to create her own direct-to-consumer skincare line. Called NR Skin, her products target fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation with potent ingredients, including Vitamin C, antioxidants, plant stem cells, peptides, hyaluronic acid and retinol. They do not contain parabens or artificial dyes and are NEVER tested on animals.


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Win And Review This Dermatologist-Grade Skincare System

Win & test the MD Complete skincare system, along with FOFounder Geri!

“I believe everyone should have access to the professional skincare ingredients I recommend in my office,” says Dr. Brian Zelickson, renowned Minneapolis dermatologist and creator of MD Complete. A multi-product skincare system that is said to feature higher doses of proven, effective ingredients than traditional mass market beauty lines—ingredients such as pure retinol and peptides—MD Complete is designed to provide “affordable skin care with professional results.”

Geri Brin, FOFounder, started using the MD Complete system three weeks ago, and now you have the chance to use it, too. Check out her experience with the products so far, then enter to win and review this exciting new skincare system!


{Sponsored Giveaway} StemLife Beauty Bundle

Stem Cell Beauty is giving away a beauty bundle from its StemLife line of rejuvenating products, valued at $389!

All of these products incorporate StemLife’s patent-pending FixT Technology©, using a proprietary blend of molecules from human stem cells to “enhance your body’s natural healing powers” and give you a radiant glow.