{Test This} Fullips

FOF Linda Gomez wants you to love your lips again! That’s why she created fullips ($49.97 for all 3 sizes), a small “self-suction device designed to enlarge and enhance your lips in an inexpensive and non-invasive way.” Made of plastic, fullips comes in three shapes (small oval, medium oval, and large round), so at least one size will give you the perfect plump! The results “typically last 2 to 4 hours, so think of fullips like lipstick—to keep the best look, you need to re-touch,” according to the manufacturer. Ready for a kiss? 15 FOFs will test this.

To enter to win, comment below by answering the question: When did your lips start thinning?

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{Giveaway} City Lash

City Cosmetics has created an easy-to-use eyelash enhancer, which promises “longer, darker, more dramatic eyelashes in 42 days.” City Lash should last two and half months, according to the manufacturer. The extender’s active ingredient, Myristoyl Pentapeptide, helps stimulate keratin production, creating a natural growth effect that “looks better than traditional makeup.” With a twice-a-day application to the “base of your upper eyelashes,” will this become your new favorite part of your beauty regimen? 1 FOF will win.

To enter, answer the question: When did your eyelashes become dull?

P.S. The manufacturer says City Lash “can be safely used on eyebrows to increase thickness.”

1 FOF will win. (See official rules, here.) Contest closes October 8, 2013 at midnight E.S.T. Contest limited to residents of the continental U.S.

A summer soiree in NYC!

Untitled-1 (2)
Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Sip elegant Tatratea cocktails, enjoy tasty hors d’oeuvres, and learn about a new and revolutionary age-defying beauty secret, called the Circ Cell Transdermal Infusion Facial.

One lucky FOF will win an Island Bliss Pedicure valued at $40.

Haven Spa
150 Mercer Street, New York
6 p.m. to 8 p.m.


Tickets to the Summer Soiree for you and a guest are complimentary, but we also invite you to take advantage of one of Haven Spa’s special offers, just for FOFs.

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Best CC Cream For Women Over 50

Remember when BB creams were the beauty buzzword? Now cosmetic companies are taking it up a letter with the CC cream.  First launched in Hong Kong by Rachel K cosmetics in 2011, CC creams contain all the benefits of BB creams, but claim to provide more coverage, targeting an issue particularly relevant to FOFs–uneven skintone. We spoke to two beauty experts, Tracey Brown who sings the praises of CC creams and Dana Ramos, who thinks it’s a marketing gimmick. Now, we want you to tell us what you think.

Read the interviews below, then, enter to win Stem Cellular Repair CC Cream by Juice Beauty by answering this question in the comments below: What’s your most bothersome skin issue?

What exactly is a CC cream?

Tracey: CC stands for color correcting.  Cosmetic companies have taken the BB Cream and added more property to it, so it makes skin look better by adding more coverage.

Dana: CC creams and BB creams are essentially the same thing–it’s a basic makeup product [tinted moisturizer] with added ingredients to make it more effective. Each company has their own list of added ingredients: some contain peptides, others contain glycolic acid, etc.

So there’s no difference between BB creams and CC creams?

Tracey: BB cream doesn’t have properties to fix your skin discoloration. The CC cream ingredients and properties help even out your skin tone, age spots, acne scars, and hyperpigmentation.

Dana: I don’t see a difference except that CC creams may be more effective in evening out skin tone, whereas BB creams are targeted more toward improving the skin overall–but you will find they each have some of the same ingredients.

What skin issues do CC creams treat?

Tracey: Dry skin, sun damage, acne, aging skin and shiny or oily skin.

Dana: They might make your skin look better when used as makeup, but you’d get that same effect from products that don’t call themselves CC. You might get some sun protection if your CC cream has SPF. But really, you’re getting a little bit of things that are good for your skin, but not to the point that its going to make any real difference.

Before and after one application of Rachel K CC Cream (src: VanityRouge.com)

What are the benefits of using a CC cream?

Tracey: There are certain things that over fifty skin needs.  Usually our pores are enlarged, we have a bit of sagging going on, we have some fine lines. We need moisture and sunscreen, and our skin tone needs evening out. CC cream treats all of those issues, so instead of layering on 10 different products you can get one cream that treats all of that. It’s a time saver, as well as a money saver.

Dana: CC cream won’t change your skin. The tiny bits of retinol, peptides, or glycolic acid found in CC creams won’t actually do anything.

Can CC creams replace foundation?

Tracey: Yes. I don’t like heavy makeup or foundation. With CC cream your skin is evened out, you look radiant, dewy, and healthy, and thats what the over fifty crowd should be trying for.

Dana: I’m all for women who say, ‘I like the way CC creams feel and look as makeup.’ I just want them to understand that they’re not getting any skin benefits other than SPF and coverage.

Would you recommend CC cream to women over fifty?

Tracey: I recommend CC creams, 100% percent. I think they are really beautiful. It’s a time and money saver. CC cream is what’s going to help even out your skin tone and make it look clear and bright. It doesn’t look like you have a ton of makeup on. It creates a nice, soft look without being overdone.

Dana: Bottom line: Can it hurt you? No. Can it help you? Probably not. The active ingredients in CC creams contain too small of an amount to really make a difference to your skin.

Juice Beauty has set up an exclusive offer for Fab Over Fifty members! Use code FAB to receive a deluxe Stem Cellular Repair Eye Treatment gift with any order of $45 or more from www.juicebeauty.com. Offer expires January 31st, 2013.

Tracey recommends…


Tracey Brown is a beauty expert based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is the owner of Brown Beauty Consulting, a boutique marketing firm and editor-in-chief of Blinging Beauty. After 30 years in the beauty industry as a makeup artist, trainer and skin care expert, and a member of the team that launched Sephora.com, Tracey is now a brand strategist and published journalist, being called upon for her expertise by such mediums as CNN and CBS.

Dana Ramos, author of The Skin Regime is a skin-care enthusiast and writer who lives in Westchester, New York. She’s from California where she obtained a Masters in Professional Writing from USC and wrote screenplays. In addition to creating and writing The Skin Regime book and concept, she writes freelance articles and is working on other books.

Enter to win Stem Cellular Repair CC Cream by Juice Beauty by answering this question in the comments below: What’s your most bothersome skin issue?

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Beauty Secrets From The Bible

As she approached her fifties, Rachelle Weisberger, a long-time painter, cosmetologist and makeup artist, was in Synagogue when a particular line in the Hebrew Bible struck a chord. “And Sarah lived 127 years.” (Genesis 23:1) Fascinated by Sarah’s life and longevity, Rachelle began to investigate.

She spent the next fifteen years studying biblical scriptures, expert commentary, and other ancient texts about the beauty rituals and lives of the women mentioned in the Hebrew Bible. Rachelle’s research resulted in a realization: many timeless lessons about beauty (inner and outer) and aging gracefully could be gleaned from the Bible. “History doesn’t change, human nature hasn’t changed and that is why the Bible is still relevant,” says Rachelle. “These women were very active and involved in their communities well into their elder years and that is why they’re inspirational role models for us.”

Rachelle compiled her research into “Biblical Beauty,” her book which makes the case that “the Bible is a beauty manual like any other.” The chapters in her book each begin with the story of a woman mentioned in the Bible. Each woman’s story inspires a modern beauty lesson. Below, are a few that are specifically relevant to FOFs.


BathshebaSkin Care

Biblical Story: “She [Bathsheba] was typically depicted bathing…with her creamy, porcelain skin…It was during such a moment that King David, Israel’s greatest monarch, first noticed her…David was only thinking of the fate of his soldiers when he glanced down from his perch and saw Bathsheba washing within the walls of an open courtyard. The curves of her naked body shimmering in the moonlight aroused his desire for her.” (Biblical Beauty, p. 5)

Rachelle’s Beauty Lesson: “Today when scientifically advanced skin care products are considered cutting edge, the principles of daily skin care and many ingredients used–from olive oil to honey–are remarkably similar to what a woman like Bathsheba would have incorporated into her beauty regimen. Less can be more. Downsize your beauty routine by choosing a few multifunctional skin care products that are suited to your skin type. Many of these products can be found in health food stores, drugstores and supermarkets.” (Biblical Beauty, p. 9 and p. 12)


DeborahSun Care

Biblical Story: “[Deborah was] a powerful military figure, an important prophet and a judge who settled disputes. When Israelites came to hear her judgements, they met under a palm tree, which became known as ‘the date palm of Deborah.’ It’s possible that the wise choices Deborah made in settling everyday problems extended to protecting her skin as well. Deborah must have realized that the hot, dry Middle Eastern climate could damage her skin, leaving it rough, dry and wrinkled.” (Biblical Beauty, p. 27-28)

Rachelle’s Beauty Lesson: “A hot, sunny day isn’t the only time to be proactive about the sun. Unlike UVB rays, UVA rays are equally potent year-round and at all times of the day. An overcast day isn’t an excuse to let your guard down since 80 percent of the sun’s rays penetrate clouds…If you had to select only one skin care product for your entire beauty routine what would it be? If preventing premature lines, wrinkles and discoloration is important, the answer should be sunscreen.” (Biblical Beauty, p. 31-32)


SarahHealthy Aging

Biblical Story: “Sarah exemplified how someone well into her advanced years could be regarded as a stalwart community and spiritual leader and, at the same time, maintain her extraordinary beauty. Throughout her astonishing lifetime of 127 years, Sarah emanated vitality and natural radiance, along with mental and emotional well-being…At 65, she still attracted influential admirers, including Egypt’s Pharaoh, and, later, the Philistine King of Gerar.” (Biblical Beauty, p. 119-120)

Rachelle’s Beauty Lesson: “In contemporary times, reaching Sarah’s age is not an unrealistic goal. As the number of men and women living 110 years or more grows, these supercentenarians have become an invaluable resources for scientific investigation into longevity…Diet for the health-conscious person represents a gateway to revitalization and longevity–and a way of life. Many scientists believe that foods high in minerals, vitamins, fiber and phytonutrients work synergistically to promote health and lower disease risk…Two powerful antioxidants that have been called anti-aging miracles are resveratrol and quercetin, both found in red wine, which are being investigated for their disease-fighting features.” (Biblical Beauty, p. 119-120)

More beauty secrets can be found in Rachelle’s book, Biblical Beauty ($18.95, paperback, Anbern Press).

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{Beauty} How to choose a mirror that best reflects you


We often overlook the mirror as a beauty routine essential, yet, we can’t stop looking at it, while we apply our makeup, fix our hair and get dressed, every day (and for some of us–multiple times a day). Bruce Grieve, President and Chief Executive of Jerdon Style, one of the leading cosmetic mirror manufacturers (they outfit many of the world’s top hotels, resorts and cruise lines) is championing to get the mirror the recognition it deserves. “Women reportedly spend about $100 per month on cosmetics,” says Bruce. “It only makes sense to get the right kind of mirror that let’s you see what you’re applying and whether or not it’s delivering the benefits you’re seeking.”

In fact, it makes perfect sense since as we get older, our vision for details isn’t what it used to be and the proper mirror becomes even more vital to looking our best. Here, Bruce shares his secrets for selecting the mirror that will best reflect your lifestyle and ensure you leave the house FOFlawless!


1. Choose the “right” magnification:
“Jerdon mirrors range from no magnification to 15X and everything in between. Magnification is a personal preference, depending on how closely you want to see things.” says Bruce. “As you would expect, the higher the magnification, the closer the view. The most popular magnification is around 8x or 5x but that’s only a guideline. Again, it’s best to pick a level that accommodates your desire for detail and how well you see without corrective lenses. Something many people do not realize is that magnification can help those who typically wear glasses or contacts. By simply picking the right level of magnification, you can get a clear view without trying to apply makeup around your eyewear or putting in contact lenses.”


2. Check your light source:
“You wouldn’t paint a room with the lights off,” says Bruce. “So why would you make up your face with less than ideal lighting? If you are doing your makeup in a room that doesn’t have good natural light, lighted magnification mirrors can add extra brightness. With lighted mirrors, there are several types to choose from: halo lights (which surround the entire mirrored surface) or mirrors with bulbs mounted along the sides. If you want a lighted mirror, the lighting choice is again mostly a matter of personal preference and the level of brightness in the room where you typically do your makeup. Ideally, you would like as much light as possible but not so much that it creates a glare.


3. Where will your mirror “live”?
“There’s yet another variable to think about when choosing mirrors,” says Bruce. “Do you want it on a tabletop (vanity) or wall-mounted? If your table or counter isn’t the right height or you want more of a hotel-feel, you might opt for a wall mounted mirror. If you do your makeup at a vanity you’d probably choose a table-top style. Jerdon has wall mounted or table top mirrors in all different magnifications, lighted and non-lighted. Furthermore, people now look at mirrors as a decorative element, so over the years, we have added all sorts of styles and finishes.” According to Bruce, the popular finishes these days include polished or brushed nickel. However, bronze and chrome remain popular, too. Jerdon also offers different shapes including oval, traditional round and square.


4. Work that mirror: zoom in, zoom out!
“Most Jerdon magnification mirrors are dual sided,” says Bruce. “One side is magnified, which is especially good for applying eye makeup (some of our models even include a 15X magnification insert best for the most detailed procedures). The other side is zero magnification and the reflection appears exactly the same dimension as your face. Before you leave the house, you’ll want to flip to zero magnification to get the complete picture and see how the rest of the world is going to see you.”


5. Ask yourself: “where am I going?”
“The kind of lighting you have in your office is different than the light you have in your house and also different than natural daylight,” says Bruce. “Some of our models allow lighting adjustments to mimic outdoor, evening and office lighting so you can preview how you will look in different environments. Lastly, you certainly don’t want to drop proper grooming habits when you’re on the road–so consider purchasing a compact, magnified travel mirror. They fold down nicely to fit easily into purses or luggage.”

To learn more or purchase a Jerdon mirror visit: http://www.jerdonstyle.com/

 images: Jerdon Style, Old Hollywood Glamour

{Beauty} Beauty Secrets of FOF Models

Who better to ask for beauty secrets then FOF models? Come on, these ladies are paid to look gorgeous. Here 3 beauties share their best tips.

Beverly Johnson / Age: 59

In 1974 Beverly made history as the first black model to be featured on the cover of Vogue. Following her Vogue shoot, was recruited by Eileen Ford to be represented by the Ford Agency. From there she landed modeling jobs at Glamour, Elle, hundreds of other top magazines. Today, at 59 she is back with Ford Agency. The “modelpreneur” also has her own haircare line sold at Target, authored a beauty book and most recently has her own reality show, “Beverly’s Full House” on Oprah’s OWN network. The New York Times named her one of the “20th century’s most influential people in fashion.”

1. You can look like a million bucks without spending a fortune.
“I’m a big drugstore products junkie. Presently, I’m liking this Pantene Pro-V ‘Shine’ Conditioner. For skincare, RoC has some really beautiful products. They’re not super, super pricey but they are high-end.”

2. Dress the way you feel.
“When I was younger I was very self-consciously sophisticated. Now, I dress the way I feel. I’ll wear shorter skirts or cheetah print. My girlfriend and I go out and dress alike, that’s how bold we are. People say, ‘Do you two know you’re wearing the same dress?’ And we say, ‘Uh huh!’”

3. Read fashion and beauty magazines for inspiration, but not to compare yourself.
“I read magazines for ideas. I’ll see they’re doing this kind of vest now and not this kind… Looking at them is not punishment anymore. I don’t look at them and say, ‘Ohmigod I used to be that thin.’”

4. You don’t necessarily have to hit the gym to get a great workout.
“I work with my trainer, Tanya Evans, via Skype. She’s so fabulous, she’s one of those people who stays on the cutting edge of everything. She was a former Ms. Fitness and she really knows the woman’s body. And she can see everything on Skype. I can’t cheat!”


Susan Hersh / Age: 50

As a teen Susan Hersh idolized supermodel Twiggy and as a young adult worked in fashion under designers Calvin Klein and Norma Kamali. In her 30s Susan was discovered by a model scout while she was sitting in a California coffee shop but passed on the opportunity. In her 40s, when she was scouted for a second time–this time by Ford Modeling Agency–she accepted. “I was starting to think, maybe it’s my calling–it just keeps coming back to me,” she says. Since then, you may have seen Susan’s face grace issues of O Magazine, Good Housekeeping, and Macy’s, Sephora, Nordstrom and Target ads. She was also the “face” of Silver Expressions for Pantene and walked the runway for Barney’s. “I’ve had a pretty good run,” she says.

1. Splurge on your sunscreen.
“I use Kiehl’s Vital Sun Protection SPF40 for my body and Kiehl’s Super Fluid UV Defense 50+ on my face. It’s not cheap, but, in the summer I’ll have suntan lotion on my skin sometimes for up to ten hours–I have to make sure it doesn’t make me break out.”

2. Use Moroccan Oil in your hair.
This product is amazing. I put it on after I blow dry my hair. You don’t need that much. It’s a miracle product–it immediately makes it soft, shiny, luxurious and contained.”

3. Eat green, leafy vegetables.
I eat kale, brussel sprouts, broccoli rabe, swiss chard, zucchini and string beans. I rotate all of my vegetables. I steam them instead of boiling them to keep in the nutrients that are so beneficial to your health and beauty.

4. Just come to terms with the fact you’re aging already.
“We cannot chase beauty our entire lives. You can have your eyes done and a facelift and everything else and still not feel satisfied. At this age, it’s time to come to terms with the fact you are aging and may have flaws.”


Robin Bobbé / Age: 60

In 1999, at age 47, Robin Bobbé married a photographer and the two ran a successful commercial photography business together for print advertising. Later, she honed in on what she liked best–casting–and started to do that full time. When an agent looking for new faces of the 50+ market asked if she knew of anyone, Robin thought, “why not me?” This year, at age 60 she went pro with her first gig modeling for a pharmaceutical company ad campaign.

1. Start your workout before you get to the gym.
“I go to the gym every day and alternate what I do there–yoga, weights, etc. But, as a warm up I ride my bike to the gym.”

2. Use tinted moisturizer, instead of foundation.
“I use Kiehl’s Tinted Moisturizer because I get good coverage from it. I think when you’re older you really have to be careful about not using too much product. You don’t want to look pasty and made up plus, foundation can go into your lines and make them more pronounced.”

3. Good genes.
No secret here. “I have a little gray but not much. My mother at 87 years old [her hair] just went white.”

4. Beauty starts internally.
“There’s sunblock, there’s Cetaphyl but to me it’s all about self-discovery. Without that, there’s no beauty. At 60, I’m discovering for the first time who I am. I was feeling very stagnant, I didn’t know what do with myself. My therapist said to me you must try new things…and I did. I started writing, I tried yoga and I took a sewing class. I became more confident–and to me, confident people always look more beautiful.”

Best BB Cream For Women Over 50

BB creams are the latest trend to hit the beauty industry. A craze in Asia for the past twenty years (Korea Herald editors refer to it as “the secret of Korean actresses”), Western beauty companies are now marketing the product to U.S. consumers as the one stop solution for all of your skin needs. Advertised as a moisturizer, primer, foundation, and sunblock in one, is it possible that BB creams can do it all…and do it all well? Or are marketers laying it on thick? Beauty expert Lois Joy Johnson weighs in.

Five lucky FOFs will try Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream. Enter to win by leaving a comment below.


What exactly are BB creams?
Beauty Balms or Blemish Balms are really just super tinted moisturizers. Some have a little bit more coverage than others, some come in one universal shade, others come in a light, medium, dark palette and some target aging skin with brighteners. Most actually work well as makeup primers to tint, hydrate, and add ‘slip,’ which makes liquid and cream foundations easier to apply and blend. Some give skin a dewy look, others give skin a matte look. Some are super-sheer, others have a little more coverage. Some have a higher level of sunscreen–if you’re over fifty, and you have sun damage, the ones with SPF are the most beneficial.

Who do BB creams work best for?
I think they’re a good option if you like a lightweight, non-made up look and feel, if you have nearly perfect skin due to amazing genes or careful lifelong sun protection, or if you use a self-tanner. A faux tan blurs skin discoloration, so you won’t need more than a tinted moisturizing cream for a boost.  If your skin is naturally darker, and more even in tone (you don’t have a lot of discoloration) BB creams would probably make you pretty happy.

You mentioned that some BB creams contain brighteners for aging skin–can they also help other skin issues, like wrinkles, redness or under-eye circles?
Some so-called BB creams help these issues, and some of them don’t. BB creams are really not any more miraculous than a lot of stuff that’s already out there, but I do think that several are suitable for mature skin. (Click slideshow below to see Lois’ BB cream recommendations.)




Where did BB creams originate?
The original BB creams were prescribed by dermatologists and plastic surgeons, primarily in Asia, and were designed to treat and soothe skin post laser surgery. These new, so-called BB creams riff on the original, but each one has it’s own combination of ingredients.

Are there certain ingredients that these creams have to be labeled “BB creams?”
You don’t need some seal of approval. You can slap the BB cream label on anything you want. It’s just a term, meaning Beauty or Blemish Balm. There’s no secret to it. Think of it the same way you see diversity in lipstick textures and ingredients.

So if someone over fifty came to you and asked if you recommend they use a BB cream, what would you say?
By the time you reach 50, your face is dealing with pigmentation issues–brown spots, dark circles, broken capillaries, rosacea, loss of pigment, as well as sagging, loss of firmness, lines and wrinkles, and dryness.  There is no one product that is going to solve everything. Most women over fifty are looking for long-term treatment and performance, as well as short-term instant visible improvement.  I think, overall, that BB creams are a good option to play with but are certainly not a miracle. It’s smart marketing!

Lois Joy Johnson is a leading expert on style and beauty and the author of Great Hair After 50: A Vibrant Nation Guide and The Makeup Wakeup, a critically acclaimed guide to looking fabulous at any age. She’s the former Beauty and Fashion Director of MORE magazine. Her new book, The Wardrobe Wakeup will be available in December 2012.

Five FOFs will win. (See all our past winners, here.) (See official rules, here.) Contest closes July 5th, 2012 at midnight E.S.T.

The best eye makeup of your life

“If you’re over fifty and you’re not wearing eye makeup, you should be.”
–Beauty Expert Lois Joy Johnson, The FOF Beauty Bash

FOF makeup artist Sandy Linter has been helping models and celebs look gorgeous for three decades. In her book, The Makeup Wakeup–co-authored with beauty editor Lois Joy Johnson–she brilliantly demystifies her techniques. At this year’s FOF Beauty Bash, she took it one step further, and created the perfect eye-makeup look, live, on a real FOF woman.

Watch this video from the event and then tell us what you think.  Could you create this look at home?

The Best Eye Makeup Of Your Life from faboverfifty on Vimeo.

1.  Use a 10x magnifying mirror.

2.  Do your eye makeup first–before you do anything else, including your foundation.

3.  Use a primer or oil-free concealer on your lids–it will help you eye makeup stay in place.

4.  Hold your eyelid skin taught and apply black pencil along the upper lash line, in short strokes, from the outside in. Line the bottom lashline as well, and stop at the center of the lower lid, right below your pupil.

5.  Don’t line the inner corners of your eyes.

6.  After applying your pencil, apply liquid liner to your upper lid, right against the lash line.

7.  Define the crease by brushing black or charcoal shadow along your brow bone.

8.  Add concealer to the inner corners of your eyes.

9.  Curl your lashes and apply black mascara.

10.  Keep the lid light–using a color on your lid can actually detract from your eye color.