[GIVEAWAY] KORRES Castanea Arcadia Skincare Sets

KORRES has been making luxurious and effective skincare products in Greece for 20 years, and currently offers over 200 products. Last week, it launched its Castanea Arcadia Wrinkle Rewind collection on HSN, and is generously offering sets of day, night and eye creams to five FabOverFifty women. Each package is valued at $154.50.

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BEAUTY DISCOVERY: An Exceptional Natural Plant Extract That Will Make Your Skin Bloom

Whether or not you’re a QVC or an HSN shopper, you can be sure of at least one thing: The successful home shopping channels do not continually give airtime to a single piece of merchandise unless it sells, and sells, and sells.

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No matter how much one of their buyers might love a product at first–whether it’s a necklace or a handbag; a computer or a cell phone; a outdoor chaise or lawn mower–he or she will drop it like a hot potato if HSN and QVC customers don’t rush to their phones or computers to place orders. In a nutshell, these channels don’t do a single favor for any brand unless the brand is a true customer favorite. (more…)

A Beautiful Mother’s Day Giveaway From Ageless La Cure

To celebrate Mother’s Day 2016 and women everywhere, Ageless La Cure is giving away a set of its luxurious and award-winning skincare products.

Formulated by an exacting team of scientists who marry the power of science with the purity of high-grade, natural ingredients, Ageless La Cure helps repair and rejuvenate your skin on a cellular level, preventing and reversing the signs of aging and giving you that glow you want for the summer! (more…)

[GIVEAWAY] dermaTRUTH Antioxidant Peptide Serum

Standing by its name, dermaTRUTH wants us to ignore beauty industry fads, and focus instead on products that contain scientifically backed ingredients, like its new Antioxidant Peptide Serum.

Dr. DIt seems like every day there is either a new ‘miracle’ ingredient that creates a cult following, or an ‘evil’ ingredient that everyone believes they must avoid. Unfortunately, the marketing claims don’t always match up to the facts,” says Dr. Michelle Calvarese, creator of dermaTRUTH, which has been formulated to help brighten, smooth, soften and lightly moisturize the face.

“The dermaTRUTH formula is a powerful combination of antioxidants and peptides that independent research has demonstrated to have long-term efficacy,” says Dr. Calvarese.spacer (more…)

What We Learned About Your Adult Acne

[POLL] Do You Or Your Kids Suffer From Acne?

It’s always enlightening to learn what other women in our generation are thinking and doing. Most every Thursday, FabOverFifty asks members of our community a series of simple questions about pretty complex issues (and some not so complex issues), then we report the results back to you!



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We Love nügg Face Masks And Are Giving Some Away!

nügg beauty, known as the “Face Mask Authority,” makes affordable single-use face masks to help transform your unique skin.

Each of the seven masks in the nügg beauty collection is formulated for a specific need.



Build Your Own Beauty Empire With Junetics

The $20 billion anti-aging skincare market is thriving, thanks in large part to women like you who are taking advantage of innumerable opportunities to work with fantastic independent brands and create our own businesses.

FabOverFifty is excited to bring one of these opportunities to you today, from Junetics, a smart, energy-powered skincare line using their proprietary E24 Complex, which helps increase cell-to-cell communication to achieve radiant, younger-looking skin. We love the Junetics products (especially its eye cream, which features their own exclusive 5 roller rollerball to make application super effective).

Junetics is now inviting you to join its growing community of Associates, where you become an entrepreneur by selling the Junetics line…on your own schedule!

Sonulase For Face Wrinkles – You Must Own This

If sagging jowls, fine lines around your mouth, and crows feet next to your eyes are bugging you every time you glance in the mirror, it’s probably time to take advantage of one of the beauty industry’s innovative, new facial rejuvenation technologies.

And we mean innovative, as in advanced and powerful, not just some marketing jargon slapped on a fancy jar of cream that promises to make you the “star” of your own version of the movie Benjamin Button. (more…)

FOFace Washing 101

Ask a group of dermatologists for tips on the most effective ways to wash your face, and you’ll likely get a spectrum of opinions. Some swear soap is a no-no for anyone; others say it’s fine for certain complexions. Some say we should use a cleanser only at night, water only in the morning. Others say it’s perfectly fine to apply cleanser in the morning and at night.

The texture and appearance of our skin are as different as our personalities. Betsy has dry, rough skin. Sally’s is smooth and sensitive. And Nancy’s skin is overly oily. So, each woman should choose a cleansing product that works most effectively on her type of complexion. The mind-boggling number of products on the market, however, often makes it impossible to know which one will actually suit us best. (more…)