Help Me Choose My New Readers

Back in the day, I used to wear the same pair of glasses every single day for a couple of years. What was I thinking? Now I have a collection of glasses that I call on to complement my mood and my wardrobe and change up my look. They’re my favorite accessories, and when I heard about a website called with over 600 frames, most under $20, I knew there’d be no stopping me.

Help me choose the glasses that look best on me. I’m planning to buy the three styles that get the most votes.

Cast your vote below!

Do I look like a star in the color purple?

Cat eye shape and leopard print for the tiger in me. Spring-loaded temples.

If I can’t be in the Caribbean, at least I can wear glasses that look as colorful.

Orange is my favorite color. Spring-loaded temples let them keep their shape.

Attention getters or forget them?
Temples are white.

Smart or go to the back of the class?

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Art Collecting Doesn’t Need A Rulebook

I have a personal connection with each piece of art hanging on the walls of my apartment. The five black and white photographs surrounding our bed depict street scenes from Paris and New York, my two favorite cities. A single French artist created all eight whimsical lithographs and original watercolors hanging in the hall, which I purchased at a charming French gallery over a number of years. Paintings by our daughters, when they were in grade school, proudly hang in the living room, as does an original collage by my former husband.

I love looking up from my computer and seeing one of the paintings or pausing to stare at the deserted Paris street in the morning rain, right before I crawl into bed for the night. The works of art are my friends, always ready to make me smile. Often, first-time visitors to my home comment on how much they love my art collection, which also gives me a little thrill.

Each of us uniquely chooses the artwork we hang in our home. Some of my friends only want paintings that match the colors and style of their furnishings. They wouldn’t think of hanging a modern piece in their traditionally furnished living room. Others only wish to display photographs and wouldn’t dream of introducing a color photo to a wall filled with black and white creations.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to collecting art. You might choose works by-up-and coming artists from around the world or stick with recognized names; perhaps you prefer a few major pieces or many smaller works, original oils or lithographs in pen and ink, florals or abstracts.

You needn’t be a world traveler, have barrels of money or a degree in an art history to own beautiful artwork. You can relax in the comfort of your home and view hundreds of magnificent creations that are priced for any budget and personal taste. I’ve discovered an enthralling on-line gallery that will capture your imagination and attention for hours. Click here to start your tour.

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