Step Up To The Bar(s)

You will not have to study the list of ingredients, and their nutritional value, in these Eat Like A Woman energy bars.

That’s because they’re the first and only bars prepared especially for us, that can provide lasting energy for women-on-the-go who want delicious guilt-free nutrition. Staness Jonekos, health advocate and author, personally selected every single ingredient (from organic peanut and almond butter to gluten-free rice cereal) with our needs in mind, because we metabolize food and lose weight very differently than men, and really shouldn’t be eating the same bars as they do.


8 Foods That Make You Happy

Seems like every week we hear about the newfound benefits of another range of foods. It’s dizzying trying to keep pace with the latest culinary pronouncements. Each one of these eight foods has shown up on one list or another throughout the years, but besides being good for us, they’ve been scientifically proven to help boost our mood. What could be better than eating food that’s beneficial for our bodies as well as our minds?

Foods with high quantities of magnesium, such as peanuts and peas, are incredibly important in helping your body to make energy. Try tossing some in a salad or making a big pot of vegetarian bean chili to get your fix.


7 Foods That Make You Sad

We all know we should generally steer clear of certain foods—but many of them do more than just affect our physical health. They can also affect our mental state. These popular foods could leave us feeling sad and sluggish. Are a few minutes of joy worth the after effects?

Because caffeine affects your sleep patterns, it also affects your mood, and can increase anxiety and nervousness.