{Tested} Kiss My Itch Goodbye

Itching for relief?

Last month, we asked you what causes your skin to itch. We heard all sorts of answers, from dry weather and skin allergies, to poison ivy and bug bites. Then, we asked 20 FOFs to try Kiss My Itch Goodbye ($9 for 2oz), a potential scratching savior!

The special patented formula is made with grape seed oil, shea butter, and other natural ingredients. It works best when applied right after showering, according to the manufacturer.


{Tested} Essence of Vali Soothing Sleep Gift Box

A few months ago, we asked you to test Essence of Vali’s Soothing Sleep Gift Box. Is a great night of sleep just a box away? The reviews are in, and the price of the set is now only $54!

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{Tested} EstroAide Naturel

A few months ago, we asked FOFs why they wanted to try EstroAide Naturel Unique Menopausal Symptom Relief & Bone Health Support ($29.45 for 30 tablets).  The reviews are in! See what they have to say below.