How To Maintain Joint Health

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After working out with Vann recently, I felt stiffness in my left knee when I walked up and down stairs. Uh oh. What’s going on inside that knee? What causes me to have occasional joint stiffness, and besides, what’s a joint anyway?

Vann told me to take it easy on the knee and instructed me to do a specific stretching exercise, which eased the stiffness rather quickly. But I wanted to learn more about my joints, so I called Osteo Bi-Flex, which manufactures a broad line of supplements for joint health. I’d been seeing their TV commercials a lot lately, and we had started to work with the brand because joint, bone and health concerns surely can impact our lives. (more…)

How To Combat Acid Indigestion Naturally

It’s likely you or someone you know has experienced acid indigestion, more commonly known as heartburn.lead


When Pain Relievers Can Cause More Harm Than Good

As we age, we’re naturally prone to more aches and pains. While acetaminophen and ibuprofen are available at minimal prices, and Americans consume billions of doses of the two drugs each year, they can pose major risks to your overall health.  But do you really know what effects they can have on your body?

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