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Would a brow lift be less invasive, but just as effective as having my droopy eyelids worked on? I already have dry eye – I’ve heard eyelid surgery can exacerbatet the situation. Also, is it less costly.

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I am looking for some prices on breast lifts and implants around my area because I had my first consultation and I was not pleased with the ridiculous pricing the place had.

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How long to quit smoking before and after tummy tuck?

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Would microdermabrasion or a chemical peel help eliminate smoker’s wrinkles?

Linda Lewis

I work with entrepreneurs to provide them with protection for their brands, services and products by evaluating their intellectual property (brands, designs, inventions) and helping them register trademarks and copyrights, or acquire patent coverage of their inventions. I also provide guidance in starting up their businesses.

I work with small or solo inventors to guide them through the patent process and help them to reduce or delay costs when applying for patents. Delaying costs can provide an entrepreneur with more time to make an informed business decision whether to pursue the product, because the opportunity continues to look promising, or to terminate the project before incurring more costs, because the opportunity is not working out.

I work with entrepreneurs to help them prioritize their spending on intellectual property. Trademark registration can be delayed, but filing patent applications cannot be delayed.

Valorie Albertini

Albertini International, created by long-time beauty expert Valorie Albertini, conceptualizes solutions which address specific beauty problems experienced by women aged 45+. After Valorie discovered a change in her own skin she began talking with her friends and clients about how their own skin was changing as they aged and learned that our hormonal fluctuations result in dryness and other changes. Her innovative products are created to respond to our specific concerns.

Divine Skin Hydrator, applied in the shower or immediately following a shower, holds moisture in the skin for 24 hours. Other products include Tint Plus, a tinted moisturizer (20spf) and exfoliator;  Warm Love Pumpkin Mask and Rough Love Body Scrub.

Skin Care for: Women Old Enough to Know and Young Enough to Care!