Debbie Sherrie

I am a Career and Life Transition Coach with expertise in helping job seekers identify and communicate what makes them unique, memorable, and marketable in their career fields. I also am certified in “New Horizons – mapping your life options,” which helps mature workers refocus and rebalance their lives as they consider– and design–retirement options.

As a consultant for over 15 years with international talent development and outplacement companies, I have a personalized coaching style and ask laser questions that inspire clients to be who they are and take their next step with confidence. I’ve been through my own transitions, both personally and professionally, that include a sales and marketing background at IBM and corporate communications experience at Wells Fargo.

As a Certified Toastmaster and Reiki Practitioner, I believe in the power of self confidence and positive energy!

Rita Neill

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New PS Question on 11/01/2014 from

I am 36yoa, 5’3″, 131lb athletic frame female. I had breast augmentation surgery several years ago and am unhappy with the size (34DD). My implants are saline, not sure of the profile, and are about 400cc. Initially, I requested to be a ‘full C’…but ended up with a much larger result. Additionally, I feel like my implants rest too low on my chest wall. I feel saggy, and matronly, and would like a reduction surgery.

Corliss McGinty

Women confront special issues in their lives, including care-taking for others, but not themselves; being too trusting; appearing weak when they ask for opinions; and appearing too aggressive if they make their voices heard.

Soft Solutions works with these soft skills and issues through individual coaching, workshops and retreats. Corliss McGinty is a certified life coach and career practitioner, with  25 years experience in HR, so she knows people! She can help with your people issues, whether they’re in your business, where you work, or personal.

Give us a call at (336) 272-7940 to see if we can help you get clear!

New PS Question on 11/03/2014 from

Hello I had tummy tuck done four months ago I am 42 yr mother of five 5″7 187 pounds. My tuck looked great after eight weeks then it start to swell and then naval started to Adrian my doc cut a piece of rotten flesh it out.He said it would self heal. Now four months later my stomach is back fat I have sharp pain and my naval stretched open and dripping pus I also had dark spots that has appeared on my tummy looks like bruises