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I have gained and lost a lot weight over the years. I had gastric bypass in 1999 starting at 314 and got down to 170 lbs and have maintained that for the most part until the last 2 years since I have been taking breast cancer medicine (ARIMIDEX for 10 yrs). A side effect is weight gain and I sure did. I put on 15 lbs and am now 185 lbs. My question is—is it appropriate to have a full body plastic surgery—I need face lift, neck, breasts, hips, and BIG TIME need leg lift and lipo etc. Big legs, thighs, calves, ankles run in our family on the women. All of my dads 8 sisters had big legs. When I weighed 135 lbs my legs were still big. I am 5 ft 3 and just turned 64. Prob. too old for all of this—but I used to be attractive (told beautiful by many) and I miss feeling attractive. HELP!

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I have rheumatoid disease, would I be able to have fillers for jowls or lines?

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I am on Xarelto and am going to have eyelid surgery.. I will be off Xarelto for 36 hours before and 72 hours after. I have a-Fib, are my risks too great?

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Hi, I’ve had three episodes of Bells Palsy & the eye on the side of the face that was affected droops a lot. It’s much more pronounced in the last 12-18 months. Is this something that, in general, insurance companies support? And how should I go about selecting a surgeon…what specialty? Thanks!

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What are the side effects of tummy tuck surgery?

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Are there situations where insurance will cover or partially cover eyelid reduction. If so what are the parameters that must be met and does the process start with a visit to the optometrist?

Mary Miller

My story is about returning to a small town in eastern Tennessee for the love of family, old architecture and doing business locally. I have a women’s shoe store with health and wellness products, beautiful handmade jewelry, bath and body collections and home decor. My goal is offer beautiful product and a unique, urban chic shopping experience, with a small town atmosphere, right on Main Street. This “shop local” experience creates warmth, charm and a creative energy that invites women to come in, relax and shop in comfort!

Shoes are a tricky business. There is so much transition as Baby Boomers hang up their heels and look for travel-inspired, stylish shoes that will take them everywhere and go with everything in comfort and confidence, with a new urban/country elegance. It is really the beginning of a new era in women’s shoes for about 60 million of us. There is so much to share about just the right fit and style for each customer, a more complete shopping experience in a small town setting.

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Can you have breast lift, augmentation, and full tummy tuck if you have medication controlled type 2 diabetes and psoriasis?

Susan Street

The Vintage Jewelry Supplies Company Inc. has been serving jewelry designers since 1989 as their major source for brass stamping components plated in rich antique patinas, including oxidized sterling silver, brass and copper. We also offer many items in raw brass for artists who wish to add their own patinas. Many of the pieces we feature are still made from the original dies inspired by the Victorian period and created in the late 1800’s.

We are a retail and website business and ship worldwide. Most of our products are made in the USA but we also offer many exquisite, German-made filigree pieces as well as vintage Bavarian glass., a teaching site created by Susan Street, the owner of the company and a professional designer, will help and inspire you to create jewelry with a style all its own.

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Mary Walkley

LegalShield wants to create a world where everyone can access legal protection and everyone can afford it. Simply put, LegalShield provides confidence and peace of mind for families and businesses everywhere. For one low monthly fee, our members gain access to quality law firms without having to worry about high hourly costs. Because our attorneys are all paid in advance, they provide the same level of service for trivial or traumatic legal situations.