Leslie Stager, PhD

Office Zen, Organizational Psychology and Development, a business consulting service from Leslie Stager, PhD, strives to make your group or department work efficiently and smoothly without the unnecessary conflict that obstructs the achievement of organizational goals.

Dr. Stager teases out the underlying issues of groups that struggle to perform at their best due to poor communication, unsupportive structures, unsuitable processes, unclear tasks or personality conflicts.

If you want a quick fix, short-term solution, or an off-the-shelf product, Office Zen is not the firm for you. Dr. Stager facilitates a proven process of development that adapts to any situation because it involves listening to thoughts, feelings, and opinions. The process encourages a group’s unique expertise, knowledge, and experience. The group owns the problem, drives the process, and implements the solution. Dr. Stager ensures the progress of the process with the goal for the group to adjust itself to changes in the future.

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