Set Your Sights On Six Sexy Black Friday & Cyber Monday Specials!

It’s always the right time to try something new in the bedroom.

And, you can get started now by taking advantage of amazing Black Friday specials (up to 70% off bestselling items) from LELO, the world leader in luxury intimate lifestyle products. So surprise your partners (and close friends) with some extra-special gifts! Here are six of our favorites, but don’t forget to visit to view all the great buys.


Bridal Pleasure Set
($65.70, regularly $219)

Perfect for any bride, or an adventurous girlfriend, this set includes a waterproof NOA massager, Silk Pearl blindfold, and pearl-studded teaser whip. Just because the products are all white doesn’t mean to have to be angelic!


ORA 2 ($141.75, regularly $189)

Simulating his tongue during oral sex, this award-winning device will help you reach orgasm before, during, or after intercourse. Use it with your man, or alone. Featuring 10 stimulation patterns that surge when pressed against the skin, it’ll be the tool you’ll never want to put away.

“The newly enhanced pleasure nub rotates and vibrates, like a tongue, but better. And, the SenseTouch technology increases the intensity of the vibrations as more pressure is applied,” says LELO.

($132.30, regularly $189)

You and your man will love PINO because it will encourage his erection, and keep it harder than ever, while the upper portion rubs against you for clitoral stimulation. “It feels so great on the skin, and my lady loves when I massage her with it during foreplay. It has really upped our love-making experience,” says Brandon.

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How To Choose The Right Vibrator

As we age, our libidos and sex lives come under attack from physical and emotional forces, including weight gain, hormonal fluctuations, illnesses, changes after surgeries and medications. It just may be time to bring a new “pal” into the bedroom to help reignite your passions.

FabOverFifty has partnered with LELO, the world leader in intimate lifestyle products, to showcase five of its bestselling luxury toys that can bring you renewed excitement, whether you’re solo or have a partner. Happily, masturbation is no longer a “dirty word.” Anything but!




Shaped like “the caress of a lover’s fingers”, this vibrator includes two arms, one to massage your clitoris and another to stimulate the G-spot. This dual-action sensation creates a “blended climax,” according to LELO. “After cervical cancer with chemo, radiation and brachytherapy you strongly believe that your feelings of pleasure and orgasms are over. Not with the Ina Wave,” says reviewer Cecilia.



This egg-shaped device stimulates your clitoris during solo play, and can also be nestled between you and your partner during sex. Its eight stimulation patterns will help you “explore endless pleasure,” LELO says. LILY 2 comes in three colors, all with different scents: Lavender & Manuka Honey, Rose & Wisteria, and Bordeaux & Chocolat. It may be small and discreet, but boy, this device is powerful!

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How To Get The Passion Back In Your Sex Life

Remember when you were so intensely attracted to a man (or woman), the simple touch of his fingers on your neck or bare arm would make you come close to orgasm?

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Time To Tune Into Remote-Controlled Sex

Is your sex life stagnating, or dare we say, a thing of the past? If you answered yes to either situation, you and your partner might want to consider taking new sexual sexual journeys using the smart–and effective–devices from LELO, the world leader in intimate lifestyle products.

Remote-controlled toys are among the hottest today because they can help you react to intimate moments quickly and easily, without fumbling around. You or your partner simply take the control, and away you go! An amazing new app, called Remoji, even lets you control your intimate toys from your phone.

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Do You Enjoy Regular Sex?



“Been there, done that,” you’re saying to yourself, about the last question. OK, so you’re not a sexual dynamo.

Not a problem. Bet you didn’t know, however, that sex ranks right up there when it comes to maintaining your general health. “Women who have regular sex have less depression, cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease. And those with poorer health have less sex. The two clearly are intertwined,” asserts Dr. Alyssa Dweck, a New York doctor who has dropped the obstetrical part of her obstetrics-gynecology practice to concentrate on the feminine sexual health of her aging patients. (more…)

6 Sensual Devices To Start Using On Valentine’s Day (And Forever More)

It’s never too late to try something new in the bedroom!

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we thought we’d check out the latest and greatest from LELO, the world leader in intimate lifestyle products. Use this romantic holiday to liven up your sex life and keep things hot, hot, hot!



Do You Have A Difficult Time Getting “In The Mood”?

Remember when you were so physically attracted to someone, all you had to do was think about him, and you’d want to jump into bed? Now, even if you love your husband or partner with all your heart, it’s not quite so easy getting “in the mood,” is it?

A recent FabOverFifty poll of 300 women, 45+,
revealed that a whopping 54 percent of you have a difficult time–sometimes or often–getting aroused or in the mood before intercourse, and 78 percent believe that your sexual experiences would definitely improve
if you were “more aroused” before sex.


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9 Gifts To Spice Up Your Sex Life

introThis holiday season, get him (and yourself) gifts that will make your sex life hot, hot, HOT! Check out these nine gifts from LELO, the world leader in intimate lifestyle products. It’s okay to be a little adventurous this year!

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Evolve Your Sex Life After 50 With The Tiani 24k

Your sex life is about to get a little more luxe in the new year!

Sex devices are more sophisticated than ever. Consider the new TIANI 24k, a couples’ massager with a heart of gold! LELO, the world leader in intimate lifestyle products, has evolved the TIANI series to its fourth generation, not only by giving it more power and features, but by jazzing it up with a 24-karat gold ring that features a unique serial code, just for you and your partner.

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6 Reasons You MUST Masturbate

Fifty-nine percent of women in a recent FabOverFifty poll don’t think they masturbate or have sex frequently enough. Time to move that percentage way down. Here are six incentives to make masturbation an essential part of your life.

To reconnect with your partner: Contrary to what you may have heard, you don’t need to masturbate alone. Masturbation can accelerate a sexual experience with your partner, and he or she will probably love the idea, too!