40% Of Women Have Done WHAT While They Were Married?!


Why Masturbation Is Good For Your Health

Susan and her husband of 30 years used to have a pretty good sex life, but ever since he developed prostate problems, they only use their bed for sleeping. “I love Jason dearly, but often miss this part of our relationship. It used to make me feel so good.”


“Having a sex life is important, whether you’re married or not,” says Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus, director of the Medical Center for Female Sexuality in Purchase, NY. “It’s important for your sense of self, whether you’re having sex with someone else or with yourself.”


Why You MUST Masturbate!

If you want to talk masturbation and vibrators…

…you can’t find a better person to interview than Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus, who wrote her dissertation on women and vibrator use while earning her Doctor of Philosophy in human sexuality from the Institute of Advanced Study of Human Sexuality. She also has a Master’s in public health from the same institution, and is a licensed social worker with a Master’s degree from Columbia University.

A founder of the Medical Center for Female Sexuality, Dr. Marcus has served as its director since it was created in 2000. The center’s compassionate and experienced staff is trained specifically in female sexual health and is committed to helping women solve their sexual health challenges.

Read on to learn why the good doctor thinks
so highly of masturbation


What Do Matt Damon And Geri Brin Have In Common?

“I should have done it years ago. It’s amazing I didn’t even want cigarettes anymore.”

Matt Damon [on his experience with hypnosis]

Like Matt, I stopped smoking after being hypnotized, about 30 years ago. I was smoking over two packs a day at that point. The private session lasted about 90 minutes and cost me $250, a hefty sum considering it was 1984. The hypnotist gave me a set of tapes and instructed me to listen to them every night for a few weeks. If they worked as they were supposed to, I’d be able to hypnotize myself, he said. They worked. Even today, I can remember going into a hypnotic state. I kid you not!

I haven’t even held a cigarette between my fingers since that afternoon.

Perhaps I would have stopped without hypnosis. Who knows and who cares? I don’t smoke and that’s what counts.

So I jumped at the chance to interview Colin Christopher, a 39-year-old certified clinical hypnotherapist from Canada, who started using hypnosis and hypnotherapy 15 years ago to help couples reconnect and reignite their waning flames.

Maintaining that sexless relationships are more common than most couples will admit, Colin says that as long as medical issues aren’t to blame, couples can employ many natural techniques to heat things up again. Colin also wrote Success Through Manipulation, which explains what manipulates us in our environment. “You can read each chapter in five to 10 minutes,” he says.

Enjoy my enlightening conversation with Colin.


The 16 Sexiest Women Over 50

Although macho men might disagree, a woman’s sex appeal, at any age, has a lot more to do with her character, confidence and charisma than her boobs, gams and flawless face.

Here are FabOverFifty’s Sexy Sixteen.


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After “taking a lap” through a sex shop in New York City’s West Village, Stacy Rybchin saw a business opportunity—selling sex toys online in a tasteful, upscale fashion. “Where could someone like me buy sex toys without all the nudity and embarrassment?” thought this full-time mother of two boys from Westchester, NY. A few years into her business, Stacy is excited to share her brand, My Secret Luxury, with FOF. Read our interview with Stacy about high quality luxury sex toys and enter for a chance to win the Je Joue MiMi Vibrator!

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Wake up your libido through scent!

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Our sense of smell is primary in attraction. Love oil is a sensuous commodity. As you rub it on your loved one’s skin, the scent merges with your touch. Touch may be a mysterious language but we all desire to “speak” it. Combining scented oil with the perfectness of naked skin exudes erotica.

My husband, Franc, coined the term “smoking me/you” to describe the practice of inhaling your lover’s scent. Try this: Apply a generous amount of love oil to his lips and face, up to his nose. Move in as if you’re about to kiss, so you can feel his breath on your face, then inhale. Close your eyes and focus all your attention on the scent. Notice how it penetrates beyond your conscious thoughts. Take five breaths. Brush your lips on the smooth soft glide of his chin and cheek. With your eyes closed, search for his lips. See if you can feel the moment when your limbic brain begins to fire a burst of neuron activity. See if you can physically notice the moment when your sexual drive is triggered.

Good Clean Love oil scents are exotic and erotic combinations from across the globe. Our formulations use many of the oldest recorded aphrodisiac oils that have been revered for centuries. Not surprisingly many of these exquisite scents has been more valuable than gold for their arousing properties. Each oil combines the sensuous history of faraway lands and exotic aromas, transporting your intimate experience.

It is hard to smoke your lover for very long, before you are compelled to kiss. Love oil turns an ordinary kiss into an extraordinary exchange. Scent enlarges your sensory experience at least ten fold. Lips, tongue, and breath all are magnified within the shadow of aroma. Paying attention to this most precious and private language of intimacy nourishes your relationship in ways that no speaking conversation can. Let the kiss envelop your body. Be generous with love oil all over your lover’s body. Feel the weight of your hand as it glides over curves. Add pressure to the length of a leg. Try only fingertips down the torso. All the time, keep your mind focused on scent. How does your lover’s body smell on the chest, belly, and genitals? Love oil will continue to change all over the body. You will be inhaling different combinations of scent, like notes of music.

Love oil smells differently on everyone who wears it and creates a unique scent bridge between you and your partner. Knowing your relationship through scent is a unique way to reconsider all that you thought you knew and acknowledge all that remains mysterious about the one you love.

–Wendy Strgar, Lovelogist, Good Clean Love

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FOFs rollicking in Toyland

I didn’t start playing with toys until I was FOF. Yep, but these toys aren’t Barbie and her “Dream House.” They’re vibrators, dildos and various other sexual stimulators to pump up my sex life, literally and figuratively. I promise you, they’re as much fun for me now as my mini kitchen was when I was 10.

I read that one of the first vibrators was invented in France in the 1700s (you can always count on the French when it comes to romance.) The American company, Hamilton Beach, patented the first electric vibrator available for consumers in 1902, making it the fifth domestic appliance to be electrified, after the sewing machine, fan, tea kettle, and toaster. As a matter of fact, the electric vibrator predated the vacuum cleaner and electric iron by about a decade (I guess that’s when women really stopped having fun.)

The reason why this simple device has stood the test of time is simple: It works. It stimulates the right parts of our body in ways that fingers, hands, tongues, and even penises, can’t always do. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. How is it any different than using a sewing machine to stitch together fabric faster and better than your fingers? If it makes the process more enjoyable, go for it.

Most sex toys are quite reasonably priced, so you can experiment with different styles and functions. You might find that a rabbit-style vibrator (for stimulating the clitoris and vagina simultaneously) is more effective than a bullet shape vibrator one week but that the opposite is true another time. Variety is definitely the spice of life when it comes to sex toys.

These toys also take some of the pressure off your partner to fully satisfy you, which comes in mighty handy when you’re feeling in the mood but your better half is having some issues. And if he hasn’t used any of the toys made expressly for men, why not think about getting him one to try on for size (again, literally and figuratively!) There are rings to help keep his penis erect, devices to help him satisfy himself and penis pumps that do just what their name implies.

“I couldn’t get him to put it down,” Fran told us when we interviewed her about her husband, Patrick’s, experience with the Sinclair penis pump. “I actually had to grab it away from him to keep him from hurting himself. The instructions say not to use it for more than 30 consecutive minutes if you have issues with your heart,” she said.

It doesn’t matter whether you even have a partner when you use many sex toys.

I also recommend having a lubricant in your nightstand at all times, to assure that everything that should be moist is moist. There are scads of lubricants on the market, but just make sure the one you choose is completely free of petro-chemicals and parabens, which have been proven to be harmful to our body’s delicate tissue.

I’m pleased to tell you that our friends at Sinclair Institute are offering FOFs 40 percent off anything you order from their site, through August 31. And that’s on top of the low prices in Sinclair’s current blowout sale that runs through tomorrow/Friday the 26th. That makes great prices even more spectacular.

I urge you to start playing with toys. Feel like a kid again, at least a 30-year-old kid.


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*Photo source: http://www.fanpop.com


I was a pitifully late bloomer. Tasted my first raw oyster in my 40s and used my first vibrator at 60! If you haven’t done either, you have no idea what you’re missing.

Oysters can be pretty costly, at $2.50 or more apiece, especially because they slide down the throat in seconds and the pleasure of their ocean fresh, briny taste is gone in a flash. (I’m also not so sure they’re quite the aphrodisiacs they’re professed to be.)

Vibrators! They’re a whole other story. Costing about the same as a dozen oysters, the vibrator will give you joy (bliss, elation, ecstasy) for years. It won’t substitute for a partner (although it sure can in a pinch), but it does bring out the joyful aspect of sexual play. Lots of couples in healthy, long-term relationships use vibrators to give variety to their sexual liaisons.

The Body Blossom, a new vibrator from our friends at Sinclair Institute, is a little wonder toy. Stimulates two important areas simultaneously, has five power levels and works in or out of the shower or bath. It’ll help you get where you want to go faster, and help your partner, too.

I recommend you introduce it into your life now. And, with Sinclair’s exclusive 20 percent discount for FOFs, it’ll give you great pleasure with not a bit of guilt. –Geri Brin

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Let us know– Have YOU ever used a vibrator?

{SEXpertise} Hotter FOF Sex!

PUBLISHED BY: Yvonne K. Fulbright, Ph.D., M.S.Ed.

Study after study on FOF sex shows that you need to use it or lose it. So how you can become that “dirty old man or woman,” and perhaps realize some of the most fulfilling sex of your life?

Better known as the Baby Boomers, today’s FOFs are much more sexually active than they’re given credit for. They are, after all, the same liberated youth that ignited the infamous 1960s sexual revolution. And now their “make love, not war” mission involves taking advantage of their ‘empty nest’. With their children now out of the house, their sexual interest is once again peaked.

Bodily changes further act as a good excuse for acquiring new tricks and engaging in sexual experimentation, inviting some of the hottest sexual moments lovers have experienced in years!…

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