Prevent Common Situations From Becoming Emergencies

This post is sponsored by Senior Helpers®. FabOverFifty greatly appreciates its support, and is pleased to help communicate this valuable information!

This is National Safety Month, and FabOverFifty is partnering with Senior Helpers®, the nation’s premier, in-home senior care provider, to show you how to prevent common situations at home from turning into emergencies!

Senior Helpers is dedicated to delivering professionally trained caregivers, so your loved ones can continue to enjoy the comforts of their own homes, despite age-related illnesses and mobility challenges. It is the first in-home senior care company in the industry to offer specialized training for Alzheimer’s, dementia, and Parkinson’s disease care. “These devastating diseases greatly impact patients, as well as their families,” said Geri Brin, Founder of FabOverFifty. “It is comforting to be able to call on a valuable, expert organization like Senior Helpers to help us and our loved ones lead the best lives possible during trying times.”

Here are seven familiar situations we all encounter at home, plus the smart and simple things we should do to keep them from becoming disasters. (more…)

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A New Way To End Night Sweats

“Every night I wake up in a pool of perspiration,” Melanie said about the awful night sweats that are plaguing her during her menopause, which began over a year ago. “I could turn the air conditioner on full force when it’s 20 degrees out, and I still start sweating.”

Melanie has tried ice packs, PJs made with fabric designed to wick away her perspiration, and dietary supplements. She’s so desperate to relieve her utter discomfort, she’s game to try anything that sounds promising. But nothing’s worked!

“I wish I could take the air conditioner into bed with me,” Melanie jokes. Alas, that’s not such a far-fetched idea after all. Melanie now can now surround her body with softly flowing cooling air that will keep her dry and calm all through the night. And we don’t mean a room air conditioner.

A brilliant new patented device, called the BedJet, cools any existing bed with a quiet and gentle stream of air. The BedJet air travels between bedding layers, lusciously cradling your body with gently flowing air and turning your ordinary bed into a luxurious, temperature-controlled sleeping environment in seconds. The BedJet eliminates body moisture and sweat from the bed without using any mattress pads, mattress toppers, wires or tubes to sleep on.


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What You WISH You Knew When You Were In Your 20s


“That it’s okay to put yourself first. If you don’t take care of yourself then you won’t be around to take care of anyone else.”–Darlene Chavez Gonzalez

“That I cannot make another person happy no matter how hard I try. They have to make themselves happy. They never did.”–Betsy Stokes Lewis


How You Feel About Turning 50 (Or 60)

We were curious to know how those of you in your late 50s or 60s felt about turning 50 or 60.  So many different responses reveal how wildly different each of us can be from our ‘sisters.’

Here is a selection of some of the most wonderful comments.

1.I turn 60 in August, and being a cancer survivor I am so pleased to have reached this age to enjoy my grandchildren and family. I have a great loving husband, nice home and a job. I’m more confident than I’ve ever been so I’m embracing it. Age is but a number. Happy 60ths everyone.”-Sue Glover

2.Aging is a privilege many are denied. Celebrate each new decade of life with joy.”Rhonda L. Wasmundt


3.  My 40s were the best of my life. My 50s thus far have been challenging in terms of body changes, figuring out what clothing is too young or too old looking, changes in attitude (about EVERYTHING!!), transitioning to an empty nest. I hope my 60s will return me to an even keel. I enjoyed every single age and stage of my kids, I guess I need to do so with myself, too.” -Annette Secundus Ernsperger

4. “20’s were confusing, 30’s was fun!, 40’s looking for stability, mid-50’s I feel the best ever; confident, independent, happy, loving my life, I don’t put up with any drama/trauma, at piece and comfortable with my body, and I REALLY enjoy my own company. It’s an awesome feeling being my authentic self…And I love her so much!!” -Stephanie Walden


5. “Turned 50 last year. Never have I been so depressed. Just felt so old. Now I’m 51 have realised it’s not so bad after all. Have to say felt the same turning 30! I see a pattern emerging–roll on to being 70.”-Diana Gunner

6. “I don’t miss the younger years. I can spoil all the grandkids and then give them back to their moms & dads!  At 52, I do exactly as I wish!” -Chana R. Wright


7. ”I am finding it hard to adjust to losing my looks and my figure.”-Clarissa Linssen

8. “Turning 50 in November. Feeling sensational.”-Charlotte Ray Biancone


9. “I’m 52 in July and fine about it. You cannot do anything about getting older so you might has well make the most of each year that passes and enjoy yourself.”-Alison Hallam


10. Grateful to be given the opportunity to be over sixty. Many are not given this opportunity. Two brothers who never made it to fifty.”-Bonnie Trott