11 Inspirations For Spring

Spring rouses painters, songwriters, poets, composers, and just about every one of us on the planet! Please enjoy our compilation of inspirations of the season! And, take a deep breath and inhale the sweet air.

Claude Monet


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How To Deal With Loneliness

“Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness,” said poet Maya Angelou. What about you?

For me, loneliness is all about perspective. When I’m alone, I’m not necessarily lonely. I always have a choice. I can get up and go to the gym, go on a hike, text girlfriends, go shopping, go to a movie or etc. Of course I can also enjoy being with myself by doing a manicure or reading a book!”
Maureen Fox

“I escape it by either going to the gym or taking long walks while listening to music. Too tired after that to feel lonely.”
Sharon Makin

I have learnt to just be. I’ve moved into an apartment with my adult daughter, so I am not as lonely as I was in my marriage. She is my best friend. I get on better with younger people than people my own age. Sadly, I have no other friends, but, for now, I am ok with this.”
Carine Munro
“I work two jobs at 68. Keeps me from thinking about being lonely, but when the dust settles, I’m by myself. Aging alone is scary!”
Jan Chapman

“It’s taken some time, but I have learned to appreciate aloneness. ‘Solitude is my companion…’”
Suzanne Morrison

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Anxiety Doesn’t Solve Problems

Snuggles with our hubbies help some of us, but others relieve our anxiety in more elaborate ways. Living with apprehension is no fun, and worrying just seems to exacerbate the situation. So, whatever it takes, get that anxiety out of your system. Pronto!

“A cup of hot tea and no TV. Try to relax and not to dwell. If it’s really hard, I have medication from my doctor that relieves anxiety. Sometimes, just sitting outside or taking a walk helps a bit. Talking to someone who understands also helps a lot. It’s not easy.”

Barbara Stanisci

“Learning to relax with Reiki therapy has helped me a great deal. Took meds for 18 years. Been off all meds for almost 10. Natural healing is MUCH BETTER than drugs.”

Karin Palm Coburn

“Snuggling with my hubby always helps.”

Sharon Weeder-Smytheman

“The gym and lots of water! I’ve been drinking teas, instead of coffee! Lots of hugs!”

Lisa Renee’ Neisslie

“Tried every natural remedy-meditation, acupuncture. Suffered for years. I did not want to take meds, but after years of suffering and moments that were ruined because of it, decided to start taking medication. Now, I feel perfectly fine and I have my life back. Taking a low dose, just enough to relieve the excess and I continue to take care of myself in other ways. A mix of medical and natural.”

Sophie Crête

“Deep breathing and being appreciative.”

Cathy Foote Mountford

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See Life More Clearly In “Manchester By The Sea”

The movie Manchester by the Sea won’t only give you a gigantic lump in your throat; it will make you see life just a little more clearly than you did 137 minutes earlier. And that can be an especially good thing during these unsettling times all over the world.  

Casey Affleck hauntingly plays Lee Chandler, who returns to the community where he was born and raised when his older brother dies, and is shocked to learn that he is the sole guardian of his 16-year-old nephew. We don’t know much about Lee at this point, except that he’s a loner handyman for an apartment complex in Boston; he’s depressed, and he’s terribly angry. But, as the story unfolds, we learn about the unspeakable tragedy that made him leave Manchester by the Sea, and we struggle along with him as he is forced to face his deeply troubled past and decide where to take his future.

Every single character in the gut-wrenching film, as well as the dialog and storyline, are so unpretentious and realistic that it seems at times to be a documentary. I held my breath when Lee’s nephew Patrick (beautifully played by Lucas Hedges) visited the hospital morgue to see his dad, and cheered him when he was clumsily trying to hook up with a girlfriend before her mother knocked on the bedroom door. I sided with Lee’s wife Randi (played by Michelle Williams), when she confronted his rowdy and drunk friends to get out of the house in the wee hours of the morning. And my heart broke when Randi, this time as Lee’s ex-wife, apologizes to him, saying I should fuckin’ burn in hell for what I said” (after their tragedy.)  In the book of most memorable movie scenes of all time, that one definitely should be on page one.

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Sleep, Skin… And Strategizing Your Future!


The kids, at last, are adults! You’re no longer working from dawn till dusk. You finally have time to rest…yeah right!Read More


Cheers To Health & Happiness This Holiday Season

Won’t you be
my neighbor?

“If you live in an apartment building in Manhattan, you may barely know the person who lives…” Read More


Learn A New Language In A Fun New Way

Remember memorizing hundreds of verb conjugations when you were learning a foreign language, and racking your brain to recall whether a noun was feminine or masculine? Even if you aced every test, you wouldn’t exactly have called yourself fluent. And, if someone gave you a book to read in the language, you barely made it through the first chapter. What’s more, everything you learned seemed to evaporate from your brain once you graduated school.

You’d love to be able to speak a second language now, but aren’t motivated to start memorizing verbs again. Although you’ve been tempted to buy Rosetta Stone, it’s so expensive. Besides, you’d probably use it only a handful of times, kind of like the treadmill that collected dust for years. And wouldn’t it be nice to converse in Spanish with your 10-year-old grandson or granddaughter, who started learning the language as a new fifth grader?

Now you can do both with a revolutionary program, called My Language Town, conceived by Carmen Herrera, a 40-something Spanish instructor at the prestigious Dalton private school in New York City. Born in Cordoba, in southern Spain, Carmen has been learning and teaching foreign languages ever since she was young.“My father was a school superintendent and my mother was a kindergarten teacher, and we always had exchange students from all over Europe staying at our home, which shaped how I see people,” Carmen told me. “Learning someone else’s language gives you more empathy to them.” (more…)

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What Do You Most Miss About Life Before The Internet?



“We have lost face-to-face interaction or talking on the phone; it’s now messaging or texting. If I had a choice of going back to how things were in the good old days, or having them stay as they are today, I would go back.”
Gail Sampson

“I miss really feeling the love with smiles and laughter of my whole family with the attention focused on each other. We had some really good times back in the day!” Rhonda Berry

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This Free Online Course Could Change Your Life

It may be a long time since you’ve set foot in a classroom, but today you want to learn as much as you can, as fast as you can, to be successful in our dynamic world.

You might be on embarking on an exciting new challenge. Perhaps you’re changing jobs or your career. Or maybe you’re going back to work, after years, now that the kids are far from kids.

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[POLL] How Do YOU Spend The Holiday Season?

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