9 Ways To Avoid Seasonal Depression

1. Take a 30-minute walk on a brisk, sunny day

walkingVitamin D from the sun helps fight against feeling low, even when it’s cold out.

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The 12 Types Of Women 45+ You’re Likely To Meet Online

We all know who they are, and sometimes, we’re even like one of them. The internet brings out all sorts of intriguing, irritating, entertaining, and hysterical behavior.


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{Frocks of Gibralter} Choosing The Perfect Gifts For Our Favorite FUFs (Fab Under Fifty Women)

It’s always fun to spot the gifts you’re pretty certain will please the 20-and-30-something daughters, nieces and friends in your life.

To help ensure that you put a big smile across a young woman’s face when she opens the box, first get a handle on her style. Remember, you’re not buying something you like. This is about her, and just because you think Banana Republic blouses are cool, doesn’t mean she wants to slip into one.

My daughter-in-law is Casual Cool, so it’s a pretty safe bet I’ll score if I buy her something from brands like Madewell or The Gap. Check out our suggestions for your favorite gals, from your Modern Boho daughter to your Preppy Chic colleague.


Peek Inside The World’s Tiniest Museum

I’m always impressed with myself when I recognize
a famous painting, and actually know who painted it.

If I happen to know the artistic period during which it was painted, I think I’m a genius. I am not one to stand in front of a painting for half an hour, discussing its hidden meaning or symbolism, or to rent detailed audio tours at an exhibition, but I do find it fascinating to learn about artists and their work. For instance, which famous French artist was captivated by the Moroccan landscape, women and architecture? (Answer: Matisse)

When I heard about an app called Art Authority, by Open Door Networks, I knew I wanted to have it. Featuring a comprehensive and well-organized collection of over 70,000 paintings and sculptures by over 1,000 of the western world’s major artists, from ancient times to today, the app includes detailed captions (including title, date, size, location), as well as in-depth information about the works, the periods, and the artists.


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12 Small Acts In 2015 That Could Kickstart Big Differences

Talk to at least one friend or
relative with whom you haven’t
communicated in years


Introducing “Frocks of Gibralter”

FOF Terry Gibralter has flawless style, as far as I’m concerned. She turns heads—men’s and women’s, alike—wherever she goes. She could be wearing something as simple as a white shirt and beat-up old jeans, and she’ll look spectacular. So we’ve invited Terry to write a FOFashion advice column, once or twice a month, in which she’ll share some of her tried-and-true tips.

This first column is about one of our favorite subjects—JEWELRY—in which Terry tells us how to wear it best during the holidays,
and throughout the year.

Some of Terry’s tips will link to specific items in H*O*T, her new online shop of new and vintage apparel and accessories. Terry likes to share more than advice. She’s even opened her closet to sell the shirts off her back (literally), because she’s bought and been gifted more than she could possibly wear. Her prices are marvelously modest!

Please join us in supporting FOF entrepreneurs, whenever you can. We’re the greatest generation of women in history, and we’re doing great things every single day.


Meet The Woman Who Will Make You Glad That LA Writers Went On Strike In 2007

I have one favor to ask any woman who is reading this, whether you’re a lady of means and wouldn’t be caught dead shopping anywhere but Bergdorf Goodman, or watch your pennies and swear by Marshalls.

Next time HSN features MarlaWynne apparel, pour yourself a glass of wine (if it’s nighttime), settle into a comfortable chair and “meet” a woman with Bergdorf’s tastes and style, who designs clothes that sell at Marshalls prices, often for even less. I’ll be surprised if you don’t buy at least one piece from Marla’s collection. By the way, her great clothes are one thing; her magnetic personality is another.

Marla Ginsberg, 58, used to shop at the chichi stores all over the world, thinking nothing of buying a $300 pair of slacks here, a $1,000 sweater there, and goodness knows what in between. That’s when she was a successful international television executive and producer, living in Paris and flitting back and forth between CDG (Charles de Gaulle airport) and LAX. Her fortunes changed, however, when the writer’s strike hit in 2007-2008 and Marla lost her job. Back in LA with two teenage children to support, she wasn’t the type to wallow in self-pity. But what to do, she thought, accepting the fact that the likelihood of finding a post-strike job was “about as good as finding a natural blonde in Beverly Hills.”

“I’ll buy
a sewing machine”

Marla’s creative juices kicked in and she had one of those “ah-ha” moments. She’d buy a sewing machine, and she’d design clothes for the women being ignored by the big-name fashion designers, the women of her own generation, the boomers. She reasoned that if other women had as hard a time finding affordable fashion as she did, she could develop a viable business. “I wanted to cover all my icky bits, like my sagging underarms and pooching stomach,” Marla told me when we first met three years ago, “but all I could find were moo-moos and over-priced matronly styles that made me feel like a refugee from an artists colony.” So what if she didn’t know how to sew and or design clothes, she thought. She had developed a great appreciation of style, after living in France for 17 years. She knew she was creative. She’d figure it out.

Win a $1,000 wardrobe and personal consult with Marla!


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How To Avoid 8 Embarrassing Situations

This post is brought to you by Wearever Incontinence Panties.

1. Forgetting someone’s name
at a party

Quickly say “hi” and introduce your companions to her, hoping she introduces herself
back to them (and you).


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“My Granny Is A Pin-Up Girl”

Sandra Wilson embodies the word “reinvention,” in more ways than one.

She went from being a cosmetologist to a middle school English teacher, and then added “pin-up” model and magazine owner to her resume when she was almost fifty. Between everything, she raised two daughters, trained for and participated in a triathlon and didn’t let a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis stop her. Sandra tells FOF about her motivations and accomplishments.

How old are you?

I just turned 53.

Where do you live?

Richmond, VA, for the past six years.

Married? Children?

I am divorced, have two daughters, 32
and 33, and three grandchildren.


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12 Defining Signs of Summer (50 Years Ago)

The Hamptons? Nantucket? The South of France? Nah, we stuck closer to home for our summer vacations. And we loved every minute (well, most of them, anyway)!

1. Swimming caps


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