{Weekly Roundup}

Yarn’t you glad it’s Friday, FOFs?

What’s your swim style?

Transform your furniture

Be classic and chic

Beautiful windows


Make your own pendant

Paula Begoun’s skincare truths

Favorite faux metal treatment

Re-do your table

Up-cycled jewelry box

Until Monday…

P.S. Meet an FOF who makes her own clothes!

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{Weekly Roundup}

Under and out…We will return on Monday, FOFs.

Vintage jewelry

The French neo-classicist: Michael Simon

“chair”e amour

Beauty books

Electric colors

Little House on the Prairie

A glimpse of summer

Jennifer Aniston’s new bob perfect for women over 40

Protect your hair from the sun

Deck your walls

A tasty treat

Dance dates

Can an FOF wear floral pants?

Heat wave

Midnight in Paris

P.S. Better check your suncreen, FOF. It might be toxic….yikes!

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{Weekly Roundup}

Hold the wire, please. We’ll return on Monday, FOFs.

Your relationship with your handbag

One dress, two ways

Freshen up your summer look

Warm-weather recipe

A clothing line to block the sun!

It’s all in the details

Stay fab even at 100

Your makeup: Don’t sweat it

May survival guide

By chance

Audrey Hepburn: queen of muses

Beauty spots

Ben Kweller’s music video starring his FOF grandma

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{Weekly Roundup}

Making a beeline out of town for the weekend?

Iris Apfel at home

All About Yves

“At age 50, she has finally arrived”

A look at Gertrude Stein

Ending a midlife affair with meds

Look 10 years younger in 10 minutes

In a shift, ads try to entice over-55 set

FOFs at Cannes

Summer makeup trends

5 anti-aging skin products for a safe summer glow

Until Monday FOFs…

P.S. Thinking of holding a garage sale this weekend? Read these tips.

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{Weekly Roundup}

Relax FOFs! The weekend is finally here….

Michael Kors’ muse is an FOF!

Bright colors for spring

Top 10 midlife fashion questions

You know you’re in Paris when…

Lose weight for the summer the easy way

Fashion royalty…we’re not talking Kate Middleton

An FOF’s Mother’s Day wish list

Traveling in style

10 tips for navigating a new city

Lovely spring flats!

The brilliant Charlotte Moss

Closet envy!

Three weeks to gorgeous

Until Monday…

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{Weekly Roundup}

Have a sweet weekend, FOFs!

Wit and wisdom of Elizabeth Taylor

The grown-up guide to hot pants

Leopard shoes that are wild!

Storing and caring for scarves

I know I’m in Paris when

Cooking for cooks

Black and white Shanghai

The countess of Glamour

Plan a stopover in Krakow, Poland

Until Monday…

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{Weekly Roundup}

It’s Friday…Make like a tree and leaf, FOFs. We’ll see you back here on Monday.

Dos and don’ts of jeans

Austerity chic

Get a load of this SuperFOF

Star Magnolia study

Vintage turquoise

10 beauty myths debunked

A great tee

Parisian kitchens vs. American kitchens

It’s a cinch: new shapewear by Uniqlo (!)

Style secrets from the countess of glamour

Makeup brush cleaning basics

Wine travel

P.S. Click here if you’re tired of eBay.

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{Weekly Roundup}

Chandeliers…for your ears!

A place called home

Gloves and sunglasses…a style contradiction that works!

Perfect black pants

New magazine, old cover girl

“If I wanted advice on looking younger, I would ask Karl Lagerfeld, he looks younger now than 25 years ago. But there is no way I would drink all those Diet Cokes.” –FOF model Inés de la Fressange.

Herb garden in a jiffy.

Spring clean your makeup brushes.

Drugstore beauty.

Fleamarketing in France: the 10 commandments. Don’t like rummaging? Here’s 10 more ways to spend a day in Paris

Tough leather styles with a delicate twist

Best walks in the country

A wild restaurant in Thailand

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{Weekly Roundup}

Orange you glad it’s the weekend, FOF?

Whimsical works of art by FOF Maira Kalman

The lesser-known museums of Paris

A thank-you from Geri

A little red lipstick is the key to glamour

“Should models look like you?”

Dreamy murals

Vintage shoes never disappoint

Hand-crafted roses

Until Monday….

PS-Have you been to this gallery?

Image by Maira Kalman via T Magazine

{Weekly Roundup}

Are you all caught up on your weekly blog reading? No? You better step on it….

Blue and brown…a perfect partnership?

Way better than wine charms

How to dress like an over 40 red carpet star

Investment dressing

New anti-aging cosmetic line introduced…for 8 year olds.

Fur fashion…and an FOF who pulls it off

What do you do after a day in the snow? or how to stay chic in the rain.

Return of the perm?

Wear-anywhere activewear

“You don’t have to be perfect.”

Life is the Occasion campaign uses FOF models.

Visit the world’s greatest museums…from your desk.

How an FOF foodie celebrates her birthday

Love makes the world go round!

Until Monday…

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