{Test This} TRIA Hair Removal Laser



Laser hair removal has been performed for years in doctor’s offices, but comes with a hefty price tag–the average session costs $429 and impacts only one treatment area, according to WebMD. If you have thicker, darker hair or want to zap, say, more than just your underarms–prepare to shell out a whole lot more cash.

Now, one company, Tria, promises the same results for a fraction of the price. Their laser for hair removal (retail value: $395), can be used at home on the legs, arms, underarms, back, stomach and bikini line.

Just glide it along your problem area once every two weeks. “You can expect up to a 70% reduction in hair growth after your second use” and “after six months…hair follicles will be deactivated” resulting in “permanent freedom from shaving and waxing,” the company says.

So, throw away your razors, tell your esthetician “goodbye” and…wait, wait not just yet! We want to know if this device actually delivers. 3 FOFs will put the Tria Hair Removal Laser to the test.

Find out more about Tria’s Hair Removal Laser, and then leave a comment below for a chance to test it.

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Images – Dynamik Magazine