Meet The One, The Only, The Inimitable Isaac

“Color is the biggest luxury there is. It affects you on a deep emotional level that most people don’t think about. If you get the color right, you have the whole thing. If you get it wrong, it becomes a big distraction.”–  Isaac Mizrahi

Isaac-imageThe fashion uninitiated might think J. Crew’s designers dreamed up the edgy concept of mixing basic cotton tee shirts with glamorous, floor-length taffeta skirts, but a young fashion designer, Isaac Mizrahi, was doing it brilliantly over two decades ago. As a matter of fact, many of Isaac’s creations in the 90s were forerunners of the looks that are immensely popular today.

Isaac knows how to ‘mix it up’ like no other designer in the peripatetic world of fashion. “Uniting opposites is a Mizrahi signature, which arises in his many combinations of evening and sportswear, formal and casual, and couture and mass market,” says the copy that introduces Isaac Mizrahi: An Unruly History, an exhibition at The Jewish Museum in New York, running through August 7th. (more…)