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Possessing healing properties dating to 1st century Greece, aromatherapy flourishes today as a form of alternative medicine that uses “essential oils,” extracted from plants by steam distillation, to benefit our mood, mind, and general well being.  Aromatherapy is not just about smell– the essential oils have a strong chemistry, which work on an emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual level.  This practice is believed to trigger smell receptors in our nose and send messages through our nervous system to our brain, which controls our emotions.

Enter below for a chance to test Valerie’s unique, lavender-based Soothing Sleep Gift Box (retail value: $72).

Where did your inspiration come from in developing a line of essential oils?
I wanted to make a difference in the way people care for themselves. My personal interest in holistic healing and my business background helped me create quality aromatic blends for health and well-being that are well priced.

What are the different products in your line?
There are 10 different formulas that each address a common condition.  I’ve studied the chemistry of each oil, which helps me create blends with unique benefits.  For example, lavender, in the sleep blend, has sedative properties in its chemistry that can impact a person’s sleep.  All of my products are totally natural and made in New York and New Mexico.

What makes Essence of Vali products special?
They are highly effective because of their purity.  Some other products have chemicals in them, but ours are natural. They are also hand-blended and brewed for several days at our aromatherapy studio, instead of made in a factory.  Additionally, people really love the way our blends smell.  Our line appeals to a cross section of people because it addresses a spectrum of issues.

Where are your products sold and what do they cost?
The line can be bought through my website and other online retailers. Prices range from $8.50 for an individual mist to $60 for a 2oz bottle of EOV’s Eau du Parfum.

What is your best-selling product?
The sleep products sell best because many people have trouble sleeping.  For example, women in their fifties can have sleep difficulties as they go through perimenopause and menopause.

Valerie’s Soothing Sleep Gift Box, includes Sleep Concentrate and Soothing Mist for your bed linens; Sleep Massage & Bath Oil, and Sleep Bedtime Balm, to dab on your upper lip and pulse points.

Is this oil it takes for a great night’s sleep? 8 FOFs will test this.

To enter to test a Soothing Sleep Gift Box, answer the question: When did you first experience sleep problems?

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