Get Your Kegel Muscles Back In Shape

It may be time for you to start exercising down there. Join FabOverFifty in the #Kegelface campaign, sponsored by PeriCoach, so we can all work together to strengthen super important muscles that many of us ignore.

We want to do everything we can to feel and look our best, yet many of us aren’t paying attention to one crucial component to good health, and we aren’t even aware what it is!

Life events, including childbirth and menopause, can thin vaginal tissue and cause our pelvic floor muscles to weaken. This can result in bladder leakage during routine activities like exercise, or even just laughing.

Chances are, you’ve heard of Kegel exercises, which involve clenching and releasing movements of the pelvic floor muscles and tissues, to strengthen them and guard against bladder leaks. If you’ve tried these exercises, however, you may have given up because you weren’t sure if you were doing them properly or having a hard time sticking to an exercise schedule. (more…)