Demystifying Facial Rejuvenation

“A well-done facial rejuvenation makes patients look as they did when they were younger, but does not change their unique appearance.”

Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Jeff Scott, recently sat down with us to answer questions about his different approaches to facial rejuvenation at The Plastic Surgery Center in Sarasota, Florida.

When a patient is looking for facial rejuvenation, how do you determine the most appropriate procedure?

It is most important to listen to the patient’s individual concerns about his or her face and neck. I then evaluate the patient holistically, considering age, medical conditions, medications, previous facial surgery, weight gain/loss, level of physical activity and smoking history. Next, I perform a thorough evaluation of the forehead, periocular area (around the eyes), mid-face, lower face and neck. Based on this information, I recommend a procedure or combination of procedures that best suits the patient’s desires while creating a harmonious, youthful and natural appearance.


Don’t Listen To Goldie Hawn

Choosing a plastic surgeon involves doing a lot of homework. Besides looking at his or her technical expertise and experience with the surgical or non-surgical procedure you desire, you’ll want a plastic surgeon whose aesthetic sense is similar to yours. Think of it this way: When you visit a museum with a friend, you don’t necessarily love the same artwork. She is a Picasso fan and you love Pissarro. Both artists may be brilliant, but you’d prefer to hang the work of one.

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