{Makeovers} Beauty Bash makeovers big reveal

In September, we introduced you to our 2 fabulous makeover winners, FOFs Karen Hansen and Cathy Furengo. Both received transformations at the FOF Beauty Bash (Oct. 1 & 2) worth $3,500 including new clothes, new makeup, new hair and a color consultation. “Guru of hue” Jill Kirsh and hair genius Elline Surianello narrated their transformations live on stage.

Couldn’t make it to Beauty Bash? Below, see the fab before-and-after photos and read a breakdown of how the experts achieved their new and improved look.

FOF Karen Hansen

“I grew up in the no-makeup, jeans-and-t-shirt generation,” said Karen, a retired CPA who lives in South Carolina in the winter, and Brewster, N.Y., in the summer. “I’ve never been great at putting myself together.” Prior to her makeover, Karen told us her hair was “balding at the top” and she was “confused” about her personal style. “I feel 24, my body acts 80, and my birth certificate says 58,” said Karen, who also told us she hoped to look “younger” by her 59th birthday in November. Could a makeover help achieve that goal?

Her transformation broken down:

Hair: Hair expert Elline Surianello of LeMetric Hair Solutions addressed Karen’s thinning hair with one of her custom hair pieces. Prior to the makeover, Karen had light, reddish-blonde hair. Elline designed the hair piece in a deeper shade. “There is no better or faster way to change how you look than wearing the right hair in the right color,” says Elline. “Look how powerful this is.” Karen agreed. “I knew my hair was thin but didn’t realize the difference [fuller] hair makes. It’s fantastic. I feel like a new person.”

Colors: Once Karen had her new hair, “guru of hue” Jill Kirsh was able to recommend her most flattering shades. Jill’s color matching system is based on a simple concept: your most flattering shades are dictated by your hair color. “Your hair is what frames your face,” says Jill. She breaks us up into four categories, golden browns/red heads, deep brunettes, ash blondes/platinum/grey, warm blondes and has assigned a palette of colors to each group. Since Karen’s new hair falls under the “golden browns/redheads” category, she looks best in earth-tone colors such as camel, ivory, warm greens and browns, according to Jill. Jill did Karen’s makeup and picked an outfit for her in her new palette. “When you get your hair, clothing and makeup the right shades, everything is in sync,” said Jill.

Outfit: Jill chose clothing from the Soft Surroundings Fall 2011 collection in Karen’s most flattering shades. On Karen — Textured topper in camel ($89.95), Napa Necklace ($34.95), Straight leg destination pant in chocolate ($64.95), Del Tank in ivory ($39.95).

What did Karen think of her new look?
“The makeover has changed my life by giving me more confidence, especially now that my hair doesn’t look so thin,” says Karen. “I never thought I could get up in a room full of people like that. All the attention and compliments really made me feel good and upped my self esteem. I just wish I could have someone fix me up everyday!”

FOF Cathy Furegno

“I always dreamed of being a model” wrote in FOF Cathy Furegno, a secretary at a high school in Middletown, N.Y. “I raised 4 children, worked two jobs most of my life and just feel it is time to do something for myself.” Cathy said she doesn’t spend much money on her clothes and that “it would be really nice to be pampered for once.” The Beauty Bash makeover was Cathy’s chance to do just that.

Her transformation broken down:

Hair: “Cathy doesn’t have thinning hair but she may want to have fun with it without making a big commitment,” said Elline. She created a custom hair piece for Cathy in a darker, cooler hue (Cathy was a dark-redhead prior to the makeover.) The hair piece was also longer, which Elline said is a more modern look than her old style. “Look how much younger she looks with longer hair. You look hot…How do you feel?” asked Elline. “Hot,” said Cathy.

Colors: A new hair color for Cathy, means she needs to change up her colors, according to Jill Kirsh. “With the red gone, her hair is much cooler,” said Jill who said that Cathy now falls into the “deep brunette” group of Jill’s 4-category color system. Prior to the makeover, Cathy’s most flattering colors were the earth tones, but now, according to Jill, she looks best in gem tones such as emerald green, ruby red and sapphire blue. Her best neutrals are black and white. Jill did Cathy’s makeup and picked an outfit for her in these shades.

Outfit: Jill chose clothing from Toula’s Fall 2011 collection in Cathy’s most flattering neutrals — black, white and silver.  On Cathy — Tweed jacket with nailhead trim ($760), Basic knit pant ($310)

What did Cathy think of her new look?
“This makeover made me realize you don’t have to be 20 or 30 to look your best,” says Cathy. “We all need a little boost and self-confidence like this, in our lives. Oh, and in addition to the makeover, I made a new friend… Karen (fellow makeover winner), she is a very nice woman.”

{Makeovers} Meet Karen and Cathy, winners of the Beauty Bash makeover

Next weekend (Oct 1 & 2) at The Beauty Bash, FOFs will be stunned to see the total transformations of Cathy Furegno and Karen Hansen, last month’s makeover winners. Both will receive $3,500 transformations including new clothes, new makeup, new hair and a color consultation. Meet them, below.

Meet Cathy:

Why did you enter this contest?

I thought ‘why not?’  I am a bit on the shy side and never had much self-confidence. I felt if I won, this would be my 15 minutes of fame. I always dreamed of being a model.

How has your appearance changed since you turned fifty?
My weight is about the same, although I do have a tendency to fluctuate by about five-to-ten pounds (but don’t we all?) My face is a bit longer and I have ‘parenthesis’ but no wrinkles. My eyes also look tired at times. I have some gray hair but I dye it. I’ve always had baby fine hair.

Describe your self-image.
I am not ashamed of how I look, but I don’t spend much money on myself. I have 4 children and a husband and always felt guilty if I put myself first.

Describe your style.
It’s on the conservative side, although I admire flamboyant people because they are not afraid to wear what they want. I don’t spend much money on clothes.

Do you have a fashion icon?

Jacklyn Smith. Her taste is simple, yet she always looks wonderful. She was and is one of the most elegant women in the world.

What are you looking forward to most about your makeover?
Learning how to bring out the best in myself. I know I will enjoy all the attention. A dream come true!

Meet Karen:

Why did you enter this giveaway?
I’ve always wanted a makeover. I grew up in the straight hair, no makeup, jeans and t-shirt generation and have never been great at putting myself together. My kids always said I was ‘hair and makeup challenged.’

What do you wish you could change about your appearance?
I wish my thinning hair was nice and thick. I’d like to get rid of the wrinkles starting under my chin and neck. My biggest wish is weight loss.

How would you describe your personal style?

Confused. I love the preppy look, like the “hippie” look but also like my jeans-and-T-shirt days. It all depends on my mood and activities.

How do you want to look on your 60th birthday?
Younger — like 50 on my 60th. I feel 24, my body acts 80 and my birth certificate says 58.

What do you hope to get out of this makeover?
How to look my best. I want to learn how to accentuate my best features and how to play down my flaws.