{Weekly Roundup}

Wishing you a Labor Day weekend jam-packed with fun…

Some favorite posts from the week:

FOFs at the Emmys!

Alternatives to showing cleavage

Who cares what’s “age appropriate” anyway?

Of Joan and Betty….

For the A-Cup Crowd, Minimal Assets Are a Plus

Fabulous Dead People: Bubbles Rothermere

Fashion magazines embrace the average shopper – sort of

Lavin confirmed for H&M!

Until Monday, FOFs.

P.S. Update your cookbook collection with this classic giveaway.

Image via Automatism

{Weekly Roundup}

Did you over-commit yourself this week? Learn how and why to say no next time around. Monday is a new day…and next week is a new month!

An FOF tea party that is anything but old-fashioned

Yeah, Jane Fonda Gets a Manicure Wearing a Lavender Cowgirl Hat, So What?

FOF designer Vivienne Westwood “likes artificial things.”

Welcome minimalist overlords!

Blonde hair over 50.

Revolutionary rooms.


How to make an impression.

Until Monday FOFs!

Image by Danielle Levitt for TMagazine

{Weekly Roundup}

Hey beauties… Can you believe if Marilyn Monroe were alive today, she’d be 85?… and undoubtedly FOF!

New Monroe pictures capture candid moments

The Little Black Dress is official

Am I young yet?

Summer hair refresher course

Scientists Develop Perfect Sports Bra, but you still can’t buy it

“A tour of my face”

What’s on your bedside table?

You’ll never believe what color room FOF Betsey Johnson has…

Talbots goes all in!

Monday will be here before you know it. Until then, FOFs…

P.S. Makeup memories…What are yours?

Photo: Eve Arnold/Magnum Images

{Weekly Roundup}

Eat, Pray, Love and Read these blog posts from the week.

Eat, Pray, Love the look!

Why older is better.

real Lipstick Jungle

How to wear hats if you’re a grown-up

Tips-y and Toes

Comic strip, Cathy, comes to an end

Levi’s new jeans throw women some curves.

To capri or not to capri?

Marc Jacobs set to release plus-sized line

Until Monday FOFs…

P.S. Sometimes love really is better late than never.

Image via Eat Pray Love

{Weekly Roundup}

Time is flying by. We can’t believe it’s August. Don’t let this weekend pass without catching up on the best from the blogs this week….

Up and at ‘em

Johnny Cash’s daughter is a Twitterlebrity AND an FOF

Ann Taylor: “We Agree Our Retouching Has Been Overzealous”

Mind vs. Body fashion

Say no to nostalgia

Chicos arrives in the Hamptons

Are you addicted to cosmetics?

How to wear animal prints after 40

Hipster replacement!

See you on Monday… Xox.

P.S. Peek into a NYC penthouse!

Image by Douglas Friedman for Domino via automatism

{Weekly Roundup}

TGIF! Take ten minutes to get up to speed on all the fab blog posts from the week…

Make mistakes. (Yes you read that right.)

Hillary’s M-O-B dress designer revealed and everything else you don’t need to know about the wedding.

What is big? What is too big? What is not big enough?

Fedora frenzy.

Gaga’s gray and it’s okay.

Flip flops are worse than high heels.

FOF Linda Rodin models a new clothing line. Doesn’t she look great?

Madonna is on the wrong side of the camera.

Have a lovely weekend, FOFs. Xox.

P.S. – It’s a great weekend for a trip to the museum…Have you been to the MOFA?

Image by Chance via A Cup of Jo

{Weekly Roundup}

Mad for Mad Men? Read our favorite posts from this week while you anxiously await Sunday’s premiere.

Throwing a Mad Men premiere party? A playlist that would have even Betty swinging, recipes for authentic 60s cocktails and an Advertising Era-inspired wardrobe (that you can buy from QVC!)

“Now 65, she has accomplished the rarest of Hollywood feats: not just a comeback but a reinvention.”

What if men lived by women’s beauty standards?

What summer means to me.

Leopard: love it or leave it?

Summer as an inspiration for art…

How to achieve your goals? Create stepping stones!

Should you tell your husband you get botox?

It’s a little mod, a little Mad (Men!).

“No one will tell you this, but you can’t be a man. Don’t even try. Be a woman. It’s powerful business, when done correctly.” Who said it?

Enjoy the weekend, FOFs. Xox.

P.S. – These women have found outfits that get them out the door in five minutes flat. Amazing!

Image via AMC

{Weekly Roundup}

Here are some posts from this week that we’ll be talking about all weekend…

FOF Madonna is an ordinary housewife?

Aging gracefully à la française (plus their secrets!).

What’s sweeter: sisterly love or vintage photos?

Betty White doesn’t like her neck.

American High Style takes center stage.

What will Hillary Clinton’s mother of the bride dress look like?

Boat shoes get a makeover.

FOF Diane von Furstenburg takes her designs inside.

Vintage dresses: we want them all.

Have a lovely weekend. Xox.

PS-There are cool FOFs everywhere we look

Image: Madonna for Dolce & Gabbana via Blog Brands Club

{Weekly Roundup}

Long weekend…yes! Perfect time to catch up on this week’s fab blog posts from around  the web….

Socks with sandals are okay again? It’s about time!

Topless over 50! Which actress pulls it off?

Night lights so not for kids and nighties so for FOFs!

Tiny but tough women taking over.

Read our (middle-aged) hips

Dress like a Mad Woman for the Mad Men premiere, July 25.

This weekend, stay put!

Happy 4th! Red, white and shoes.

P.S. Finished reading this post already? You little speed-reader, you. Get going on these today.

Image via Darling Dexter

{Weekly Roundup}

Summer is here. Stay in, avoid the heat and catch up on these great reads…

Approaching 65 and sexier with each day: Helen Mirren.

Because who doesn’t love an English cottage garden…

Where do you find bliss?

Ethereal Kaftans for poolside lounging.

Scarves fit for summer.

Hydrangeas in bloom.

A fresh take on Victorian jewelry.

Sneak peak: Ann Taylor.

Have a lovely weekend. Xox.

PS-Who knew we were so stylish back in the day?

Image by Juergen Teller via New York Magazine