Tips for Wearing Green Clothes

It’s not easy wearing green.

Green is a color that many women struggle with, according to FOF Jill Kirsh, “Hollywood’s guru of hue.” “It’s not in most people’s color comfort zone,” says Jill. “If you’re wearing the wrong green it can really age you, sallow your skin and make you look sick.

Jill believes “everyone can wear every color. It just depends on finding the right hue.” Here, she uses her fool-proof system to help you find the most flattering shade of green.

First, decide which of four hair color categories you fall into: golden browns/redhead, deep brunette, ash blondes/grey or warm blondes.  Then, read below to discover Jill’s recommended shade of green for you.

“Look at how olive brings out the warmth of FOF actress Catherine Keener’s hair and evens out her skin tone,” says Jill. “The wrong shade of green, such as a mint green would look like hospital scrubs on Catherine. It would gray her skin and make her hair look brassy.”

“Emerald green is just right for a deep brunette like FOF Oprah Winfrey,” says Jill. “True, clear colors such as emerald against her dark hair make her features pop. The wrong green for a deep brunette such as Kelly green would yellow her skin and fragment her features.”

“Mint green is fabulous choice for someone with ash blonde or gray hair,” says Jill. “It works with FOF actress Helen Mirren’s cool, silver hair. Everything is in sync and vibrant. On the other hand, olive would wash her out, give her an unhealthy glow and give her hair a greenish tint.”

“Kelly green can make a warm blonde look vibrant, fresh and younger. It brings out FOF Kim’s best features. Mint green would make her hair look brassy.”

Jill Kirsh sells her color system through Soft Surroundings including her ultimate makeup kit, lip kits, a patented swatch book and an on-the-go mini compact. For more information, visit Jill’s page at Soft Surroundings.

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You may love the color baby blue, but does baby blue love you?

“Before Jill Kirsh came to the FOF offices to explain her color system, avocado was the last color I would have ever worn,” says FOF Founder, Geri Brin. “After she left, I literally ran to H&M to buy an avocado shirt.”

Jill’s system is based on a simple concept: your most flattering shades are dictated by your hair. “It’s not your skin color,” says Jill. “Your hair is what frames your face.”

She breaks us into four hair color categories: deep brunettes, warm blondes, ash blondes/greys, golden browns/redheads. Each category corresponds to a palette of 30 colors you can wear, either alone or in combination, and to a complete set of makeup.

For example, Geri’s hair color type–golden brown/redhead–looks best in these these colors:

Of course, “there’s no law that says, you can’t wear other colors,” says Jill, but she promises that these colors look best.

Since her color consultation with Jill, Geri takes her treasured swatch book everywhere. “She even takes it to Starbucks,” says her sister, Shelley.

Enter to win Jill’s complete color system by visiting her page on Soft Surroundings to determine which of the four hair color categories fits you best. Then tell us which one you are in the comments below!

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Contest closes February 10, 2011

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{Makeovers} 4 unbelievable celeb color makeovers!

According to FOF Jill Kirsh, “Hollywood’s guru of hue,” any FOF can look younger, thinner and more radiant, with just a little bit of color intervention. Her clever system is based on hair color, and includes makeup kits and a portable booklet of fabric swatches to help you identify your best colors.

We were intrigued, but skeptical. What about skin tone or eye color? “No, no” says Jill. “The hair rules the day.”

“We’ll believe it when we see it,” we said, and put Jill to the test.

The challenge: Take 4 FOF celebs and tell us, were their Golden Globes dresses a hits or misses? If it was a hit, show us why. If it was a miss, work your color magic and help that star shine.

The results: Ta-da! 4 show-stopping color transformations.

She missed. “The warm champagne tone of the dress that Helen wore to the Golden Globes takes away from her silver hair and drags her down. Icy blue would have been a better choice for her. It lifts the attention up to her face and makes her look more vibrant.”

She hit…sort of. “Black is great, it’s basic and we all love it,” says Jill. “The black dress Melissa Leo wore to the Golden Globes works. But, eggplant should really be her new black. The eggplant dress brings out the warmth of her face and auburn hair.”

She hit. “Catherine Zeta Jones nailed it with the forest green dress she wore to the Golden Globes,” says Jill. “Since she’s a deep brunette, she really pops in forest green. If the dress were a different shade, such as olive, she would fade right into it.”

She hit. The marigold that Kyra Sedgwick picked for the Golden Globes was a great choice for her warm blond hair coloring. She looks vibrant and alive,” says Jill. A taupe would have grayed her out and made her look older.”

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