{FOFix her up} Help us find a great guy for Ivy Pittman!

As FOFs, we’re always setting everyone else up–our single kids, our sweet and eligible FUF (fab under fifty) neighbor, the helpful computer guy…sometimes we forget to help ourselves.

When we sent out an e-mail last week about an opportunity for single FUFs to find love on live television, we were flooded with replies from single FOFs. “What about women who are over 48, single and have it together?” wrote FOF Ivy Pittman. “I mean don’t these women deserve a chance to find love too?” Yes, we do. And here’s your chance, Ivy.

Read about FOF Ivy Pittman below. If you think you know someone who could be a good match, leave a comment about why! Let’s FOFix her up!

FOF Ivy Pittman is 54 and feels “more with it and together now” than when she was in her 30s. “I know who I am, what I’m going to do and what I’m not going to do,” says Ivy. To whit, she’s more ready than ever to settle down with Mr. Right. She’s also smart, funny, completely forthcoming and baggage free. Her ideal first date? “Six Flags, the beach, a baseball game…” says Ivy (an avid Red Sox fan, in case you were wondering). She’s been in a several long-term relationships, but never married. Her theory: “If I wanted to be married, I could be married. But, I’m not going to be married just to have ‘M-R-S’ in front of my name.” Our theory: This FOF is just too damn cool! No, seriously…


FOF Ivy Pittman

Age: 54

Height: 5’5”

Profession: Freelance writer, indie book reviewer, co-founder of visiblewomanonline.com, a website for women of color over forty.

Location: Montclair, New Jersey. “I would date someone long distance, in fact, I have in the past. I’d also relocate for the right person.”

Hobbies: Dancing, jazz music, reading, power walking, cycling, entertaining, adventures, casual drinking, the beach. “I’m just not a cold weather gal.”

Past relationships: Never married. “I’ve been in several long-term relationships but found out those men weren’t for me.”

Ivy’s wish list for an ideal man: “He is holding his own; has a good job; likes to travel and do cultural things; likes dogs (I love dogs!); respects a woman who has interests outside of a relationship; enjoys his quiet time; is a good conversationalist and he absolutely MUST have a great sense of humor. Respect and honesty are big for me. I’d prefer someone on the taller side (at least 6 feet), a husky build, an African-American man would be nice…”

Dealbreakers: “I couldn’t be with someone who has a problem with commitment. I’m not saying you need to commit to me after the first date but at some point, say 2 or 3 months, we need to have that conversation, because we are not kids.”

Ideal first date: “The beach in the summer or walking around a city or town, having lunch or dinner and good conversation. Six Flags, a baseball game or a jazz club could be fun too.”

Think you someone you know that would be a good match for Ivy, leave a comment about why! Let’s FOFix her up!