{Giveaway} Win a Hostess Set from Sorella Home

“Sisters” and FOFs Linda Green and Terri Casner are giving away this elegant Hostess Set from their company’s Natura line. The set includes a uniquely hand-designed rectangular platter, 4 dipping bowls and a pitcher, all in warm white–ideal for entertaining year round.

To enter, comment below and answer: Do you own fine china? When do you use it? (See all our past winner, here.)

While Linda and Terri aren’t actually sisters, but they’ve been friends for twenty-five years. “People frequently ask if we are sisters…and that really is a better description of our relationship,” says Linda. “We have been through births, deaths, divorces, and many, many, many great laughs!”

When they started their tableware company in July of 2009 they already had a name picked out: Sorella Home. “Sorella” means “sister” in Italian and the two are aficionados of all things Italian.

Terri is Founder and V.P. of Product Development and Linda is V.P. of Marketing for the L.A.- and N.Y.-based company which designs and manufactures handcrafted tableware and home decor made in the U.S. and Europe. Their products have been named a “Bridal Best” by Bridal Guide and featured by HGTV. They are available in Michael C. Fina as well as smaller boutiques.

“Our tagline is ‘reinventing tradition'” says Linda. “Women have been setting the table with loving hands for ages. Sorella Home is where the next generation of “sisters” can bring to life a simple and pure style that is uniquely their own.”

Enter to win a Sorella Home Natura Hostess Set. Comment below and tell us: Do you own fine china? When do you use it?

Thank you for entering. This contest is now closed.

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{Giveaway} Win Nostalgic Necklaces!

In June, FOF Debra Bachelder won an FOF business makeover with leading career coach, Jeff Williams. She’s successfully launched her jewelry company DFB City Street Gems which she continues to grow with Jeff’s help.

Now, she’s offering two lucky FOFs a chance to win nostalgic necklaces from her collection, which is inspired by found objects from her childhood.

To enter, comment below and tell us: Which necklace do you like and why? Then, read on to learn about Debra’s business makeover.

Thank you for entering. This contest is now closed.

For over thirty years, 53-year-old Debra Bachelder has been involved in various art ventures; she worked as a Wall Street graphic designer, ran a Southwest/Asian-inspired jewelry line called Fiesta and leads art programs for different at-risk populations.

“I always came back to making stuff,” says Debra. “I’m originally from New York and moved to a small town in Ohio. After 14 years, I was still homesick. I needed a way to cope.”

She began making pieces using items one might find on the streets of New York: bottle caps, coins, watch parts and charms.

“I started wiring it all together and wearing it. Next thing I knew, I was taking orders.”

“Debra came to me probably a month and a half into starting her business,” said Jeff. “She already had a name for the company, a legal agreement, suppliers, and a preliminary business plan. She’s very savvy but she needed help with the tactical stuff. As a lot of entrepreneurs do, she felt very overwhelmed.

What they worked on:

For more information about DFB City Street Gems, e-mail Debra at: workitout@redbird.net (and put “FOF” in the subject line).

Enter to win one of Debra’s Street Gems™ necklaces by commenting below and telling us: Which of the two necklaces would you choose, and why?

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{Giveaway} Win a $350 bag!

This week: Win a Scout leather messenger bag valued at $350. Browse through the FabOverFifty Shop, then comment below and tell us: What are your 3 favorite items? This contest is now closed. Thanks to all who entered!