{Style Expert} “Geek Chic” pieces for FOFs

It started with big geeky glasses. This year, we spotted them on everyone from Madonna and Demi Moore to our very own trendsetting founder, Geri Brin. The streets of NYC are teeming with nerdy accessories, from scuffed Oxford shoes and schoolboy blazers to skinny suspenders. Here, our favorite items for introducing a little “geek” while keeping things chic:

1. Madonna rocks out in Buddy Holly “Nerd” glasses.

2. A tailored take on a teacher’s sweater: Wool Leather-Patch Cardigan from Ralph Lauren, $84.99.

3. Glasses that are a class(y) act: Jill Glasses in classic tortoise from Amy Sacks, $90.

4. A plaid shirt with no place for a pocket protector: Soft Surroundings, $49.99

5. A sexy take on the schoolboy blazer: “Rory” Two-Button Blazer from Theory, $375

6. A clever clutch: Book of the Month Clutch from Kate Spade, $325

7. Shoes for studying in style: Melanee in Cognac Leather by Steven, $79.20

And while we’re on the topic, who’s your favorite famous geek?

Image of Madonna via Geek Eyewear