Look Fabulous In Fuchsia!

FOF Shelley took
a trip to the Ming Wang showroom in NYC and modeled
its striking
Three-Quarter Sleeve Notch Collar Knit Jacket.

The contemporary brushstroke plaid, in a dramatic contrast of fuchsia and black, is fashioned in a blazer shape and features a single button closure and subtly padded shoulders.


Sherry Makes A Spring Statement

FOF Sherry Hood, 57, told us she “loves” the Ming Wang spring jacket she won in one of FOF’s fab contests. A ¾-sleeve, collared jacquard, retailing for $289, it comes in a soft spearmint shade that’s complemented with dramatic black studs.

“I’ve been in media all of my adult life, as a radio and TV reporter and anchor, print and TV model, and in radio and TV sales,” says Sherry, who is currently a media sales executive and corporate underwriter. She made a fashion statement at work when she wore the beautiful green jacket. “I got compliment after compliment.“


Packing Secrets Revealed

Comedy sketches have been written based on women packing for trips. If we could fit in the kitchen sink, we’d probably consider taking that, too. It’s never too late to get a handle on the process so you can carry exactly what you’ll need, not a shred more. A well-packed suitcase also takes the stress out of dressing when you’re on the road.

Heed these packing tips from Monica Escamilla, Ming Wang Product Specialist, and you’ll take a load off your mind, not to mention your hands.

Women usually over pack their luggage. How do we avoid that?

I think it’s important to always have a set of basic foundation pieces that work with multiple outfits. Instead of packing several pairs of jeans or black pants, pack one of each that looks good with all tops and jackets. The two pieces will give you dressy and casual looks. As for shoes, I recommend packing a casual flat pair of shoes, such as ballet flats, and a dressier shoe, perhaps a black pump or boot (depending on the weather). Shoes take up a lot of space in your suitcase, so the fewer you take the better. Also save space by wearing your bulkiest items on the plane, such as boots or coats.


How To Look Good In Layers

Time was you’d be considered sloppy if your shirt wasn’t tucked into your pants or skirt and it hung below your sweater or jacket.

And who in her right mind would pair a dressy jacket with a tailored shirt? Do either now and you’re right on trend! Layering pieces that work together perfectly, however, takes a little bit of style savvy. Heed these tips from Monica Escamilla, Ming Wang Product Specialist, and your layers will take the cake!

Buy one Ming Wang jacket, use your newfound style tips and create a collection of great looks. Here, Ming Wang’s stunning garnet zip-front jacket, embellished with smooth black nail heads, is the centerpiece of my three layered looks. Its part of Ming Wang’s Sapphire collection and is available at Nordstrom.


Top 6 Fall Trends by Ming Wang

Stylish women have been counting on the versatility and functionality of Ming Wang knit pieces for almost three decades, so FOF wanted to learn what gives the brand such staying power. Monica Escamilla, a Ming Wang product specialist, explains:

What is the Ming Wang design philosophy?

When you buy two of Ming Wang’s separates, it’s really like buying four or even six, because every single piece can work with most anything hanging in your closet to create a range of looks. We pair seasonal color trends with our timeless statement pieces, so even when a color is no longer at the height of fashion, you will be.

Can you give us an example of the brand’s versatility?

Jackets create great points of interest and can transform your wardrobe, whether they’re dressed up or down. They add extra flair that other tops and bottoms can’t. Pair them with dressy black pants or denim. They also can easily make the transition from day to night.