{FOF Featured Blog} Concrete Jungle

FOF Heather Chapple has a Thai for design. Twelve years ago the Canadian interior designer uprooted her husband and her children from their home in Southern France and moved to Phuket, Thailand, where Heather felt her kids could get a better education.

“Finding a home that would accommodate our heights and our giant container of goods was a challenge,” Heather said in an interview with Phuket Tatler Magazine. “So I realized from the outset that I would have to build a house to accommodate our family and collection of paintings, books and furnishings.”

From the ground up and the inside out, Heather designed her “Oasis” according to the design principles of her favorite French architect, Le Corbusier. She also made unique use of polished concrete throughout the home, hence her blog’s name, Concrete Jungle.

“The island and area is full of fabulous, original and interesting design ideas,” writes Heather. From instructions on how to use polished concrete in decorating, to musings on tropical living, to a post that translates the colors of Thailand to real rooms anywhere, Concrete Jungle has truly caught our Thai…er…eye.