{Giveaway} Win a 30-minute healthy, sexy body “makeover” from an FOF nutrition guru

FOF nutrition guru, Rosie Battista, of Sleeping Naked After 40, is giving away a healthy, sexy, body “makeover”–a 30-minute, personalized phone session designed to get your nutrition back on track. To enter, ask her a nutrition question here.

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On the precipice of her fiftieth birthday, FOF Rosie Battista was in crisis mode.

“I had to sell my house in a bad housing market,” writes Rosie on her website. “I had a broken-up relationship, a lost, messy floundering business, topped off with seemingly insurmountable life issues… All of this toxicity evidenced itself in the most obvious symptom of a lifestyle gone awry, an overweight, uncomfortable body.”

In an effort to get her confidence up and her body in shape, Rosie tackled a life goal: compete in a body-building contest. In four months, she toned up, lost 35 pounds and placed in the competition.

How’d she do it? Rosie took on an intensive dieting and training program and developed a system of nutritional “tricks” to keep herself on track.

Read 5 nutrition secrets excerpted from her books Cooking Naked After 40 and Mini-Treats, then enter the contest below to win a 30-minute phone session with Rosie.

Rosie’s 5 nutrition secrets:

1. When cooking and eating, remember these simple rules: The simpler, the less ingredients, the easier, the cleaner, the lighter, the purer — the better.

2. Three things to have in your fridge at all times are: a bowl of leftover brown rice, 3 or 4 baked sweet potatoes, a container of homemade applesauce. It will take about one hour of your time to prepare these items but having them ready will help you get healthy meals together in minimal time. Designate a few hours each week to prep for the next week.

3. Ezekiel breads are the only way to go. Ezekial is one brand of sprouted bread and contains no flour or refined sugars. You’ll find these breads in the freezer section of your grocery store because there are no preservatives or processed flours, making the shelf life short. The bread will last weeks in your freezer.

4. You may think “hippy” when you think “hemp” — but, actually this small seed is a nutrient rich powerhouse and a great source of fiber, magnesium, iron, zinc and potassium. Use this super seed mixed in to granola, yogurt, soups, smoothies or baked goods.

5. Dark leafy greens are the best and only way to get the phytochemicals and plant nutrients we need for ultimate health. One way to get these greens into your diet is to use collard leaves as sandwich wraps.

Enter to win a healthy, sexy body “makeover,” a 30-minute phone session with Rosie. One FOF will win. To enter, ask her a nutrition question here.

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