{Style Expert} 1 piece, 3 different parties

Style expert Sherrie Mathieson, author of Steal this Style and Forever Cool shows you how 1 piece can take you through 3 different parties this season.

“J. Crew makes this wonderful sequin top that I’m tempted to buy every time I go in. It’s very Vera Wang-ish with refined sequins and not too stiff. It’s versatile because of its basic construction with sequins that give it a little bit of glamour.” -Sherrie Mathieson

Wear this to: A dinner party at the neighbors’, a housewarming event, a potluck dinner

“It’s soft but sexy at the same time. There’s so much interesting texture and detail from the gold tips on the shoes to the bow on the bag. Yet, the flatness of the shoes, the jeans and the cotton-cashmere sweater dress it down,” says Sherrie.

1. Cotton/Cashmere Cardigan from Eddie Bauer, $49.50
2. Bedecked Brooch Necklace from Anthropologie, $48
3. Buena Notte Bag from J. Crew, $188
4. Chanel Black-Golden Ballet Flats, $186
5. Raw Denim Jeans by Not Your Daughter’s Jeans, $161

Sequin drizzle tank from J. Crew, $98

Middle of the Road
Wear this to: A cocktail party, a holiday party, a business dinner

“It’s very feminine but has a certain sensuality that denotes a relaxed social environment,” says Sherrie. “Most of this outfit can be worn to work, then just add in the bag and the top to make it evening-appropriate.”

1. Pure Pashmina Wrap in Black from The Pashmina Store, $69.99
2. Braided Chain-and-Pearl Necklace from J. Crew, $88
3. Nylon E.B. Bag from Kate Spade, $175
4. Russian Imperial White Enamel Ring, $85
5. Lizzy Leather Pumps by Jimmy Choo, $495
6. Margrita Skirt by Diane von Furstenberg, $245

Sequin drizzle tank from J. Crew, $98

Wear this to: A benefit, fundraiser, political house party

“The cut of the pants, the shoes and the evening bag make this look more appropriate for a formal occasion. I love the jacket because it could also be dressed down with jeans.”
says Sherrie.

1.  Safety pin embellished wool jacket by DAY Birger et Mikkelsen, $610
2. Sequin minaudière from J. Crew, $128
3. Diamond Pattern Medium Cuff by Anna Beck, $345
4. Carly Heels from Kate Spade, $298
5. Balloon Pant by Planet Clothing, $300

Sequin drizzle tank from J. Crew, $98

Sherrie’s Secrets to Looking Party Perfect

-When choosing dinner-party wear, focus on a good fit and not overexposing skin. “It’s very tempting for women to expose too much cleavage,” says Sherrie.

-Choose pieces with flow and femininity. “Dinnertime is a softer part of the day, so clothing should be softer too,” says Sherrie.

-Nothing is more important than a well-chosen accessory. “It could be a great conversation starter,” says Sherrie

-A mix of neutrals and interesting textures is a great way to achieve a classy, party-ready look. “You can always accessorize with color,” says Sherrie.

– “It’s not the Mad Men era,” says Sherrie. “In those days people had a certain code of dress. Today, there are less rules, so people are all over the place. If ever in doubt, seek out guidance from a professional stylist.”