The FOF Behind The Top-Notch Tops!

We can’t stop raving about Covered Perfectly tops. They’ve got style, but they’re still super-soft and cuddly. They wash beautifully. They make every FOF body look good, so you don’t have to pull down the front or back to cover your belly or tush. And they’re priced beautifully.

The woman behind the Covered Perfectly line. Pauline Durban is as lovely as her tops.

Why do you think so few suitable clothing options are available for FabOverFifty women?

The designers seemed to have forgotten about us, which makes absolutely no sense, as we have more spendable income than the younger generation. You can find suitable pieces here and there, but you have to comb through the racks. My goal was to put together a variety of fabulous options, and to make the entire collection available on one user-friendly site.


Figure-Flattering Designs For Real Women

We’re FabOverFifty, and that’s great for lots of reasons! We’re much savvier than we were two decades ago. We’ve gained a rich perspective on life, and, for the most part, we’ve stopped sweating the small stuff. We’ve surely accomplished a great deal. But unless we make it to the moon, most of us probably will never defy gravity!

Gravity may be a blessing when it comes to keeping us firmly planted on the ground, but it’s also made our bodies, shall we say, a little less perfect over time. And that, ladies, can make it very, very frustrating to shop for clothes.

Most fashion for FOFs just doesn’t seem to cut it. It’s too structured or too frumpy; too gaudy or too plain. Muu-muus? No thank you! And when we try on a fashion-forward top we like, it usually reveals the areas that we’d rather keep covered.

Is it too much to ask for breathability, shapeliness and coverage, all in one package?