{Giveaway} Rainraps


Rachel Teyssier and Stacy Struminger are giving away one of their stylish Rainraps, a lightweight wrap that protects your clothes from the rain without weighing you down. Enter to win one by answering this question in the comments, below: Which color Rainrap is your favorite?

Best FOFriends Rachel and Stacy met at a playgroup in 2001, when their kids were just a few months old. Once they started talking, they realized that they had a ton in common. Both ladies grew up in New Jersey and eventually moved to New York City, both relocated from New York and were raising families in Richmond, Virginia, and both have kids who are the same age.

Ten years later, Stacy was headed to a meeting when it started downpouring. As she sat at that meeting, soaking wet, she thought how convenient it would be to have a waterproof wrap, similar to her favorite pashmina, that she could throw on over her outfit to protect her from the rain. She told Rachel about her idea, and the two searched the web to see if their dream raingear already existed.

“We were typing in ‘waterproof scarfs,’ ‘waterproof capes,’ ‘waterproof pashminas,'” says Rachel. “We did tons of different online searches to see if there was anything like it out there, and realized that there wasn’t.”

In late 2011, Rachel and Stacy rolled out the first prototype of their Rainraps, a fashionable alternative to the slicker which protects your clothes without leaving you looking like…well..a tourist at Seaworld. The waterproof wrap folds up into a tiny square that fits in your purse, and can be worn several different ways to compliment any outfit.

In the four months since they started selling online and at retail stores in Virginia and North Carolina, Stacy and Rachel have sold over 1,800 Rainraps. The stylish rainwear has also been featured by nearly every magazine under the sun from Good Housekeeping to More to Oprah’s O Magazine.

So, how did they climb the ladder to success so quickly? Rachel offered this piece of advice:

“You’re never going to know unless you give it a shot, and I truly believe that if somebody has an idea, there’s a way to get it made.”

Enter to win a Rainrap of your own. View the Rainraps collection, here, then enter to win by answering this question in the comment section: Which color Rainrap is your favorite?

One FOF will win. (See all our past winners, here.) (See official rules, here.) Contest closes June 21, 2012 at midnight E.S.T.

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