{Shopping} We’ve all heard of eBay, but what about these fab sites for vintage shopping?

eBay has it’s merits, but we’ve got the goods on where real FOF vintage vixens shop. Check out these insider sites for shopping second-hand….

Jewelry: Atlantis Dry Goods

They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, but in this case the tree didn’t grow far from the apple. After fifteen-year-old style wunderkind, Jane Aldridge, gained wild acclaim for her blog, Sea of Shoes, her mom Judy decided to give blogging a whirl. Judy, a former model turned fashion-designer, posts fashion inspiration, recipes, DIY projects and more on her blog, Atlantis Home. Her most recent venture? Atlantis Dry Goods, an online store with delightfully funky vintage jewelry, belts and other odds and ends. Lions and leopards and bears, oh my! Judy loves stocking her e-boutique with funky animal charms. Her store is a jungle of pieces from famed designers such as Trifari, Givenchy, Judith Leiber and more. Oh, and the prices are not at all wild — most of the jewelry hovers between $20 and $150.

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Fashion: Couture Allure

FOF Jody Steinman scouts out only the best designer duds for her online vintage shop, Couture Allure. “I don’t offer anything that I wouldn’t wear myself,” says Jody. She’s spent years fostering relationships in the industry to find “the best in vintage fashion still hiding in historic New England homes,” she says. Dior, Yves St. Laurent, Oscar de la Renta, Lilli Ann and Pucci are just a sampling of the designers Jody carries, and the selection changes weekly. “I also carry gorgeous vintage garments that have no designer labels,” she says. In the market for an uber-unique special-occasion dress? Couture Allure has an unrivaled selection of evening wear.

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Home & Accessories: Housing Works

Shopping at Housing Works is “a win/win,” wrote in FOF Alexis Marnel. “I furnished my whole apartment there…The best part is that proceeds go to people living with HIV/AIDS.” NYC-based Housing Works has gained a reputation as the Bergdorf Goodman of thrift stores thanks to its meticulously-vetted selection of men’s and women’s clothing, jewelry, handbags, accessories–and it’s particularly standout furniture and artwork. Now, non New Yorkers are privy to this haven of haute hand-me-downs thanks to ShopHousingWorks.com. You can log on from Calcutta to Kalamazoo and troll inventory for sale and online auctions (FedEx shipping is available on select items). Searching on a whim, we found this fabulously-mod Conran Shop rug, a whimsical decorative plate by Kaas and a delightful hickory wing chair.

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Going, going gone!
As of publication of this story on March 22, 2011 the fab products pictured above were available at their corresponding online boutiques. However, as to be expected with second-hand shopping, what’s here today might be… gone tomorrow!

{City Guide} Top Second-Hand Spots from Coast to Coast

Are you an Old Digger?

From a 1992 Armani Suit to a 1952 Chanel handbag, second-hand finds are a savvy FOF’s best friend. Here are 11 tried and true spots that FOFs turn to for timeless treasures.

1. William Temple, Portland OR
Portland’s better-vetted, lower-priced version of Goodwill sells furniture, vintage clothing and housewares. Proceeds support William Temple House’s mental health counseling, emergency social services and pastoral services. FOF Lisa Johnson says, “I love shopping at William Temple, a wonderful thrift store in Northwest Portland that my daughter turned me on to.”

2. Boomerang, Jamaica Plain, MA
FOF deeptodeep says, “My favorite place to shop is Boomerang, a large neighborhood thrift shop whose profits benefit Aids Action Committee. I find wonderful clothes there as well as cool assorted household items such as brand new West Elm sheer linen curtains that were $6 per panel (I purchased all six!) The stock changes constantly so there are always surprises and the potential for a score.”

3. Albright Fashion Library, New York, NY
FOF Linda Rodin says, “I love the Albright Fashion Library. Everyone from a Meryl Streep to a runway model goes there to get clothes for events. If you have your eye on a $20,000 designer dress, you can rent it at Albright for $2,000 a night. Or rent a Hermes handbag if you want to look groovy for a weekend.”

4. GreenFlea Market, New York, NY
FOF micheled says, “”I find great deals at a fabulous flea market on 77th St. and Columbus Ave. I bought a Tiffany vase for 5 dollars there. It had some discoloration on the bottom, but I fixed it up with a green pen. I also found a gorgeous black velvet cape lined in white with a hood and a pocket for gloves. I purchased this little gem for about $45 have used it over the years.”

5. The Antiques Garage Flea Market, New York, NY
FOF Audgar says, “My absolute favorite place for a great deal is the flea market on W. 25th St. on Saturdays and Sundays! Grab a cup of coffee and get there early!”

6. Regal Rags, Annapolis, MD. 410.224.3434
FOF Sue S. says, “This small, consignment shop just outside of D.C. re-sells only designer clothes. No one ever wants to wear their designer duds twice, with all the fancy affairs in D.C., so here they are…worn once and some with tags still on. And, the prices are unbelievable; I bought a beautiful Ralph Lauren sweater (with the tags still on) for 5 dollars!”


7. House of Lavande, Palm Beach, FL
FOF Mary Nedvins says, “”Every piece of jewelry there has a history.  The pieces are classic but carry an emotional reference to eras of days gone by.  And I know that no one else will be wearing what I’m wearing.”


8. Trashy Divas, New Orleans, LA

FOF Marybeth Bond says, “When I was writing my book, 50 Best Girlfriends Getaways, so many women told me ‘We love to go to thrift shop with our girlfriends. We take $10 and try to get something really funny for the other person.’ In New Orleans there’s no place like Trashy Divas on Magazine Street.”

9. Couture Allure, online. 617.281.8133
FOF Debra J. Bartgis says, “I met the owner, Jody on eBay seven or eight years ago. She’s very discriminating, her clothes are unique and she’s an extremely helpful seller. She will give you her opinion if she doesn’t think something is right for you.”

10. Rusty Rose Vintage Clothing, Solvang, CA. 805.688.8031
FOF joanspeirs says, “Sometimes I find the best deals on eBay, but it can be time consuming. I prefer to go to my favorite second hand/vintage clothing store Rusty Rose.”

What’s your fave place to shop second-hand? Click here to add your Fab Fave Shop.

{Style Expert} My Obsession: Collecting Vintage Costume Jewelry

Coco Chanel introduced the first vintage costume jewelry in the US with a line of large “statement” pieces designed to look like frogs and flowers. They were a runaway hit. Women loved the idea of bold, affordable jewelry that reflected the latest trends. Today, vintage costume jewelry is one of the hottest collectibles on the market, with thousands of women (and men) combing flea markets, estate sales and eBay to find classic pieces from the 20s through the 70s.

These 3 FOFs have turned their passion for vintage bling into pretty profits–not to mention hours of obsessive fun. They explain why it’s become so popular and how you can get started collecting your own.

Pamela Wiggins
Location: Austin, TX
Owner, Chic Antiques by Pamela Wiggins, collector and co-founder of Costume Jewelry Collectors International.
Favorite designers: Schreiner and Napier

Why are people so obsessed with vintage costume?
I think it’s being driven by the revival of the 50s and 60s look–Mad Men has something to do with it. But more than that, the designs are classic, the pieces are beautifully made–much nicer than most contemporary costume jewelry–and the brand names–Chanel, Dior, etc–are hot right now. Plus, it’s affordable. You can still get a vintage set from Trifari that looks dramatic and gorgeous for $100.

How did you get into collecting?
I went to an estate sale with my mother–who owned an antique shop–and bought some Miriam Haskell pieces that I knew were good quality, even though they weren’t really my style. I ended up selling them and I was hooked.

Why do you like Schreiner and Napier?
I like the blingy stuff from the 1950s. Schreiner used a lot of unique stones and creative designs. Napier made a lot of “boutique” jewelry in the 1950s–more upscale pieces made in limited quantities of 300-500.  They’ve recently gained more of a following, but you can still get a nice set for around $150.

Marie Galterio
Location: New Jersey
Owner, letsgetvintage.com
Favorite designers: Ciner, Trifari, Sherman, Swarovski and Jomaz

How did you get started collecting?
I loved jewelry from when I was young. In my teens, I decided that rings would be my trademark, so I started looking for costume rings. I visited antique shops and flea markets, bought what I liked, and many of them ended up being collectibles. Eventually I had so much, I thought, this is something I’d love to go into business doing.

What’s your favorite part about being a collector?
It’s not a bread and butter business, but it is something that has afforded me the opportunity to connect with people all over the world.  I’ve sold to people in Italy, Spain, Japan and Australia.  Many times, my customers become my friends. I send them little hand-written notes with their orders.

Why are these your favorite designers?
They worked with the finest stones, and their superior workmanship and design contributed to the jewelry looking very much like “the real thing.” Many of the vintage costume jewelry designers designed for fine jewelry stores before they made the transition to costume jewelry. Their standards were high and they brought that standard to their costume pieces. Ciner is still in operation today and still producing fabulous jewelry that is often mistaken for ‘the real thing.’

I tend to gravitate to certain pieces from each designer that make a statement; the statement usually being, ‘You’re taking me home!’


Annie Sherman
Location: Hawaii
Owner, Annie Sherman Vintage Jewelry
Favorite designer: Juliana

How did you get started?
I collected vintage jewelry most of my adult life. I just like bling.  You know how women are.  And with vintage jewelry there’s so much bling, and it’s affordable.  I could not buy a big diamond as a young woman . . .

Tell me about the photo of Dolly Parton.
Oh, I just love her!  She bought one of my pins. This is a photo of her with my friend when she received the pin. If I were ever to meet her in real life I would go weak in the knees.

Why do you love Juliana?
The bling! The pieces are not signed but very recognizable. One look at it you know what it is. The stones are bigger and it’s more flashy and colorful.

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Can you match the FOF star with her high school profile?


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Images: InStyle, Celebrity News, Amy Grindhouse, ABC News, Parade, and JCPS History

{Inspiration} Talking Turkey

We’ve been talking turkey this week, FOFs.  A bit of “thanks” (a surprise reward just for being FOF) and a lot of “giving” (FOF share their passion projects and how you can help!)

Image via Flickr

{Timeless Style} Thanksgiving at the Governor’s Mansion

Talk about going cold turkey. This fab photo was snapped in 1959 at the Governor’s Mansion in Tallahassee, Florida. The photo is of Florida Governor LeRoy Collins’s 9-year-old daughter, Darby (now an FOF!) on Thanksgiving. Governor Collins and his family were the first to live in the Governor’s Mansion. The 1959 Thanksgiving was the second-ever Thanksgiving celebrated there.

Image via Flickr

{Timeless Style} Bathing Suit Beauty

The real secret to sexy?  Leaving a little to the imagination…

Just ask Alfred Mugford. The photo below, taken in 1941 in Waikiki, Hawaii, was his favorite photo of his then fiancé, Margery. Margery “Muggy” Mugford was a swimwear, lingerie and sportswear model at McEnerney’s department store in Wakiki. She went on to open her own swimwear shop and modeling agency. A mere five years after this photo was taken, “the world’s smallest bathing suit,” the bikini, debuted in France. Forget mystery, the rest is history….

“This was my grandfather’s favorite picture of my grandmother. It was taken shortly before they were married. He was 22-years old. She was 18. It represents who she was: beautiful, strong, athletic, independent, confident and sexy. She was a remarkable person.” -Cori Redford

Image via Flickr

{Style Expert} Retro not ridiculous: How to achieve a “hippie chic” look

Two FOF style experts, Gail Garramone and Marilyn Kirschner, share secrets to looking hippie chic–not hippie dippy.

“The 60s had some great looks,” says Gail. “But it is important to know how to bring them back without looking like Joan-Baez-Gone-Bad or like you should be carrying around a lava lamp.”

Both experts agree that FOFs shouldn’t be limited to cliche fashion rules (“I am a firm believer that one can basically wear anything if one knows how to do it,” says Marilyn.) They offer these ideas–not commandments–for working Woodstock into your wardrobe.

6 Fab Hippie Chic Pieces and How to Wear Them

Examples:  Laguna Cuff by Soft Surroundings (left), $94.95 and Turquoise Buckle Leather Belt (right), $599 from Ralph Lauren

“Turquoise jewelry, whether in the form of a statement necklace or a cuff, makes for beautiful accessories.” says Gail. “Cinch a white button-down blouse with a turquoise belt. A big piece of jewelry slung low on the waist can make an unexpected statement–and hide a pooch!”

Foolproof pairings: A monochrome palette; shirt and pants or a dress in either brown, white or black.

Examples: Autumin in Philadelphia Tie Dye Silk  Fringed Scarf from Etsy seller, WarmFlashes (left), $29, Nepal Bag by Flora Bella from the FabOverFifty Shop, $412

“Tie-dyed accessories are fabulous because one piece can incorporate so many colors. A brightly tie-dyed pashmina shawl becomes a neutral that you can wear with just about anything,” says Gail.

Foolproof pairings:  Dark jeans and a dark-colored top.

Example: Declarative Peasant Blouse from Anthropologie (left), $58. Julietta Blouse by Trina Turk (right), $73.99

“Peasant blouses are great way to show a little skin without having to show your arms,” says Gail.

“What you don’t want is for it to resemble a maternity top, worn loose and unbelted,” says Marilyn.

Foolproof pairings: Wrist jewelry or slightly dangling earrings. Sophisticated high-waisted trousers or skirt.

Example:  Suede Tassel Boots in Brown from Soft Surroundings, (left) $159.95, Tessa Fringed Boot by House of Harlow (right), $350

“Hippie-style, over-the-knee boots in brown are just a fabulous essential,” says Gail. “They can have a hint of fringe but don’t overdo it.”

Foolproof pairings: A skirt that just skims the top of the boots or pants such as cords in brown or black or dark jeans. A slouchy leather or suede bag.

Example: “Karelia Coat” from Anthropologie, $248

“If you are FOF-fearless, a patterned coat is the ultimate,” says Gail.

“If you opt to wear a statement-making patterned coat, make that the one thing that is special,” says Marilyn. “Keep everything else solid, lean, clean and simplified.”

Foolproof pairings: A neutral monochromatic palette; off-white pants or narrow cords, army green cargos or indigo jeans. A knitted cap or fur or faux fur hat, suede boots (either flat or low wedge), and a timeless tote, satchel or shoulder bag (that are more sporty or casual than dressy).

Example: Faux Fur Vest from Eddie Bauer, (left) $99, Fur vest from Ebay, (right) from $20

“Fur vests may be a bit funky but are also classic enough so that it’s easily workable into a wardrobe,” says Marilyn. “It could easily add pizazz to basic separates. While they are always in style, they are even more so this season.”

Foolproof pairings: Neutral-toned (off white, ivory, cream, camel, brown) underpinnings such as a chunky turtleneck and narrow jeans or chino-type pants. Tall, brown, flat- or low-heeled boots.

Marilyn Kirschner has been Editor-in-Chief of the Internet Magazine Look-on-Line since 1995. She has appeared multiple times in Bill Cunningham’s ‘On the Street’ columns in The New York Times, and in February 2000, she was the subject of an 18 picture profile. Marilyn started her career at Seventeen magazine before landing at Harper’s Bazaar, where she remained for 21 years. She collects vintage fashion and is a personal shopper and wardrobe consultant. For more information, contact her at marilyn.kirschner@yahoo.com.

Gail Garramone has 15+ years experience in the fashion industry. She is a veteran V.P. at Liz Claiborne Inc. where she traveled around the country with Tim Gunn producing fashion events and fashion workshops.

Image of Ali MacGraw via I’m the It Girl

{Timeless Style} Beatlemania!

“Doesn’t it seem like just “yesterday” that the Beatles played their first U.S. concert? In fact, they made their U.S. debut on February 11, 1964, at the Washington Coliseum in front of approximately 8,000 fans. It was just two days after they premiered on the Ed Sullivan show. The day after the concert, U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson said to the British Prime Minister about the Beatles: “I like your advance guard. But don’t you think they need haircuts?”

“A family friend had given my teenage daughter, an avid fan of the Beatles, an old book about the band. She found it while cleaning out her attic. Tucked inside the old book was this 8X10 photo! Curious about the photo, I zoomed in on the officer’s (in the photo) arm patch, it said “Washington,” which was when I realized this photo was from their first U.S. show!” -FOF Shelagh Duffett.

Set List from the Beatles’ First U.S. Show
via PopHistoryDig

Washington, D.C.
February 1964

Roll Over Beethoven
From Me to You
I Saw Her Standing There
This Boy
All My Loving
I Wanna Be Your Man
Please Please Me
Till There Was You
She Loves You
I Want to Hold Your Hand
Twist and Shout
Long Tall Sally

Image via FLICKR

{Inspiration} Sound Off

It’s music week here at FOF. Tune in each day for some legendary posts…

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