{Weekly Roundup}

Have a lovely winter weekend, FOFs…

Street-Spotted: Now and Then

Former fashion editor is going to make eBay more like Lucky mag.

“Even Jackie O. had a uniform” says Vera Wang.

Birkin Bag on the cheap

Trends that are aging you.

How not to look frumpy: an amazing before and after

What to wear to work

A walk in the park

Looking ahead

What do you think of this look?

French apple tarts straight from Paris

Advanced Style Best of 2010

Until Monday…

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{Weekly Roundup}

We’re putting this week to bed, FOFs. Here are some posts (we promise won’t put you to sleep!) from around the web this week:

Printable gift tags for a procrastinator…

$100 Chico’s gift certificate giveaway.

“I’ve never had cosmetic surgery. Even when it works and you don’t look like a freak, you look like somebody else.” –Filmmaker John Waters

What do Parisiennes wear in the snow?

Earrings that evoke the first frost

Home (gorgeous home) for the holidays

Full skirt fetish

When candy meets cookie

Streisand’s cozy San Simeon

Until Monday, FOFs.

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{Weekly Roundup}

If you haven’t done your holiday shopping yet…. step on it this weekend!

Need inspiration? Check out the FOF Gift Guide. Or, procrastinate with these great posts from around the web:

The holiday scramble

A gift that will make them say “yum” AND “wow!”

Glove love

Giftspiration and more giftspiration and even more…oh, and just a little more… and why not? here’s more.

Sparkle like a Christmas Tree

Red lipstick done right for the holidays

New York or Paris?

A fail-proof holiday party piece

Image by Chris Everard

{Weekly Roundup}

This week’s a closed book, FOFs. But you can still catch up on the best reads from the web:

At home with Nora Ephron

A book before bed? What’s your evening ritual?

The Lost Art of Reading

A holiday cookie checklist and some…if you didn’t get enough

A literary tour… of tea!

The great winter fashion conundrum

Too old to wear a choker?

The perfect cashmere wrap

Until Monday!

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{Weekly Roundup}

Too much tryptophan? Don’t fall asleep! Here are some blog posts from around the web this week that are sure to keep you awake.

The perfect end to any meal

Holiday drinks

Well-earned wrinkles

The coveted silk blouse

Bunny Williams: Decorator of distinction

The final throes of autumn

A “younger” brain?

Body-friendly jacket

Until Monday, FOFs.

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{Weekly Roundup}

BRAva FOFs! You made it through the week! But did you catch all of these great new posts from around the web?

“I love clothes. It’s an illness,” says FOF actress Diane Keaton.

40 years with 82-year-old “Mrs B” on the front lines of fashion

A chat with a famous FOF director or a novel feast with an FOF author

This dress “reminds me of being young and watching Eva Gabor in Green Acres.”

How to wear velvet

Age before botox

Is an asymmetrical face a sign of aging?

Croissant smackdown

Tom Ford ‘Very Much Likes Beautiful Wrinkles

Until, Monday FOFs!

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{Weekly Roundup}

We’re packing up for the weekend, FOFs. Until Monday!

After a long journey, there’s no place like home

Curl up with a good book this weekend or take an Egyptian cruise

New study says men prefer face over figure… go figure!

The 9 best bodies over 50… Speaking of which, Cher speaks candidly with Vanity Fair

If you’re missing Paris….. Oh, and forget berets. Here’s a new list of fall Paris essentials

The long and short of it

How to wear a full skirt

Purse or pet?

Inspiration from Mimi Weddell

Until Monday…

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