{Exercise} 9 Top Trainers for FOFs

Meet the country’s best butt-kickers. Here are 9 trainers FOFs call on to get (and keep) in shape:

1. Erica Akemi Shepherd at The Pilates Company, Woodinville, WA
FOF KatieF says, “She’s beautiful inside and out and a tough and fun trainer. Her studio, The Pilates Company of Woodinville, offers a variety of programs: BASI Certified Pilates, a Pink Ribbon Program for Cancer Survivors, Mommy and Me Pilates, and Tracy Mallet’s Booty Barre.”

2. Laura Dixon at Harmony Mind Body Fitness, Chicago, IL
FOF Susan Dixon says, “Laura is a one-of-a-kind Pilates trainer. She has a background in dance and Stott Pilates Method as well as certification in Gyrotonics, Gyrokinesis, and XtendBarre. She is quick to understand your strengths and weaknesses and will work one-on-one with you to help you improve your physical condition.”

3. Sherry Stewart, St Louis, MO
FOF janis0314 says, “Sherry is an FOF, so she knows that there are special needs for women and men over 50. She takes extra special care to make sure you have a well-rounded workout within your limitations. Sherry is also the best personal example–not a ‘Do what I say, not what I do’ trainer.”

4. Donna Perone, New York, NY
FOF Terry Perl says, “I’ve been working with Donna for more than 6 years. What I love is, she doesn’t just do what’s trendy. She focuses on functionality, flexibility, balance and strength. She’s not trying to make you into a 100-pound teenager, she’s trying to help you stay moving and keep your joints and bones in shape. Thanks to Donna’s workouts I am stronger, I have muscles, I can go up and down stairs better and I don’t say ‘ooph’ when I stand up from a squat! Every woman could benefit from a trainer like her. Plus, she’s an FOF herself!”

5. Ernestine Shepherd, at Energy Fitness Center, Randallstown, MD
FOF elegantlady63 says, “This woman is incredible and the greatest inspiration ever. She is 74 years old with the energy and body of a 20 year old. She is a champion bodybuilder and has won trophies all over the world. She teaches classes at Energy Gym and several Senior Centers in Baltimore.”

6. Michelle LeFleur at St.Joseph’s/Candler Health System, Savannah, GA
FOF Susan H says, “I have always hated exercise even though I know it’s good for me. I’ve had other trainers but it was not until I met Michelle at Candler Wellness Center in Savannah, that I understand how a good trainer can make a difference. I started with Michelle to help lose weight and get strength back in my legs after multiple surgeries. She helped me develop a training program I like and feel good about. Knowing that she’s waiting for me at the gym makes me look forward to working out. Best of all, she’s introduced me to water exercise. When I’m in the pool, I can move my knees like there’s nothing wrong with them. Michelle is not only a trainer, she’s become a friend, motivator and cheerleader for every ounce of weight I lose and every ounce of strength I gain.”

7. Jane Trahan, Baton Rouge, LA
FOF sharon k says,Jane is amazing. She actually makes me laugh out loud while I’m working out. She has been my trainer for over two years now–the longest time I’ve ever stuck with a program–because she varies the routine and keeps it interesting. I have joint issues and Jane has adapted her program to work with my joints. She has kept me more active and healthy than I’ve ever been!”

8. Josh Simmons at Forma Gym, Walnut Creek, CA
FOF merrittinmartinez says, “Josh is a trainer and a massage therapist who has taken me from an injured lump to a long distance cyclist. He can ‘kick your butt’ kindly while modifying moves to accommodate injuries. Oh, and he’s not hard on the eyes, either!”

9. Pam Roth at Fast Track to Fat Loss, online
FOF mjk1256 says, “Pam is part of the Fast Track to Fat Loss team. She is always online to answer any questions and suggest great ideas for success with diet and exercise. She has really become a friend as well as a trainer for the past few months. I’m 71, I started out in size 12 jeans and now wear an 8.”

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Best Exercise Clothes for Women Over 50

Our style expert, Linda Cohen, is an FOF fitness fanatic. A runner who practices yoga and weight training, Linda has sweat through more tanks and track pants than she’d like to admit. Here, she reveals the problem-solving workout wear that stands the test of time–and treadmill.

Problem: I need a yoga pant that won’t highlight my lumps and bumps during downward dog.
Solution: The Groove Pant from Lululemon, $98. “My tried-and-true yoga pant. The fabric never stretches and always holds you in even if you’ve gained a little holiday weight. You can wear them all day and feel dressed and not sloppy.”


Problem: My fitted t-shirts are hugging my belly fat.
Solution:Underarmour’s Shortsleeve t-shirts ($24.99) have a flattering, looser fit that won’t cling to rolls or bulges. Plus, it keeps it’s shape after many washes and the patented material prevents odor.”


Problem: I need a jacket that zips over my sweaty workout wear so I look pulled together when I run to Starbucks.
Solution:Lululemon’s Stride Jacket is sophisticated, cool and, perhaps most importantly, long enough to cover your butt. I wear mine with a t-shirt and jeans when I travel. The black stretch fabric never fades.”


Problem: I need workout pants that are comfortable, but aren’t ratty college sweatpants.
Solution: “Nike has designed great fits for three different body types.The BE BOLD pant ($60) has a slim cut and a low rise if you’re ready to flaunt that toned bod. The BE STRONG pant ($60) is relaxed to the knee to balance out your hips and the mid-rise helps shape your butt and prevent ‘muffin top.’ The BE TRUE pant ($60) has a looser fit but is still flattering and slimming–never sloppy.”


Problem: I want to run with abandon, but my flapping underarms make me want to run and hide.
Solution:The Athleta Long Sleeve Wickit Workit T ($44) keeps your arms covered and cool with breathable, wicking fabric in five pretty colors.”


Problem: I need workout clothes that hold up to wear and wash but don’t cost a fortune.
Solution: “Workout clothes do take a beating, so there is value in spending a bit more on items that will last. Gap Body has a wonderful line at a fair price–the quality is good and the fabric doesn’t fade. I’ve also bought the Champion products at Target which are lighter weight and fit well. Pants are just $19.99 and they have plus sizes up to 3X. My one suggestion: Wash them in cold water or they will fade. Finally, the accessories at Old Navy are bright fun and cheap. Love this Crossbody workout bag for $12.50!”


Problem: I need need body-shaping sneakers that don’t look like orthopedic old-lady shoes.
Solution: “I just started wearing Reebok’s Easy Tone ($79.98) sneakers to the gym in October, and I feel a difference. They’re lightweight, comfortable, and they’re helping me tone my thighs, calves and butt. It is like having twice the workout. I recommend trying them on in the store because they seem to run a bit small.”


We’d love to get your recommendations. What’s your tried-and-true workout gear?