{Giveaway} A Mysterious Collection of Books

FOF author & private investigator, Carolina Garcia-Aguilera, is giving away her entire collection of 10 juicy reads (retail value: $150)! Carolina’s newest book, Magnolia, is “a departure from the mystery series” and delves into the erotica genre. We can’t wait to read it!

Want to win this sensational set of novels? Comment below by answering the question: Which of Carolina’s books do you want to read the most, and why? 1 FOF will win.

How old are you?

I’m 63 years old (but I certainly don’t feel it)!

Where are you originally from and where do you live now?

I was born in Havana, Cuba, and now I live in the South Beach area of Miami Beach, Florida.

How did you get started in writing?

I was a double major as an undergraduate in college- History and Political Science- and those subjects required a great deal of research as well as writing papers. To make some money, I helped my fellow students write their papers.

How and when did you first get published?

My first book, Bloody Waters, was published by G.P. Putnam’s sons in February 1996. I was fortunate that Elizabeth Ziemska, my literary agent, sent the manuscript to Cindy Spiegel, an editor there, and she purchased it–along with a second book in the series that I had yet to write– in four days.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Although I’ve been a licensed private investigator in Florida for over 25 years, I’m legally prohibited from writing about any of my cases. What I can do, though, is take bits and pieces from cases and mix them up so I don’t violate any confidentiality. Living in Miami always gives me inspiration, too!

Why would FOF women enjoy reading your books?

Very few individuals have the opportunity to meet a real private investigator, so reading mystery books written by a woman who is one gives them credibility. I have three grown daughters and a new granddaughter, so I am tuned into the female view of the world.

What is your newest book?

Magnolia is the story of a 22-year old woman, Magnolia Larson, originally from a conservative, Catholic family from Minneapolis, who suddenly finds herself stranded and penniless in Miami. She is approached by a female sports agent who offers her a lucrative job as a type of “sports geisha” to elite athletes.

What personal experiences have you incorporated into your writing?

I was born in Cuba, and most, if not all, of my books incorporate some aspects of my beloved island in them. Although I am grateful that this great country took us in, the fact that my family had to flee Cuba, leaving everything behind, is an open wound. The tragedy of Cuba has never really been told, as it is still ongoing. I don’t moralize in my books, but I try to educate my readers about Cuba and the sadness that permeates Cuban exiles as they think of their homeland.

Why do you like to write?

Although I cope reasonably well in the “real” world, I am truly happy in a world of my own creation. I enjoy telling stories and inventing scenarios. When my daughters were children, I would make up stories that would go on for weeks. Every night, I would create a new chapter. None of us, myself included, ever knew what was going to happen next.

Want win this sensational set of novels? Comment below by answering the question: Which of Carolina’s books do you want to read the most, and why? 1 FOF will win.

1 FOF will win. (See official rules, here.) Contest closes September 20, 2013 at midnight E.S.T. Contest limited to residents of the continental U.S.

  • jean olaughlin

    Magnolia- This book sounds good. A sports “geisha”. I wonder what all that would entail. I am intrigued.

  • javierl22

    I love the Lupe Solano mystery series…I read one and wish to read all the rest…….

  • travelgirl

    I love the cover of “Magnolia” – catches the eye for sure. 🙂
    But when there is a series,I try to always start with the first book, just so the rest of them make more sense.

  • bn100

    Luck of the Draw because it sounds like a fun book

  • Cynthia Richardson

    I’d like to read her first book, Bloody Waters


  • Angela Mogin

    Bloody Waters sounds very interesting. I would love to read mysteries written by a former private investigator; they are bound to be more factually grounded than many “women’s mysteries,” which seem to equate finding true love with solving crimes.

  • Diana Kelson

    Bloody Waters, the beginning.

  • june eggers

    Magnolia, of course. I always want to read what’s newest in print at the book store.

  • Theresa

    I would love to visit Miami and, of course, I have this totally romanticized image of the entire city. I would love to read any one of Carolina’s books but I might actually like to begin with Magnolia because it deals with a woman not originally from Miami.

  • smfsprout

    I would love to read them all, beginning with Bloody Waters and followed by Magnolia. Then I’ll read the remainder of the mystery group. I love a strong, smart female protagonist.

  • mandradany

    I love reading mystery stories, but these books intrigues me specially as the “erotic” sense is part of it. The combination sounds exciting and a must venture into happy reading!

  • sandy haber

    I guess I’d have to start at the beginning — experience has told me that even if the books sort-of stand alone, knowing who the main characters are helps. I’m always looking for new series!

  • ron frampton

    her first book bloody waters so you can get a feel of the author and her stories.

  • Diane

    As a voracious reader the thought of winning all of those books fills me with excitement. The newest book really interests me because it is a departure in genre for the author. I can’t wait to read Magnolia.

  • pmernick

    Mysteries are my favorite genre and this series sounds interesting! Thanks for the giveaway. I think I’d like to begin at the beginning with Bloody Waters

  • 56babs

    I, too, would like to start at the beginning if I had the whole set but am definitely going to look into this author.

  • Marilyn

    I’d love to read Magnolia. but the other books she has written as well.

  • Victoria Zumbrum

    I would love to start with Bloody Waters. The very first book. I like to start with the beginning especially when they are series.

  • Audrey

    I most want to read Magnolia – just because the front cover is great! Women’s bikinis are pictured everywhere, but an athletic supporter?

  • Terri Timmons

    Bloody Waters, because I have not had the good fortune to read Carolina’s books before and want to start at the very first and continue on the mystery journey from there. I love a great mystery so can’t wait to delve into hers!

  • Margarida

    I would most like to read “Bloody Waters” because it is her first book. Hopefully it will inspire me to continue writing novels!

  • Cindy NElson

    I have just recently became aware of the books and how great they are…therefore I would like Bloody Waters just to start off….thanks

  • Annie

    I admit, I have never read one of Carolina’s books. Now I am so intigued by Carolina’s profile information, that I widh to start by reading her first book. IF I win the set, I will read and pass on all the books to our university’s women center.

  • Cynthia Fox

    The love of a Mystery read from the view of a women – yes I so want to win these books.

  • Kathy11016

    I would be excited to win any of her books. My favorite genre is Mystery books, I am fascinated by CUBA, love the idea of women investigators.
    I was a bit titillated by the descriptions of Magnolia so might start with that one.

  • Nancy Luebke

    Although I’d like to start at the beginning, with Bloody waters. I do love mysteries. But A Miracle in Paradise sure sounds intriging too.

  • Kathy11016

    I have always been fascinated by CUBA. I have always wanted to visit there because when I was young in the late 1960s I heard a missionary speak about CUBA. She had lived in Cuba many years, loved the people and told fascinating stories about her life there. She had never married, had all these adventures I could dream of. She knew she would never return because of her advancing age and government ban.
    I am fascinated by the history and the beauty of Cuba.

  • Diane

    Perhaps I would start with Luck of the Draw. Carolina is a new author to me but mysteries are some of my favorite books. She sounds like an exciting person and that trait often carries over in writings. If I should win, I will pass the books along to my two sisters and my grand daughter. That is what we do……..share good reading.

  • Karen cowdry

    I already recieve them thanks so much!

  • L

    Since so many authors start their writing careers collecting rejection slips, I would like to start with her first book: It must have been amazing. Then, I would like to follow up with sequential books and see the progress in her writing

  • beth

    the newest, sounds spicy!!

  • eddyrobey

    Starting at the beginning with Bloody Waters sounds like the best way.

  • Fran Herzig

    This is a difficult question. Magnolia sound exciting – who doesn’t love sex and sports (or sexy sports)? However, Ms. Garcia-Aguilera’s Bloody series sounds both entertaining and educational. As a child of the Cuban Crisis, I have always been intrigued by they mysterious and banned island. I’d love to read the series, and will probably go out and buy it if I’m not the lucky winner!!

  • MaryAnn Pepe

    I would love to read A MIRACLE IN PARADISE. It sounds so intriguing with the nuns, Cuba, The Blessed Virgin’s tears and trying to solve murders on top of everything else in this community!!!!

  • Sam

    I have never read an erotica book so it would be ” Magnalia”

  • Deborah

    Magnolia becausse it sounds so intriguing!

  • Michele

    I love reading mystery novels and am always looking to find new authors! Whether I win her set of books or not I will give one a try! Best of luck on your continued success!

  • BeckyIA

    I’d like to start with Bloody Waters because I always like to start at the beginning. 🙂