A Fact-Filled–And Fun–Guide For Every Woman, From 18 To 118!

Interested in buying a sex toy, but don’t know the difference between a dildo and a vibrator, and which way you should go?  It’s in the book.

You once loved sex, and now couldn’t care less. You want to know if there’s something wrong with you. It’s in the book.

What’s a colposcopy and should everyone get it? It’s in the book.

You don’t have to read the book from cover to cover. You can find the subjects that interest you right on the contents pages. “Google has over 21 million entries for vagina,” Dr. Dweck tells us in her introduction. “We want to be in on the latest everything about everything, from self-exams…to ingrown pubic hairs. The Internet, unfortunately, often leads you to scary places filled with misinformation written by people who have pretty much zero clue what they’re talking about. My aim is to give you the facts–up-to-date and judgement free.”

The young women in your life also will gobble up the book, because it covers everything they need to know about topics including birth control, sexually transmitted diseases (although you should know about them as well), how to tell when or if they’re ovulating, sex after birth, and urinary infections and issues.

Robin Westen, a sex advice columnist and journalist who specializes in health, relationships, sex issues and parenting, worked with Dr. Dweck on the book. Her breezy writing style makes it delightful to read the book’s important information about the our Very Vital Vaginas.

The Complete A TO Z for your V would make a marvelous gift for wedding and baby showers, and for any woman’s birthday. Or, just because you want to invite everyone to join the coming out party for the amazing VAGINA!

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